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So you’re thinking about visiting Iran

One of the most important things to consider when planning your adventure is whether you will be travelling solo, taking a full tour, or do a combination of both. Here are the pros and cons of each:

  1. Private tours
    • Customizing your own experience with small private tours are the cheapest, most flexible alternative to group tours. TAP Persia offers over 100 different half-day, full day & multi-day tours to create the ultimate tailor-made Iran experience.
  2. Independent travel
    • It is easier for women to travel as a couple, but both sexes will have no problem travelling alone.
    • Transportation options such as air, rail & bus are efficient, cheap and can be bought effortlessly.
    • Attraction entrance fees are generally cheap.
    • Inside the cities, most people speak enough English and are willing to help that you’ll never really feel lost.
    • Locals consider guests in their country as “God’s Gift” and will go out of their way to make sure you are ok.
  3. Group travel
    • Group tours generally start and end in Tehran, with stops in the must-see cities of Shiraz, Esfahan and Yazd along with several minor diversions.
    • TAP Persia offers you the chance to pick and choose your own, custom-made tour packages.
    • The price of the package depends on length, mode of transport, type of accommodations, number of participants and the exchange rate.
    • Expect to pay in USD or EUR.
    • Although group tours make you familiar with the intricate details of each attraction, they generally have much fewer interactions with locals, an extremely rewarding part of the Iran experience for most foreign visitors.
  1. Arriving without a visa is risky, as the visa-on-arrival process sees a lot of people turned away.
  2. Almost everyone else needs to arrange a visa in advance or seek a 30-day visa on arrival at an airport. You can save time and money by applying for your Iran Tourist Visa Online.
  3. The visa application process will stall during the Persian New Year (Nowruz) which usually covers most of March.
  4. Everyone, including citizens of the US, UK and Canada can visit Kish Island without a visa for 14 days. The island, located off of mainland Iran, in the Gulf of Persia, is a popular location travel destinations.
  5. Assuming you have a visa, most immigration and border officials are efficient and tourists rarely get too much hassle. Land borders can take longer if you’re on a bus or train. Women need to be adequately covered from the moment they get off the plane or arrive at the border.
  6. Contrary to popular misconception, US citizens are welcome, but need to pre-arrange a tour or private guide, or be sponsored by a friend or relative in Iran, who will take legal responsibility for them.
  7. Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovenia and Turkey Passport-holders get a three-month tourist visa on arrival
  8. Israeli passport holders, and anyone with an Israeli stamp in their passport (or exit stamps at the relevant Jordanian or Egyptian border crossings that imply that you must have entered Israel) will not get a visa.
  9. Afghan & Bengali Citizens: You must complete applications IN PERSON at the Iranian embassy or consulate in your native country.
  10. Citizens of the US, UK & Canada require at least two months of application processing.
  11. Iran Visa Visual Map Visa Policy of Iran - Map Demonstration - TAP Persia
  12. Countries that can visit Iran without a visa
    Armenia 90-180 days
    Azerbaijan 30 days
    Bolivia 30 days
    Egypt 20 days
    Georgia 45 days
    Venezuela 15 days
    Lebanon 30 days
    Malaysia 15 days
    Oman 30 days
    Syria 90 – 180 days
    Turkey 90 days
  13. Countries that HAVE to get a visa before entering
    Afghanistan Iraq Somalia
    Bangladesh Jordan Sri Lanka
    Canada Nepal United Kingdom
    Colombia Pakistan United States

The fastest and most reliable visa is the 30-day Tourist Visa, which you can get in advance or on-arrival. Transit visas don’t require authorization from Tehran but are only valid for 7 days.

    1. Which Visa? Pros & Cons
      • Tourist Visa
        • Issued for up to 30 days and extendable for an additional 60 days. Must be obtained before coming to Iran, valid for 90 days from the issue date. This is by far the best option
      • Tourist Visa on Arrival (VOA)
        • Issued at any Iranian international airport for 30 days. Most countries eligible. Convenient but risky and time consuming.
        • If you apply for a Visa on Arrival at the airport, you get to avoid any pre-trip hassle, but you’ll need to submit your visa application and make the payment at the airport itself. Depending on the queue, you might have to wait up to two hours before your visa is ready.
