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Iran Tourist Attractions

Iran destinations are as vibrant as the seasons. You can explore a whole array of vivacious colors, majestic sights and unfeigned traditions in each location. The deeper you dive, the richer the culture (Iran tour).

Enjoy off-roading along the martian-like Kalouts, take a deep dive into everliving-cultures dating back to the Iron-age, and even enjoy snowboarding along the peaks of the mighty Alborz. Take a break and go on a camping adventure into the lush forests surrounding the Caspian Sea, or take a trip down south to the Persian Gulf and visit the rainbow-islands. Unbelievable architectural wonders spanning thousands of years, dense forests mixed with towering sand dunes, and local delicacies & treats are awaiting your arrival.

In Iran hospitality is a vital part of everyday life. The best way to see the country is through the people, so get ready to socialize, because you’ll be greeted with wondrous delight everywhere you go. If you wish to get a guided, and more detailed experience, check out our Destination Iran Tours.

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If you’re coming to Iran, you are a seeker of local cultures, traditions and people.
Whether you have a week or a whole month, we’ll tell you how to get the most out of your time in Iran.


iran tourism places - Tehran

Tehran, the capital of Iran, is the largest and the most populous city in the country. A city that has been the capital for more than 200 years. And it is where the most important administrative, executive and political decisions are made. With an area of ​​730 square kilometers, Tehran is the beating heart of Iran. It is the capital of many economic, cultural, scientific, and political aspects of the country. Usually, the Capital of each tourist country is a top destination to check out. So let’s dig deeper into Tehran tourism in the New York of Iran! Read about each of the places in more detail on our Tehran Attractions page.

Important Streets and Squares of Tehran

  1. Valiasr Street
  2. Imam Khomeini Square
  3. Hassan Abad Square
  4. Tajrish Square
  5. Fereshteh Street

Historical Places to Visit in TehranGolestan Palace - Tehran - Iran

  1. Golestan Palace and Museum Complex
  2. Niavaran Palace Complex
  3. Saadabad Palace and Museum Complex
  4. Tehran Grand Bazaar
  5. The Gate of the National Garden
  6. Tajrish Bazaar


Urban Attractions in Tehran 

  1. Azadi (Freedom ) Tower
  2. Milad Tower
  3. Nature Bridge
  4. Book Garden
  5. Gonbad-e-Mina Planetarium

Nature Bridge - Tehran - Iran

Parks and Gardens to Visit in Tehran

  1. Mellat Park
  2. Ab-o Atash (Water and Fire) Park
  3. Lavizan Forest Park
  4. National Botanical Garden

Lavizan Forest Park - Tehran - Iran

Museums to Visit in Tehran

  1. National Museum of Iran
  2. National Jewelry Museum
  3. Miniature Garden Museum
  4. Moghadam House Museum
  5. Omidvar Brothers Museum
  6. National Museum of the Islamic Revolution & Holy Defense
  7. Iran Wildlife and Nature Museum

Miniature Garden Museum - Tehran - Iran

Tehran Entertainment Complexes

  1. Chitgar Forest Park Complex
  2. Eram Amusement Complex
  3. Bam-e Tehran (Tehran Roof) Recreation Complex
  4. Darband Nature and Recreation Complex
  5. Ghazzali Cinema Town

Lavasan - Tehran

Religious and Pilgrimage Places in Tehran

  1. Shah Abdol-Azim Shrine
  2. Imamzadeh Saleh
  3. Sepahsalar Mosque
  4. Saint Sarkis Cathedral
  5. Adrian Fire Temple or Tehran Fire Temple
  6. Haim Synagogue

Natural sights of Tehran

  1. Tochal Peak
  2. Darakeh
  3. Cheshmeh Ali (Ali Spring) in Rey City

Darband - Tehran - Iran

Sights around Tehran

  1. Dizin Ski Resort
  2. Shemshak Ski Resort
  3. The Beginning of Chalous Road
  4. Ahar Village
  5. Shahrestanak Village
  6. Firoozkooh Tang-e Vashi
  7. Damavand
  8. Lavasan

