Safe travels, unsurpassed experiences and a lifetime of memories. That is our purpose, that is our mission. As a group of young travellers, adventurers, writers and artists, our goal is quite simple: to welcome foreign guests to the heart of Iran and make them feel at home. We pride ourselves deeply on our customer service. Our team works every day to make sure your travel and stay in Iran is as effortless as possible.

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One Team, One Dream

Everyone knows Iran has thousands of years of history. It’s people and cultural have had a deep global impact throughout history. We want to take you on a journey, through land and time. Our biggest goal is to share with you a side of Iran you have never experienced before. TAP Persia is a massive collaborate effort by not only our wonderful team, which you can read more about below, but also our many hundreds of partners which make all these experiences possible. We have selected the most sociable, accommodating and knowledgeable individuals to handle each part of your Iran experience so you can focus on having the time of your life.

How We Work

TAP Persia is a full-service tourism service provider. We offer a complete selection of accommodations starting from cheaper options such as traditional houses, guesthoueses, eco-lodges, and one or two star hotels all the way up to luxurious hotels. We also provide urban and suburban transportation, experience-centric tours, tour guides and of course custom trips and tours based on your personal style and budget. Solo travellers, backpackers and even hitchhikers have greatly complemented our site for helping their journey go without a hitch. No matter your budget, we provide affordable and hospitable options for every step and part of your journey and stay in Iran. You can call us at any time with any questions that you may have.