        • Arriving without a visa is risky, as the visa-on-arrival process sees a lot of people turned away.
      • Transit Visa
        • Issued for 5-7 days. No authorization code required, processed in 2-3 days. Mostly used by people who enter the country through a land border, those with their own cars, or as a last resort visa. Must enter and exit via different countries. Must have visa and ticket to onward country. Not available to US passport holders.
      • Entry Visa (Business Visa)
        • To get a 30-day (extendable) business visa you must obtain an invitation letter from the company or organisation you plan to visit. The process is otherwise the same as getting a tourist visa. People coming for a conference or to play in a sporting event need an ‘entry visa’.
  1. Tourist Visa – More Details
    • Apply for your tourist visa in advance allows you peace of mind upon your arrival. Since regular services are not available to non-Iranians, you must apply for your Iran tourist visa either online, through a local agency or through the e-visa website.
    • By far the fastest, most reliable and convenient route is to fill out the TAP Persia Iran Online Iran Visa Application. We guarantee your acceptance for the full 30-day visa, and over 95% of our applicants are approved in just 3 days.
    • You can also apply for your Tourist visa through one of Iran’s worldwide embassies and consulates. Contact your local Iran representative for further questions.
  2. Tourist Visa on Arrival (VOA) – More Details
    • 30-Day tourist visas on arrival (Airport Visa) are issued to people from about 65 countries, including most European, Asian, Persian gulf and Central Asian countries, several South American countries, Australia, China, India, Japan, New Zealand and South Korea. Notable absentees are Britain, Canada and the USA.
    • Although VOA’s are available at all International Iranian airports, its best to fly into Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKA) to avoid any issues.
  • Price: 0,00 €
  • Price: 0,00 €
  1. Visa Authorization Code
    • You can obtain your Iran visa authorization code through a booking agent, tour operator or at one of Iran’s international airports.
    • Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has created an E-visa Website, allowing travellers to apply for and check the status of their visa. However the service does not guarantee a successful application, and includes very inadequate explanations.
    • If you are applying for your Iran visa authorisation code the VOA counter at one of Iran’s international airports, be sure to have the correct paperwork and payment for the visa before your trip. Entry visas may be denied based off of incorrectly or insufficiently filled applications.
    • Agencies or tour operators generally change their service fees based off nationality. International corporations such as Tripadvisor llc do not offer services in Iran, so you must go through a local. TAP Persia charges flat service fees to users of all nationalities, not including the citizens of the UK, US or Canada. Your Authorization code will be sent to your email address. Apply for your Iran tourist visa online.
    • If you would like more information about us, the site map, or how the site works, check the links at the bottom of this page.
  2. The visa sticker
    • You will not receive an entry stamp within your passport once you enter Iran. This is due to Iran’s status in the global community.
    • You will most likely receive no paperwork to show your entrance into the country. If anything, you might be given a (often blue) payment receipt when you pay your Country Fee at the VOA counter of the airport. This will act as your proof of visa once inside the country.
  1. Entry points that issue visa on arrival (Effective 2018)
    Bandar Abbas International Airport
    Isfahan International Airport
    Kish International Airport
    Mashhad International Airport
    Qeshm international Airport
    Shiraz International Airport
    Tabriz International Airport
    Imam Khomeini International Airport
    Urmia Airport
    Ahvaz International Airport
    Kerman Airport
    Larestan International Airport
  2. If you plan to pick up your Visa Sticker at one of Iran’s many embassies or consulates before you arrival at Iran’s land border crossings, you MUST have your authorization code in your hand when you visit the embassy or consulate.
  3. Depending on the type of visa you are applying for, if you arrive at the embassy wishing to fill out your visa application form at the embassy before you arrive in Iran, the embassy may deny your application.