Darakeh - Tehran - Iran

Shopping in Tehran

1.Home appliances and electronics market: Jomhouri and Hafez streets

  1. Book and cultural goods market: Enghelab Street
  2. Handicraft Market: Villa Street
  3. Household tableware market: Shush Square
  4. Fabric and curtain market: Zartosht, Molavi, and Abdolabad streets
  5. Bags and shoe market: Sepahsalar street and Baharestan square
  6. Second-hand goods, handmade art supplies, and antiques: Parvaneh Friday Bazar on Jomhouri Avenue

Places to Eat in Tehran

  1. Cafe’s
  2. Street Food
  3. Restaurants
  4. Food Courts

Cafe' Tehroon - Tehran - Iran


In Persian, we say: “Isfahan, Nesf-e Jahan” meaning Isfahan is half of the world. Meaning the one who has seen Isfahan has seen half of the world. 😀 Isfahan is one of the most popular touristic cities not only among the locals but among foreigners.

By traveling to Isfahan, you can have a memorable trip to one of the most important periods in the history of Persia, the Safavid period. This era of Persia’s history has left us with many historical contexts and famous attractions to explore and wonder about.

In fact, a trip to Isfahan would be a trip to the capital of Iranian handicrafts, as well.


So let’s see the top Iran tourist attractions in this stunning city, together.

Read about each of the places in more detail on our Isfahan Attractions page.

Historical Attractions to Visit in IsfahanNaghsh-e Jahan Square - Isfahan - Iran

  1. Naghsh-e Jahan Square
  2. Chehel Sotoun Palace
  3. Hasht Behesht Palace
  4. Khajoo Bridge
  5. Si-O Se Pol Bridge
  6. Isfahan Bazaar
  7. Manar Jonban
  8. Atiq Grand Mosque
  9. Imam Ali Square
  10. Vank Church
  11. Vank Church Museum
  12. Isfahan Music Museum
  13. Isfahan Aquarium
  14. Chaharbagh Street
  15. Takht-e-Foolad Historical Cemetery
  16. Jolfa Neighborhood

Isfahan Bazaar - Iran

Natural Attractions to Visit in Isfahan

  1. Flowers Garden
  2. Birds Garden
  3. Sofeh Mountain
  4. Nazhvan Forest Park
  5. Fadak Garden

Attractions around Isfahan

Isfahan Aquarium - Isfahan - Iran

  1. Mesr Desert
  2. Varzaneh Desert
  3. Imamzadeh Agha Seyed Ali Abbas Shrine
  4. Matin Abad Desert Camp
  5. Niasar Waterfall


Varzaneh Desert - Isfahan - Iran


Before we start our tour in Kashan to check out its top attractions, let’s see why Kashan is a great option to include in your itinerary. Kashan is the cradle of traditional Iranian civilization and culture. The city is about 7,000 years old, so it has a significant role in Iran sightseeing.

Some historians believe that Kashan is the original first city in not only in ancient Persia, but the whole world. It is also the carpet capital of the country.

Now, it’s time to take a look at the top Iran tourist attractions in this breathtaking town.

Read about each of the places in more detail on our Kashan Attractions page.

Historical Attractions to Visit in Kashan

  1. Finn Garden
  2. Tabatabai HouseTabatabai House – Kashan – Iran
  3. Abbasid House
  4. Boroujerdi House
  5. Kashan Grand Mosque
  6. Taj House
  7. Kashan Bazaar
  8. Agha Bozorg Mosque
  9. Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse
  10. Sialk Archeological Hills

Attractions Around Kashan

Abyaneh Village - Kashan - Iran

  1. Abyaneh Village
  2. Noshabad Underground City
  3. Marnjab Desert
  4. Abuzeydabad Desert


Tabriz is the third-largest city in Iran. This city has a special place in the history, background, and economy of our country. There are lots of monuments to see in this historic city. Tabriz is located in a province with many natural attractions, as well. The kind people of Tabriz speak Turkic. They have lots of awesome traditions and a very pretty dance style.