Our Team

Hadi Naji
CEO & Founder
Having studied and worked as an IT consultant in Malaysia for the better part of the last 8 years, Hadi built a reputation for his work ethic, enthusiasm, and creativity. He is also a life-long traveller and global adventurer. However, over time, having felt homesick for the cultural richness back home, Hadi decided to move back to Iran. Wanting a challenge, he decided to try his hands in the tourism industry. It was here that he found his passion. Along with a dedicated team of artists, writers, travellers, and enthusiasts, Hadi helped create tappersia.com, one of today's foremost Iranian travel and culture websites. The goal was, and always has been, to create a service capable of showcasing the live and beautiful details of Iranian people, their cities and their cultures.
Rasool Zabihi - TAP Persia
Rasool Zabihi
Co Founder & Marketing Manager
An advent Couchsurfing host and traveller, people usually call him “Rassel Backpack” or RB for short. Having been a constant traveller all his life, Rasool has had the opportunity to interact and learn from hundreds of people from dozens of cultures and backgrounds. He is also a prolific reader, consuming at least one book per week. Having worked in a variety of different positions in the past, Rasool decided to get involved in the tourism and hospitality industry. It was here that he had the opportunity to work with tappersia.com, allowing him to display and present Iranians in a whole new light.
Amir Hamidfar - TAP Persia
Amir Hamidfar
Co-Founder, Operations & Content Manager
A life-long resident of the US, Amir has been a traveler all his life. After traveling the states, he decided he needed to gain a new world perspective. He made the move back to Iran in 2016. It was here that Amir fell in with the unique people and culture. This led him to make the decision to stay and live in the Iran. Amir works on keeping TAP Persia up to date with the most recent consent along with producing videos and other forms of media.
Mina AghaAminiha
Web Designer
Mina started working with computers at a very young age. As a teenage blogger, she wrote about her daily activities and experiments with robotics. Later, she participated in many team-based robotic championships such as Kharazmi Robotic Battle and the Amir Kabir Raad Cup. Being a hardware engineer did not stop her from pursuing her passion for software development and entrepreneurship. She helped organize and host many events such Global Entrepreneurship Week in Isfahan, various TEDxSalons, and several IsfahanPlus Meetups. Mina is a Freelance Web Designer and cooperating with Start-Up teams for the last three years. She loves swimming, hiking and bicycling.
mozhdeh zomorodian
Mozhdeh Zomorodian
Copy Writer & Tour Guide
``Every attraction has a story``. As a content writer, Mozhdeh writes about Iran's various destinations, cultures and allures. An adventurous and vibrant person, who has always been interested in languages and writing. Being able to speak English at the age of 10, Mozhdeh grew fond of different cultures and exchanging ideas at an early age. As she was good at math in high school, Mozhdeh continued studying electrical engineering at university. After graduation, she gained experience in different fields of teaching, engineering and tourism. Being a tour guide helped boost her previous teaching skills, as well as giving her multiple opportunities to go on enchanting trips. Tourism also gave her the courage to start writing again. She believes, besides the known interests, there are lots of marvels need to be discovered and introduced to Iran explorers.
Negin Khoei
Senior Advisor
Content marketer and customer support, Negin wears many hats. As a 22 year old industrial engineering student, she started working with TAP Persia to help with both internal and external matters within the team. Negin loves solving any and all problems that may come up, always ready to handle the most difficult situations. She took several classes in history and tourism management, becoming an official tour guide very soon. Most of the time, she uses her energy and charm to help support our travelers via Whatsapp or online chat to answer any inquiries they may have.
Negar Amanipour
Content Writer
Negar is an enthusiastic art, music and culture lover who extends her love for social anthropology specifically in form of English language learning in order to become a borderless influencer and help make the world a better place. Her source of inspiration in pursuing such a dream was developed from an early age by her elder brother. Animated movies and children’s English books also helped create an early gravitation towards pursuing a career in the vast realm of English language. After working as a teacher and translator for a while, her artistic appreciation and love for English literature combined with her skills gained from her university studies emerged together in her position as a content producer in TAP Persia to help introduce the genuine image of Iran’s valuable culture and history to the people all around the world. Her dream in life is to touch other people’s lives and help elevate people’s spiritual and social qualities.
Fatima Khalili
``My passion for storytelling and my appreciation for Iran turned me into a copywriter!``
As described above, Fatima makes it easy for people from 5 continents to discover this amazing country and taste its rich culture by reading eye-opening contents. She believes that it is not only her educational background that empowers her to produce creative contents, but also a diverse range of feedbacks that she received from her non-Iranian friends after visiting IRAN!
``No matter where they came from, they’re used to ask me where to explore on our next trip, Fatima?!” while they are packing to return! That's what keeps me reading, writing and suggesting!``
Fatima got her B.A. in English literature and continued on to get her master degree in the world studies, with a focus on Indian sub-continent from the University of Tehran. She is also skilled in social media consulting and online marketing. That's how we're honored to have her as our social media and newsletter coordinator!
Parnian AbediFard
Tour Operations & Content
An enthusiastic lover of people and languages, Parnian first started out as a food science engineer before working as an English instructor for more than 7 years. She is fueled by her passion for traveling and food. Parnian sets her heart on sharing her travel experiences with the world. An officially licensed tour guide, she is always eager to learn and is always looking for innovative writing styles and themes. She is constantly travelling and discovering new locations throughout Iran. Parnian joined TAP Persia as part of the operation and content team.
Maryam HosseinZadeh
Tour Operations
