Iran Tourist Card

TAP Persia Tourist Card is the solution for those who want transparency, flexibility and convenience in their financial transactions during their stay in Iran. The convenience of a debit card without the need to set up a bank account or fill out confusing and drawn-out paperwork. Mobile notifications/texts informing you of all financial transactions. Card charging using any currency, from anywhere, at any time. TAP Persia Tourist Card  is accepted by iranian vendors.

What are Tourist Cards?
Tourist cards are personalized temporary debit cards you can charge with any form of currency and use in any place that has a normal card reader anywhere within Iran. Card holders can withdraw any unspent amount of money left in the card after your visit. The Tourist Card is issued through Iran’s national banking network, Shetab
Who provides the Tourist Cards?
TAP Persia’s tourist card is provided by the startup Mah Card, in partnership one of Iran’s most credible and reputable banks. Additionally, all tourist cards, regardless of their partner bank, are connected to Iran’s national banking network, Shetab, and recognized by the Central Bank of Iran.
How are Tourist Cards different from Gift Cards?
Tourist Cards have many advantages over standard Gift Cards.The biggest advantage of the Tourist Card is the ability to charge your card using cash, PayPal, or bank transfer at any time, from anywhere You can see some of Tourist Card’s other advantages listed in the table below
Are credit cards such as Visa and Mastercard accepted in Iran?
Unfortunately no. Due to numerous banking sanctions, international banking is problematic for those visiting Iran. Your tourist card aims to fix this problem by providing financial solutions so you can charge your card either within or outside of Iran.
When and where can I receive my Tourist Card?
After the successful submission of your application, you will receive your Tourist Card in any location within the city of Tehran within 3 days.You can also have your Tourist Card mailed to you before your arrival. Shipping usually takes anywhere from 5-15 days and costs around 30-60 Euros for most European countries.If you wish to receive your card upon your arrival in Iran, click the Apply Now in the tab above to complete your application at least 3 days before your arrival.

What are the subscription and annual fees?
Each Tourist Card has a fixed fee of €19.00 to set up. Once purchased, the card is made active for the duration of your travel period to Iran. If you think you might be staying for more than 30 days, it’s better to let us know before your application submission.
What are the cancellation fees?
There are no cancellation fees. You may deactivate and dispose of the Tourist Card at any time. If any remaining balance is left in the card, you can withdraw the remainder in the form of Euros, Dollars or any other major currency by visiting the nearest exchange or by contacting our customer support.
What is the exchange rate when I charge my Tourist Card?
You can charge your card using Euros, Dollars or any currency of your choice. We will exchange your currency using the transfer day’s rate of exchange to Iranian Rials (IRR) and transfer it to the Tourist Card of your choice in real time.
Can I add additional card holders to my account (i.e. family, friends, companions)?
Due to safety reasons, there can be only one authorized user and PIN code for each Tourist Card. Your friends and companions would each have to get a Tourist Card of their own when they travel with you to Iran.If you are travelling with family, especially children, you can get a separate Tourist Card for each child 13 and over.