If you are keen to visit Iran, apply for an Iranian visa  and choose your favorite Iran tour.

Tribal view of Eil Goli Park from the sky

Read about each of the places in more detail on our Tabriz Attractions page.

Historical and Cultural Attractions to Visit in Tabriz

  1. Tabriz Historical Bazaar
  2. Tabriz Blue Mosque
  3. Arg-e-Alishah
  4. Sa’at (Clock) Square
  5. Maqbarat-o-sho’ara or Tomb of the Poets

Museums to Visit in Tabriz

  1. Tabriz Municipality Museum Palace
  2. Azerbaijan Museum
  3. Qajar Museum

The Best Recreational Attractions in Tabriz

  1. Shahgoli or El Goli
  2. Eynali Mountain
  3. Shahriar Paved Pass
  4. Baghlar Baghi Amusement Park
  5. Laleh Park; Tabriz Commercial and Entertainment Complex

Food in Tabriz

  1. Bonab Kebab
  2. Kufteh Tabrizi
  3. Dolma 
  4. Ash-e doogh
  5. Qhorabieh

Important Attractions around Tabriz

Sahand Mountain - Tabriz - Iran

  1. Sahand Mountain
  2. Payam Ski Resort in Marand
  3. Kandovan Rocky Village
  4. Zonuzaq Village
  5. Ushtabin Village
  6. Saint Stepanos Monastery
  7. Zahhak Castle
  8. Urmia Lake


Shiraz is a city of gardens, flowers, and nightingales. It’s the city of poets, the land of lovers, the city of orange blossoms, and the city of love. And eventually, it is the city of sacred secrets, the city of Persian poetry and literature. Shiraz is one of those cities in Iran where there is a very happy atmosphere. Visiting this city brings you beyond-imagination peace and joy.

Tomb of Hafez - Shiraz Iran

And as you might know, some of the best and most worldwide known ancient attractions of Iran are in Shiraz. Let’s see what is awaiting us in Shiraz. We’ll take a quick look at the Iran tourism place in this excellent city.

Read about each of the places in more detail on our Shiraz Attractions page.

Historical Attractions to Visit in Shiraz

  1. Zandieh Complex
  2. Nasir Al-Molk Mosque
  3. Atiq Mosque
  4.  Quran Gate
  5. Tomb of Hafez
  6.  Tomb of Saadi
  7. Shah Cheragh
  8. Saraye Moshir
  9. Kuchebagh-e Qasr Al-Dasht
  10. Khan School

Spectacular Gardens to Visit in Shiraz

  1. Eram Garden
  2. Narenjestan Ghavam Garden
  3. Delgosha Garden
  4. Jannat (Paradise) Garden
  5. Afif Abad Garden
  6. Jahan Nama Garden

Narenjestan Ghavam Garden - Shiraz - Iran

Museums to Visit in Shiraz

  1. Pars Museum
  2. Persepolis Museum
  3. Shiraz Museum of Visual Arts or Contemporary Arts
  4. Museum of Celebrities  Or Zinat Al-Molk Historical House
  5. Shah Cheragh Museum
  6. Narenjestan Ghavam Museum
  7. Shiraz Water Museum
  8. Haft Tanan Stone Museum
  9. Museum of Natural History and Technology
  10. Shapouri House

Parks to Visit in Shiraz

  1. Azadi Park
  2. Besat Park
  3. Derak Mountain Park
  4. Kuhpayeh Park
  5. Luna Amusement Park
  6. Chamran Boulevard Park
  7. Iran Land Indoor Amusement Park
  8. Bamou National Park

Shah Cheragh - Shiraz - Iran

Attractions around Shiraz

  1. Persepolis Complex
  2.  Pasargad Complex and the Tomb of Cyrus
  3. Naqsh-e Rostam
  4. Naqsh-e Rajab

Natural Attractions Around Shiraz

  1. Dasht-e Arjan or Arjan Plain
  2. Maharlou Lake
  3. Tang-e-Bostanak, Bostanak Canyon
  4. Margoon Waterfall
  5. Raghez Canyon

Raghez Canyon - Shiraz - Iran


In the southeastern part of Iran, there is the largest province in the country, Kerman. It’s the province between the provinces of Yazd, South Khorasan, Sistan and Baluchestan, Hormozgan, and Fars. Kerman city is the capital of Kerman Province. This city has many historical attractions and for this reason, is one of the 5 historical cities of Iran.