  1. How long is my authorization code valid?
    • If you get your code form us, and then get your visa from
      • Airport arrival – 3 months
      • embassy/consulate – 1 month
  2. Applying Online
  3. Estimate when you will arrive
  4. Citizens of the US, UK and Canada
  1. Whether you’re filling your Iran visa application online, or at the VOA counter of the airport, here is the best way to fill out the fields in your application:
    • Email: if asked for one, give a very generic email, definitely no .gov accounts
    • Itinerary: If you are planning on stay for 30 days, write down a full 30-day itinerary. You can even say you’re visiting 3 cities, 10 days each. Do not mention any controversial places such as Bushehr, Natanz, Kurdistan, Baluchistan or any border regions. Once you’re in Iran, you can basically go wherever you want.
    • Occupation: Everyday common jobs are treated with much more slack. Definitely avoid mentioning that you are a journalist, military personnel or working with the fashion industry. Keep in mind that the personnel may google your name.
    • Purpose of visit: The only thing you should write is “tourism”. Do not go into specifics.
    • Photographs: Standard passport photos, with women covering their hair with a simple scarf. Check the application page for visa photo standards.
  2. Documents required for the Iranian Visa on Arrival (VOA):
    • assfa
  3. Have the following items ready for the customs officer:
    • Printout of travel insurance. Your insurance must explicitly have the phrase “Iran” or “Islamic Republic of Iran” or “I.R. Iran” or any other combination of these three phrases EXACTLY written inside the Terms & Conditions under countries in which this insurance plan is active available. To save time, money and energy, get TAP Persia’s travel insurance before you arrive.
    • Printout of your first night’s accommodation reservation along with their contact info.
    • Your visa fee. Most countries pay around 75 EUR, but prices vary. Check out this Section for exact prices. Visa fees can be paid in EUR or USD.
  1. Full medical accidental coverage while in Iran:
    • Iran’s unique condition makes it uninsurable by a vast range of insurance providers. Even if a travel insurance provider does cover Iran as part of its policies, their coverage is often minimal and extremely slow to respond in real emergencies.
    • Your health and piece of mind are priceless. A complete and local insurance policy will allow you the freedom to explore as you wish, knowing you are insured for the worst possible scenarios. Apply for your Iran Travel Insurance online and save time, money and piece of mind both at the airport, where you have to present your insurance upon your entry, and throughout your stay in Iran.
  2. Bringing your own insurance:
    • If you do not wish to purchase your insurance at the airport, you must have the Terms Conditions of your valid insurance plan available for inspection at the immigration office.
    • Your insurance must explicitly have the phrase “Iran” or “Islamic Republic of Iran” or “I.R. Iran” or any other combination of these three phrases EXACTLY written inside the Terms Conditions under countries in which this insurance plan is active available.
    • Be sure to contact your company and specifically ask what kind of accidents or emergencies are covered. For further information, check out our article about travel insurance in Iran.
  1. Imports, bringing things into Iran
    • Most Iranian officials are relaxed about what foreigners bring into and out of the country. Your bags will most likely not get searched at the airport. You are allowed to import 200 cigarettes, 50 cigars and a “reasonable quantity” of perfume duty-free. Alcohol, pork and porn are strictly illegal and should not be brought in.
    • You can bring in pretty much any book as long as the cover doesn’t show too much female skin or hair
    • You can bring in your laptop, smartphone, shortwave radio, iPad or video equipment if they don’t look too professional.
    • Technically you have to declare if you have more than 1,000 USD in cash, but few do, and the officials rarely check.
  2. Export restrictions, taking things back home
    • You can bring out anything that you originally brought in, along with any other handicrafts except rugs
    • You can bring a “reasonable number” of rugs with you as long as the total value doesn’t exceed 160 USD. Save your receipts as proof of purchase. Shopkeepers will undervalue the items on receipts issued to foreigners so that they will be able to export more carpets.
    • You can take up to 150 g of gold and 3 Kg of silver, without any precious gemstones. Anything over that and you have to get an export permit from the Iranian Customs Office.
    • US sanctions mean that you technically can’t take more than 100 USD worth of Iranian goods into the US.
  1. Your Iran Tourist Visa is good for 30 days, with a chance to extend the visa an additional 60 days. There is very little difficulty in extending your visa for the first additional 30 days. However, you will have to go to a new city if you wish to extend your visa a second time, for another additional 30 days.
    • The process is always changing. If you’re thinking about extending your visa, please contact us for more precise information.