“Life is a challengingly beautiful journey”. Fun, bubbly and extremely self sufficient, Maryam began her professional life as an english tutor and official book translator. After graduating with a degree in biotechnology, she decided to look for novel opportunities to improve herself and explore Iran as much as possible. She has a knack for forming strong relationships and making herself stand out from her surroundings. Maryam’s risk-taking and adventurous nature led her to TAP Persia, where she initially joined the content team. She continues to learn daily, and today Maryam is predominantly involved with operations, helping potential customers get the most of their magical experience in Iran
Samaneh hesam
Social Media Manager & Multimedia Producer
An avid lover of all styles of art and poetry, Samaneh is constantly looking new forms of creativity. Upon graduating with a degree in architecture, she began work in various architecture and photography studios. With over 6 years of self-taught experience in photography and filmmaking, Samaneh found her passion in the visual arts, especially as it relates to cinema and social media. Her dream is to one day direct short, and full-length feature films, helping to widen people’s horizons by showing them other sides of life. As the social media manager for TAP Persia, she helps direct our social media efforts and sets the tone for our online presence.
Sohrab Khatibzadeh
Head of Nature Tours
A nature surveyor and environmental activist, Sohrab is an avid explorer of Iran’s vast and incredibly diverse topography. He has been a highly active Eco-tour guide for the last 3 years. After earning a BS in environmental engineering and an MS in biodiversity, Sohrab began to extensively travel the Iranian landscape. Using his wide knowledge of scouting and mapping, his mission is to discover new and untapped attractions for all travellers and adventurers.
Ali Mazaheri
Nature & Cultural Tour Guide
A sociable and energetic mechanical engineering student, Ali’s biggest passion is learning and discovering new languages and cultural. By the time he finished his studies, he has created a large and extensive network of friends throughout the world. These days, Ali reads and researches about the cultural details in historical monuments and architecture. His favorite Iranian landscapes include forests in the north, and the desserts in the west.
video producer
AmirArsalan Sharifi
Video Producer
Amir Arsalan is a photographer & vlogger who found success with his Instagram account ‘amir arsalan photography’. Interestingly, amir arsalan’s journey into social media started with his Phd program acceptance with high academic achievements. However, he found fame and recognition with his photos. He started off with daily vlogs on his Telegram channel but it was his co-operation with international fashion models that brought him to limelight. Amir Arsalan’s photos on most expensive hotels in Dubai earned him immense fame and popularity and he rose to become top rated photographer on Instagram.
Ali Safari
Ali Safari
SEO Manager
Ali is a Master’s degree holder who majored in Industrial Engineering (systems and productivity) from Isfahan University of Technology. Since 2011 due to his avid passion for digital marketing and online business solutions, he enthusiastically commenced his career on Digital marketing. More specifically, he is an expert on Search Engine Optimization and Project Management. He has collaborated on multiple SEO projects in various countries. Ali believes that SEO analysis and digital marketing can help the improvement of tourism industry.
Hamid Reza Bani
Google Trusted Photographer
After retiring from the Isfahan Steel Company, Hamidreza started to take his hobby of photography much more seriously. Today, he has not only a highly ranked and trusted Google photographer, but he has won a whole list of national and international competitions. His is passionate about nature and architecture photography. Hamidreza is also a member of the prestigious Isfahan Photography Association. Along with contributing most of the gorgeous photos on TAP Persia, he also helps show untapped parts of Iran through his lens.
Amir Kaffash
Nature & Cultural Tour Guide | Yazd
Known as the ``Prince of Yazd``, Amir is a remarkable expert on Southern Iran. After graduating from Iran's version of MIT, Sharif University of Technology, Amir came home with fresh eyes and was inspired by Iranian history, nature and culture. He received his tour guide certificate from Tehran Ataland Institute and continued to work towards his passion. With over 5 years experience as a professional tour guide in Yazd, he has earned a reputation for being knowledgeable, intriguing and outgoing. What Amir wants to show is the deeper part of society. Besides his job working in various environmental and biotechnical labs, he hosts and guides all week in his ancient historical hometown of Yazd.
Amir Farahnasab - TAP Persia
Amir Farahnasab
Wildlife Specialist & Ecology Consultant
A PhD student in environmental science, Amir is a specialist in the field of habitat and biodiversity. He is a certified lecturer under the Iran Cultural Heritage, Handicraft and Tourism Organization. Amir currently teaches Wildlife and Ecosystems of Iran to Iranian eco, geo and cultural tourism students. A renowned ornithologist, ecologist, botanist, and wildlife biologist, Amir is also a professional wildlife and birdwatching tour guide. His research interests include the mammals, birds and plants of the Iranian Ecosystems. Amir travels Iran’s diverse ecosystems to collect all sorts of field data on herbal and animal species to share with nature lovers and enthusiasts.
Peyman Soodmand - Mrpersepolis - TAPPersia
Peyman Soodmand
Nature & Cultural Tour Guide | Shiraz
Famously known by his online nickname ``MrPersepolis``, Peyman is the leading authority on many ancient archaeological sites. He specializes in offering advice and services for travellers looking to visit Persepolis, Necropolise and Pasargadae. Him and his team of young, energetic tour guides all have an academic and professional background in tourism management. Peyman has a burning passion for Persian history, something you will notice quickly when you first meet him. Peyman and his team actively seek to offer the most unique experiences so be prepared for a post-modern, traditional and local adventure.

Our Ambassadors

Ivana, Slovakia
Social Media Manager
Dina Malyana - TAP Persia
Dina Malyana, Singapore
Content Creator
Rachele, Italy
Content Creator
Martin, Argentina
Video Producer
Júlia, Spain
Translator & Content Creator
Manon, Netherlands
Translator, Content Creator
Sonia Richard TAPPersia work way
Sonia Richard, France
International Relations
Lee, Ireland
Video Producer
Tim Jason wurmbach, Germany
Content Producer

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