Read about each of the places in more detail on our Kerman Attractions page.

Kerman Grand Mosque - Iran

Top Attractions to Visit in Kerman

  1. Fath Abad Garden
  2. Ganj Ali Khan Complex
  3. Kerman Grand Bazaar
  4. Jabaliyeh Historical Dome
  5. Kerman Zoroastrian Fire Temple
  6. Vakil Hammam (Bath)
  7. Yakhdan-e Moayedi or Moayedi Icehouse
  8. Takht-e Dargah Gholi Beyg
  9. Malek Mosque
  10. Pardisan Park
  11. Qal’eh Dokhtar or Anahita Fire Temple
  12. Kerman Grand Mosque or Mozaffari Grand Mosque
  13. Kerman National Library
  14. Moshtaghieh Dome or the Three Domes

Museums to Visit in Kerman

  1. Holy Defence Garden Museum
  2. Coin Museum
  3. Harandi Garden Museum
  4. Kerman Sanati Contemporary Art Museum

Top Attractions around Kerman

  1. Tomb of Shah Nematullah Vali Mahan
  2. Shahzadeh Mahan Historical Garden
  3. Arg-e Rayen or Rayen Citadel
  4. Arg-e Bam or Bam Citadel
  5. Darvish Khan Stone Garden
  6. Kalut Shahdad Desert
  7. Simak Waterfalls
  8. Sirch Ski Resort
  9. Meymand Rocky Village
  10. Rageh Canyon

Shir Kuh Mountain - Yazd - Iran


Yazd is the city of qanats and windcatchers. It’s the world’s first raw clay city. And the second living historical city in the world after Venice, Italy. The locals are famous for being calm, dignified, and hard-working people. These genius people had made it possible to live in the heart of the desert with their architectural skills. I’m talking about qanats and windcatchers. The first fulfilled their need for water and the latter cooled down their houses.

Read about each of the places in more detail on our Yazd Attractions page.

Top Attractions to Visit in Yazd

In every corner of Yazd, an attraction is waiting to surprise you. And it will be very difficult to make one of them superior to the other; But the most significant of them are:

  1. Yazd Grand Mosque
  2. Fahadan Neighborhood
  3. Amir Chakhmaq Complex
  4. Saheb Al-Zaman Zurkhaneh
  5. Dowlat Abad Garden
  6. Yazd Fire Temple
  7. Khan Complex
  8. Rostam Giv Ab Anbar
  9. Shesh Badgir Ab Anbar
  10. Alexander’s Prison
  11. Yazd Clock Square
  12. Yazd Old Town
  13. Davazdah Imam Tomb
  14. Naaji Garden and Mansion
  15. Malek-ol-Tojjar Historical House

Yazd Grand Mosque - Iran

Top Museums to Visit in Yazd

  1. Museum of Mirrors and Lighting
  2. Lariha House Museum
  3. Yazd Water Museum
  4. Tehraniha House Museum
  5. Markar Museum
  6. Yazd Car Museum
  7. Stone Museum

Natural Attractions to Visit in Yazd

Tehraniha House Museum - Yazd - Iran

  1. Haft-e Tir Park
  2. Haftsang Desert Camp
  3. Quran Gate Desert
  4. Abarkooh Ancient Cypress Tree
  5. Shir Kuh Mountain
  6. Nasrabad’s Nabati Cave
  7. Bafgh Desert

Malek-ol-Tojjar Historical House - Yazd - Iran

Top Iran Tourism Places Around Yazd

  1. Dakhmeh Zartoshtian or the Tower of Silence
  2. Kharānaq Village
  3. Ashkezar Water Mill
  4. Gonbad Aali or Aali Dome
  5. Kharānaq Manar Jonban
  6. Zarach Qanat


Qeshm Island is the beautiful jewel of the Persian Gulf. It is home to a collection of rocky, sandy, and muddy beaches. There are extensive historical, cultural, and archeological monuments here. Along with valuable geological heritage, ‌ that has made this island the only geopark in Iran and the Middle East.