  2. Choosing your city
    • Plan your trip around a tourist-friendly cities that will easily accept your extension application. Shiraz is the best choice, followed by Isfahan.  Kerman, Yazd, and Tabriz don’t always issue the full 30-day extension. Tehran, Mashhad and other cities are not that reliable.
  3. The process
    • Locate the Passport Immigration Police or the Police Department of Aliens Affairs (edareh gozarnameh)
    • You will need 2-3 passport photos, 2 copies of identification pages of your passport, your current Iran Tourist Visa, your entry stamp/paperwork, any previous extensions, 2 copies of your visa extension form, and at least 1,000,000 IRR for the extension fee along with any additional fees for forms/printing/etc. (Photocopiers can usually be found in each location)
    • Go to the nearest Bank Melli branch (usually on-site or nearby), tell the bank staff visa and they will fill the forms for you. Pay the fee, return to the office with your bank receipt and visa extension.
    • Your visa extension should be issued within 1-3 hours, however, in the case of less reliable cities, the process may take up to 3-4 days.
  4. Timing overstaying
    • You should apply for your extension at least 2-3 days before the visa expires.
    • Your extension starts on the day the extension is issued, not from the end of the original visa. Check with the Online Persian calendar to check the date.
    • Overstaying your visa, even by a few hours, could cause you to be detained. In true emergencies, an official doctor’s note could act as a weak form of extension at the border or the nearest Locate the Passport Immigration Police or the Police Department of Aliens Affairs (edareh gozarnameh).
  1. If you’re British, Canadian or American, expect both methods to be slower, more costly and more arduous. When it’s open, the Iranian Embassy in London will often request an interview and requires fingerprints from British applicants. For US citizens, allow three months to be safe.
  2. British citizens can visit Kish Island without going through a standard tourist visa, for a period of 14 days.
  3. You will have a dedicated tour guide throughout your stay in Iran.
  1. Travel agency must provide guide, and booked accommodation, other than that, no visa
  2. Pre-notice of 48 hrs before arrival, to the agent in charge of you during your stay.
  1. Visa processing for British passport holders usually take up to 2 months. UK Passport holders should apply well in advance in order to obtain their visa in a timely manner. Express services are available at an additional cost. Please contact our support for further details.
  2. The process for obtaining business visas require more scrutiny and may require additional service fees. Please check with the Iranian embassy in London for further questions.
  3. British nationals are also allowed to stay on Kish island a total of 14 days without a visa.
  4. Please contact the Iranian embassy in London if you have any further questions about obtaining a visa for Iran.
  1. Visa applicants that hold United States citizenship usually take between 2 to 3 months of processing. While tourist visas are usually granted by the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, they are put through much more scrutiny than other applicants.
  2. You can typically apply for an receive the full 30 days Iranian visa, but Iran’s relations and policy as it relates to the US and its passport holders, is always changing. To ensure your full approval and guarantee your travel to Iran, fill out TAP Persia’s Online Iran Visa Application.
  3. If you have any further enquiries about travelling to Iran or any other part of the middle east as a US citizen, it is best to contact the Interests Section of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Washington DC.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About Iran

Should i get my visa in advance?
If you want to skip the 3-4 hour processing time it takes to get a Tourist Visa On Arrival (VOA), you should apply for your Iran Tourist Visa in advance. Complete the online Iran visa application form and save yourself time and money.
What are the costs of getting a visa?
TAP Persia’s VIP service charges an application fee of €20 for fast, efficient and guaranteed visa acceptance. Each nationality has to pay a separate visa fee upon their visa pickup. Find a complete list of Iran Tourist Visa prices per nationality.
Will I get an Iranian stamp in my passport?
If you’re picking up your Iran Tourist Visa at the VOA counter of your arriving airport, you will only receive a receipt for your visa fee payment. If you’re picking up your visa from one of Iran’s embassies and consulates, you will receive an official stamp inside of your passport.
What will increase my chance of rejection?