Where can I use my Tourist Card?
The use of card readers is extremely widespread in Iran. In urban and developed areas, almost every single business or service that offers something for sale will have a card reader. Although cash is always an option, people have gotten really tired of carrying exact change and most businesses actually prefer a quick and easy swipe of the card.More importantly, you will able to make online purchases. Booking tours, making reservations, buying plane/bus/train tickets and so much more become effortless.
Can I withdraw cash from my Tourist Card?
You can withdraw cash in Iranian Rials (IRR) from almost all ATM machines. Any time a building has the word “Bank” in the title, you can find at least one ATM machine. Since all ATM machines in Iran are connected to Iran’s Central banking network called SHETAB, it does not matter which bank you choose to withdraw from. Most importantly, all ATM machines are equipped with English commands. Simply select your preferred language after entering your PIN number.A bonus of the Tourist Card is that there are no withdrawal fees at any time.There is, however, a cash withdrawal limit of 2,000,000 IRR (~ €20/$30) per day.
How can I view my transaction history?
You can check your recent transaction history and account balance at all ATM’s that are located infront of a building with the word “Bank” in the title. There are over 21 different banks in Iran, all of which are joined together by Iran’s Central Banking Network called SHETAB.
How can I charge my Tourist Card if it runs out of money?
You can charge your Tourist Card by paying with cash, PayPal or bank transfer. All currencies received will be converted into Iranian Rials (IRR) and deposited into your personal Tourist Card.All currencies are accepted. You can purchase and charge your Tourist Card both within and outside of Iran.
What happens if I have money left in my card at the end of my trip?
We can exchange the remaining balance of your TAP Persia Tourist Card and transfer the funds to your PayPal account at any time. If you let us know about any outstanding balance on your card before your departure from Iran, we can give you the remainder of your balance in cash (Dollars or Euros). All you have to do is get your card over to one of our trusted representatives. If you leave Iran with a remaining balance on your TAP Perisa Tourist Card, you would have to send us a picture of the card along with some additional security details.
Can I receive phone notifications/SMS/alerts about any transactions?
The only way to receive phone notifications/SMS/alerts is by providing an Iranian phone number along with your application. All messages will be sent to the Iranian phone number you provide in your application.We highly recommend purchasing a cheap and reliable temporary SIM card, which you can also charge at any time using your Tourist Card. For more information, visit our helpful review of purchasing temporary SIM cards.
What happens if I lose my TAP Persia Tourist Card?
If you are certain that your card has been lost or stolen, please call our customer service as soon as you can. We will handle the cancellation of your card and deliver a new card to you anywhere in Iran. Please note that renewal fees and delivery charges do apply.

You can see some of Tourist Card’s other advantages listed in the table below:

FeaturesGift CardsTAP Persia Tourist Card
Depositing Funds
  • Only in IRR
  • Only in cash

All currencies accepted

Cash, PayPal, bank transfer accepted

Max Deposit125-250 Euros equal to
10,625,000-21,250,000 IRR
depending on bank
(2018 Free Market Rate)
10,000 Euros equal to
850,000,000 IRR
(2018 Free Market Rate)
PIN Security
  • PIN1 for physical transactions
  • No online purchases
  • PIN1 for physical transactions
  • PIN2 for online transactions
Transaction HistoryNo transaction historyTransaction history available at all ATMs
Transferring fundsNot available (no transfers to or from the card)
  • Cash, PayPal and Bank transfer to and from the card
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If you have questions about money and spending in Iran, look no further. We’ve summarized all Iran travel financial questions for your convenience. 

Do credit cards like Mastercard or Visa work in Iran?
Unfortunately no. Due to banking sanctions, you will have to bring cash for your transactions. Services like Tourist Cards make cash transactions easier by giving you a personalized domestic debit card which you can instantly charge in-person or via an international bank transfer using any major currency.
What is a Tourist Card?
Tourist Cards are personalized Iranian debit cards that provide transparency, flexibility and convenience during your stay in Iran. There’s no bank paperwork, just a simple online application. You can charge your card using any major currency, from anywhere at any time.
Should I bring Euros or US Dollars to Iran?
It does not matter if you bring cash in the form of Euros or US Dollars to Iran. Just make sure to bring enough for your trip. You can also put your cash into a Tourist Card, a personalized domestic debit card with instant chargeability, from anywhere at any time.
Where can I exchange money in Iran?
The best place to exchange money in Iran is at official exchange offices, either at the airport or in the city. Do not exchange cash through banks or street vendors around major attractions.
How do I get a Tourist Card?
In order to receive your tourist card, fill out the online application. After 3 business days, you can receive your Tourist Card anywhere in the city of Tehran. You have the option to receive your Tourist Card at the airport. Just make sure to complete the online application at least 3 business days before your arrival. You can also receive your Tourist Card before you come to Iran. Shipping takes 5-15 business days and ranges from 30-60 EUR to most European countries.
How do I recharge my Tourist Card in Iran?
You can recharge or top off your Tourist Card using international bank transfers, by visiting the TAP Persia office, or through a TAP Persia representative within your city.
What if I have money left in my Tourist Card when I leave Iran?
If you have money left in your Tourist Card before you leave Iran, Contact the TAP Persia team before your departure to get the remainder of your balance converted to your choice of major currency and delivered to you.
Where can I use my Tourist Card?
You can use your Tourist Card at any location that accepts local debit cards. Even most street vendors accept debit cards.
What is the exchange rate for Iranian Rials?
The Iranian Rial exchange rate is constantly fluctuating. Iranian locals use sites like Mex for the most up-to-date exchange rates. You can also shop around by calling exchange offices in each city.
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