Read about each of the places in more detail on our Qeshm Attractions page.

Chahkooh Canyon - Qeshm - Iran

Top Natural Attractions to Visit In Qeshm

  1. Chahkooh Canyon
  2. Laft Historical Village
  3. Hengam Island
  4. The Valley of Stars
  5. Hara Forest or Mangrove Forest
  6. Naz Islands
  7. Kharbas Cave
  8. Silver Beach
  9. The Sacred Fig Tree
  10. Qeshm Salt Cave
  11. Shib Deraz Village
  12. The Roof of Qeshm
  13. Kaseh Salakh Area

Salt Cave - Qeshm - Iran

Top Historical Attractions to Visit In Qeshm

  1. Guran Dam
  2. Portuguese Fort
  3. Bibi Water Reservoir
  4. Historical Cemeteries in Qeshm
  5. Tala Water Wells
  6. Bibi Maryam’s Tomb
  7. Qeshm Noopak Crocodile Park
  8. Qeshm Shipbuilding and Repair Company
  9. Zeytoon (Olive) Park
  10. Qeshm Global Geopark Museum
  11. Qeshm Island Aquarium
  12. Negin Sahel Diving and Marine Recreational Center
  13. Hamoon Recreation and Tourism Complex
  14. Khalo Saleh Museum
  15. Nakhoda (Captain) Ali Museum
  16. Direstan Anthropology Museum
  17. Qeshm Traditional Bazaar
  18. The Dargahan Old Market
  19. Qeshm City Center Mall

Tala Water Wells - Qeshm -Iran


Qazvin is one of the largest cities in Iran and the capital of Qazvin province. This city was the capital of the country for 57 years during the Safavid era. For this reason, it has many historical buildings and museums. This city is the great capital of Iranian calligraphy, as well. Qazvin is located at the crossroads of the northern and western provinces of the country. Although many tourists may have passed through the city on their way, most of them miss its tourist attractions and sights.

Read about each of the places in more detail on our Qazvin Attractions page.

Qazvin Bazaar - Iran

Historical Places to Visit in Qazvin

  1. Qazvin Bazaar
  2. Al-Nabi Mosque
  3. Rafi Church
  4. Russian Church
  5. Qazvin Jameh Mosque, Qazvin Grand Mosque
  6. Sardar Bozorg Water Reservoir
  7. Aminiha Hosseiniyeh
  8. Sa’d al-Saltaneh Caravanserai
  9. Alamut Castle
  10. Imamzadeh Hossein
  11. The Entrance of Aali Qapo
  12. Darb Kushk Gate
  13. Sepah Street
  14. Kharraqan Towers
  15. Sardar Mosque and School Complex
  16. Hamdallah Mustawfi Shrine
  17. The Safavid Garden Complex

Kharraqan Towers - Qazvin - Iran

Museums to Visit in Qazvin

  1. Qajar Bath
  2. Chehel Sotoun Palace Museum
  3. Sepahdar Garden Mansion
  4. Qazvin Municipality Mansion
  5. Qazvin Museum

Natural and Cultural Attractions in and around Qazvin

  1. Traditional Gardens of Qazvin
  2. Ovan Lake
  3. Zargar Village
  4. Barajin Forest Park
  5. Garmagalou Canyon
  6. Varchor Waterfall
  7. Sialan Mountain

Ovan Lake - Qazvin - Iran


Rasht City is a combination of sea and forest with rich history and civilization of Iran. A city that was the birthplace of great people like Mirza Kuchak Khan Jangali. This city is the destination of millions of tourists, annually. Rasht, the capital of the evergreen province of Gilan, is located near the Caspian Sea. Meanwhile, its dense forests will blow your mind away.