Submitting your application at the airport Not observing islamic dress code (Long-sleeved shirts and pants for men and women. Ladies must wear a headscarf upon arrival) Any Israeli stamp on your passport within the past 12 months (Including entrance and exit stamps in Israeli land entry points such as Egypt and Jordan) Introducing yourself as a journalist, photographer, filmographer, or anything related to media. Introducing yourself as a government worker, contractor, or in any way connected to a foreign government. This will cause the authorities to inspect your background along with your digital and social media presence with much more scrutiny, especially depending on the source you work for.
How long will it take to receive my visa authorization code?
If you apply through TAP Persia, you will receive your visa authorization code within 2-3 working days (other than thursdays, and fridays)
When should I apply for my visa authorization code?
You should realistically apply for your Iran Visa Authorization Code 3-4 weeks before your departure to Iran
How long do I have to use my visa authorization code?
Once you receive your authorization code from TAP Persia, you will have to identify where you will be picking up your actual Iran Tourist Visa. If you’re picking up your visa from the VOA counter at the airport – you have 90 days to use your code If you’re picking up your visa from one of Iran’s embassies or consulates – you have 30 days to use your code
How long can I stay in Iran with my Tourist Visa?
You’re Iran Tourist Visa is valid for 30 days after your entrance Once you have travelled to Iran, you may extend your visa a total of 2 times, each for 30 days. This means you can stay a maximum of 90 days in Iran.
How long does it take to process my visa once I go to pick it up?
If you’re picking up your Iran Tourist Visa at the nearest Iranian embassy or consulate Regular path will take 5-7 days and don’t involve additional fees Express path will take 3-5 days and involve expediting fees on top of the Visa Fee. If you’re picking up your Iran Tourist Visa at the airport VOA counter The process will take 1-5 hours
What should I do after I receive my visa authorization code?
Depending on where you have chosen to pick up your Iran Tourist Visa (airport VOA counter, or one of Iran’s worldwide embassies and consulates)
What if I applied for an e-visa myself and was rejected?
If the reason for your rejection states that you should “apply through a local Iranian agency”, you can re-apply for your Iran Tourist Visa through TAP Persia VIP Visa Services.
Nationals from the US, UK & Canada
You will have to go through an identical but more in-depth visa application process which will take at least 2 months. We have to provide the entire itinerary for them, along with dedicated escort guide at all times Qeshm and Kish, don’t require tourist visa. This can be arranged in 2 working days. Passport holders that have a US, UK and Canadian passport plus a valid passport from another nationality, are encouraged to use their second passport when applying for their Iran visa. You do not have to disclose your citizenship with the US, UK or Canada.
What if I’m staying with a local throughout my stay in Iran?
You will have to provide the complete contact and detailed personal information for the person or place you are staying at. In order not to cause additional hassle and scrutiny for your host, we HIGHLY recommend for you to book a cheap hotel or hostel for your first night’s stay in the country. WARNING: not following this recommendation will cause lots of headache and problems for your host as well as increasing your chances of visa rejection. Nationals from US, UK and Canada can only stay in accommodations reserved for them through a local Iranian travel agency.
Should i bring passport photos when applying for a VOA at the airport Visa on Arrival Counter?
Yes you should. You should bring at least 3 passport photos for any documents that may have been presented to the airport visa officer. Staying in Iran for more than a month? – Be sure to take at least 7 photos with you. Its always better to be safe than sorry. You can get a visa extension twice, for a total of 90 days in Iran.
What is an invitation letter?
If you happen to have an Iranian passport, it is best to use that passport. If you are male with an Iranian Passport, you have to ensure about the status of your mandatory military service before entering the country. You can do so by contacting the nearest Iranian Embassy or Consulate.
What happens if I have an Iranian passport along with the passport of another country (i.e. US, UK, Canada)?
If you happen to have an Iranian passport, it is best to use that passport. If you are male with an Iranian Passport, you have to ensure about the status of your mandatory military service before entering the country. You can do so by contacting the nearest Iranian Embassy or Consulate.
Can i get a multiple-entry tourist visa?
An invitation letter is an official letter from the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs that enables you to collect your visa from your desired Iranian Embassy or Consulate. Citizens of the US, UK and Canada must get an Iran visa invitation letter (aka Letter of Intent) from a sponsoring travel agency in Iran. TAP Persia can help you get your invitation with little to no extra effort. Apply for your visa now.

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