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Tour type: Daily Tour
Duration: 3 Hours
Maximum number of people: 20
Location: Isfahan


Isfahan Free Walking Tour:

In Isfahan Free Walking Tour you will walk with us for 3 hours and check out all the Isfahan must see places and learn everything about Isfahan; over 7 Isfahan points of interest and stories as well as info about Isfahan in general, from history to culture, from architecture to cuisine, from art to recent events…

We meet at 10:00 AM under the clock tower at Darvazeh Dolat (Imam Hossein Sq.) We end up in Hasht Behesht Park where we answer your further questions about things to do in Isfahan. We will offer you a free Fereni so you can try one of the delicious Isfahan desserts.

By reservation ONLY . Send us your request via booking in our website | sending a message via Facebook or a Whatsapp message to  +989362108633

And as with all free walking tours around the world, you pay the guide as much as you want, as a tip.

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