Rasht Traditional Bazaar is a must-see. And Gilak people are full of joy and hospitality! The reputation of this city has gone beyond the borders. And UNESCO has introduced Rasht as the most creative city in terms of food and taste.

Read about each of the places in more detail on our Rasht Attractions page.

Historical Iran Tourism Places in RashtRasht Municipality Square - Iran

  1. Rasht Municipality Square
  2. Municipality Palace
  3. Iran Hotel
  4. Rasht National Library
  5. Post Office Mansion
  6. Rasht Grand Bazaar
  7. Kolah Farangi Mansion
  8. Emamzadeh Hashem
  9. Tomb of Mirza Kuchak Khan
  10. The Tomb of Dana-ye Ali
  11. Mosalla Square
  12. Abrishami Traditional House
  13. Mirza Kuchak Khan Jangali’s House
  14. Alam al-Hoda Street
  15. Lat Caravanserai
  16. Qadiri Traditional House
  17. Shahpour High School

Rasht Municipality Square - Iran

Museums to Visit in Rasht

  1. Gilan Rural Heritage Museum
  2. Rasht Museum

Parks and Gardens to Visit in Rasht

  1. Mohtasham Garden
  2. Mellat Park
  3. Sabzeh Meydan Park

Natural Attractions to Visit in and around Rasht

  1. Saqalaksar Lake
  2. Saravan Lake and Forest Park
  3. Eynak (Glasses) Lagoon
  4. Saravan-Fooman Road
  5. Anzali Lagoon
  6. Masouleh Historical City
  7. Qaleh Roudkhan Castle
  8. Asalem-Khalkhal Road
  9. Gisum Forest Park
  10. Gilan Rural Heritage Museum
  11. Rasht Museum

Gilan Rural Heritage Museum - Rasht - Iran

Parks and Gardens to Visit in Rasht

1. Mohtasham Garden

2. Mellat Park

3. Sabzeh Meydan Park

Natural Attractions to Visit in and around Rasht

1. Saqalaksar Lake

2. Saravan Lake and Forest Park

3. Eynak (Glasses) Lagoon

4. Saravan-Fooman Road

5. Anzali Lagoon

Qaleh Roudkhan Castle - Rasht - Iran


Semnan is one of the desert cities of Iran, which is located in the south of the Alborz mountain range. If you plan to travel to Mashhad from Tehran, you will pass through this quiet city. In addition to the tourist attractions of the Lut desert in the south of Semnan, you can enjoy the lush nature and its pleasant climate in the north and northeast of the province. Also, due to the historical nature of this city, it has many spectacular ancient monuments that indicate the antiquity of Semnan.

Read about each of the places in more detail on our Semnan Attractions page.

Historical Tourism Places to Visit in Semnan

  1. Semnan Grand Mosque
  2. Arg Gate Square
  3. Semnan Traditional Bazaar
  4. Soltani Mosque or Immam Mosque
  5. Taheri’s House
  6. Torabi Historic House
  7. Ali Ibn-e Jafar Shrine
  8. Kalantar (Sherief) House
  9. Sheikh Ala Al-Dawlah Bazaar
  10. Naghsh-e Jahan Serai
  11. Sookan Forest Park

Arg Gate Square - Semnan - Iran

Museums to Visit in Semnan

  1. Natural History Museum
  2. Koumesh Coin Museum
  3. Amir Garden and Mansion
  4. Hazrat Bath

Iran Tourism Places around Semnan

  1. Shahmirzad Town
  2. Saroo Castles
  3. Abbasi Lasjerd Caravanserai
  4. Mirak Delazian Hills
  5. Monastery of Ala Al-Dawlah Semnani
  6. Zavaghan Jameh Mosque
  7. Qasr-e Bahram Caravanserai
  8. Shah Abbasi Carevanserai Complex
  9. Ahovan Caravanserai
  10. Salt Mine Of Garmsar
  11. Mojen Waterfall
  12. Abr (Cloud) Forest
  13. Opert Ridge
  14. Qalebālā Village
  15. Rig-e Jenn Desert
  16. Parvar Protected Area

Abbasi Lasjerd Caravanserai - Semnan - Iran


Ilam province is one of the western provinces of the country. Mountains, rivers, waterfalls, protected mountainous areas and vast and fertile plains, have made this province a destination for nature tourists.

