What are the best places for tours in Isfahan?
Probably the most famous place in Isfahan is Naqsh-e Jahan Square and its surrounding. However, in every part of Isfahan, you get to see outstanding historical attractions, as well as natural ones. So, every part of Isfahan, every neighborhood worths a visit. Check out this link to see the variety of tours in Isfahan.
Which places provide the best tours in Isfahan for adrenaline seekers?
We recommend a rafting tour if you are looking for adrenaline. In addition, if you enjoy mountain climbing, you can also try Karkas Mountain with 3895 meters in height.
Which places provide the best tours in Isfahan for groups?
Almost all tours are great for solo travelers and groups as well.
What kind of tours can I take in Isfahan ?
Pickup tours, mountain climbing, desert tours, walking tours, food tasting, and nomad tours are only some examples of the tours you can try in Isfahan.
When is the best time to visit Isfahan?
You can visit Isfahan every time of the year. However, if you are looking for special tours in the desert, nomads, or mountain climbing, probably you should plan for spring and summer.