The province hosts many historical monuments, as well. Clearly, this fact indicates the existence of the center of human societies in this region. Now, let’s get to know some of Iran’s top tourist attractions in this outstanding province.

Read about each of the places in more detail on our Ilam Attractions page.

Zamzam Lagoon - Ilam - Iran

Top Natural Tourist Attractions to Visit in Ilam

  1. Tang-e Kāfarī
  2. Siah Gav (Black Cow) Twin Lakes
  3. Chakar Lagoon
  4. Arghavan Valley
  5. Bahram Choobin Canyon
  6. Sheshdar Natural Forest Park
  7. Chagha Sabz Forest Park
  8. Seimare River
  9. Dehloran Hot Water Springs
  10. Abtaf Waterfall
  11. Boiling Tar Springs
  12. Koulak Protected Area
  13. Telesm Ivan Cave
  14. Ilam Dam Lake
  15. Strait of Razianeh
  16. Qaleh Qīrān
  17. Zamzam Lagoon
  18. Cham Aw Waterfall
  19. Barreh Zard Cave
  20. Ţūlāv Mountain
  21. Tajrian Promenade

Seimare River - Ilam - Iran

Top Historical Tourist Attractions to Visit in Ilam

  1. Posht Ghale
  2. Hezarani Castle
  3. Julian Fortress
  4. Hezar Darb (One Thousand Door) Castle
  5. Chenar Cemetery
  6. Gulgul Malekshahi Inscription
  7. Ismail khan Castle
  8. Armu Cemetery
  9. Se-Kasan Castle
  10. Chartaqi Fire Temple
  11. Seymareh Ancient City (Madakto)
  12. Pour Ashraf Castle
  13. Ali Kosh Hill
  14. Moshakan Fire Temple
  15. Gavmishan Bridge
  16. Mir Gholam Hashemi Castle
  17. Konjan Cham Castle
  18. Konjan Cham Dam
  19. Vali Castle
  20. Siahgel Fire Temple
  21. The Arch of Shirin and Farhad
  22. Falahati Palace
  23. Sirvan Ancient City
  24. Natural History Museum Of Ilam

Posht Ghale - Ilam - Iran


Kermanshah province is one of the most attractive regions of Iran. Because there are about 4,000 attractions in this province. The city of Kermanshah is the capital of this province and also the most populous and largest Kurdish city in Iran. If you have a diverse travel taste, a trip to Kermanshah will be enjoyable and varied for you. Since you can visit the ancient and historical monuments in the corridors of Iranian history. Plus, its nature, the pristine and boundless beauty, will touch your soul.

Read about each of the places in more detail on our Kermanshah Attractions page.

Historical Tourism Places to Visit in Kermanshah

  1. Taq-e Bostan
  2. Mount Behistun
  3. Tekiye Moaven Al Molk
  4. The Statue of Hercules
  5. Goor-Dakhmeh Sahneh
  6. Sacred Heart of Jesus Church
  7. Behistun Safavid Caravanserai
  8. Haj Shahbaz Khan Bath
  9. Kermanshah Traditional Bazaar
  10. Nan Berenji Bazaar
  11. Emad o dolah Mosque
  12. Shafei Jameh Mosque
  13. Goor-Dakhmeh Saan-Rostam
  14. Dolatshah Mosque
  15. Khosrow Bridge

Taq-e Bostan - Kermanshah - Iran

Museums and Gardens to Visit in Kermanshah

  1. Zagros Paleolithic Museum
  2. Jewelry and Clothing Museum
  3. Anthropology Museum
  4. Tekyeh Biglarbeygi
  5. Stamp Museum
  6. Taq-e Bostan Stone Museum
  7. Kermanshah Flowers Garden
  8. Sadaf Birds Garden
  9. Kermanshah Museum of Natural History
  10. Kermanshah Calligraphy Museum

Emad o dolah Mosque - Kermanshah - Iran

Natural Attractions to Visit in Kermanshah

  1. Sefid Kuh
  2. Parau Cave
  3. Sarab Niloofar Lake
  4. Hashilan Wetland
  5. Taq-e Bostan Forest Park
  6. Do-Ashkaft Cave
  7. Varvasi Cave
  8. Gharasoo River
  9. Tafeh Waterfall
  10. Mar-Div Cave
  11. Asangaran Cave
  12. Kher Cave

Parau Cave Kermanshah - Iran


Lorestan is one of the most beautiful provinces of Iran. this place is where there are lots of extraordinary natural hot spots to visit. That’s why, they call this province, the bride of nature. Lorestan is also known as one of the first human settlements and has a lot of historical value. As a result, in Lorestan, you will see the majesty of waterfalls and overturned tulip plains; You will also be able to visit old castles and forts.

Read about each of the places in more detail on our Lorestan Attractions page.

Natural Iran Tourism Places to Visit in Lorestan

  1. Gahar Lake
  2. Khazineh Canyon
  3. Bisheh Waterfall
  4. Keeyow (Q) Lake
  5. Helt Canyon
  6. Fritillary Plain in Aligudarz
  7. Lili Strait
  8. Shirz Canyon
  9. Berenjeh Waterfall
  10. Afrineh Waterfall
  11. Kalmakareh Cave
  12. Nozhian Waterfall
  13. Ab Sefid Waterfall
  14. Azna Snow Tunnel
  15. Makhmal Kuh Park
  16. Garmeh Waterfall
  17. Varak Waterfall or Wark (Vark) Waterfall
  18. Oshtorankuh Mount
  19. Bam-e Lorestan
  20. Gerit Waterfall
  21. Karkheh River
  22. Kapargeh Valley
  23. Chekan Waterfall
  24. Azgan Lagoon
  25. Doosheh Cave
  26. Bam-e Borujerd
  27. Sarab Kartol Spring
  28. Neygah Valley
  29. Botkhaneh Cave
  30. Aali Abad Cave
  31. Silakhor Plain

Khazineh Canyon - Lorestan - Iran

Historical Iran Tourism Places to Visit In Lorestan

  1. Falakol Aflak Castle
  2. Brick Minaret
  3. Soltani Mosque of Borujerd
  4. Gerdab Sangi
  5. Borujerd Jame Mosque
  6. Gap Hammam
  7. Tappeh Qoroq
  8. Shapouri Bridge
  9. Rock Carvings of Homiyan and Mirmalas
  10. Manijeh Castle
  11. Zagheh Castle
  12. Sorkh Dom Laki Site
  13. Chalan Cholan Bridge

Falakol Aflak Castle - Lorestan - Iran


In fact, Mashhad is the spiritual capital of Iran and the most important religious place in the country. The shrine of the eighth Imam of the Shiites (AS) is located in this city. In addition to the religious and pilgrimage aspects, this city has also made significant progress in the aspects of tourism and has various historical, recreational, and cultural complexes. That’s why it can be an interesting city for tourists.

Read about each of the places in more detail on our Mashhad Attractions page.

Historical Attractions to Visit in Mashhad

  1. Imam Reza Holy Shrine
  2. Tomb of Sheikh Bahai
  3. Abbas Qoli Khan Seminary
  4. Green Dome
  5. Tomb of Pir-e Palandouz
  6. Tomb of Ferdowsi
  7. Haftad-o-do Tan Mosque
  8. Goharshad Mosque
  9. Saint Mesrop Armenian Church
  10. Bazaar Reza
  11. Bazeh Hoor Chahartaqi
  12. Radkan Tower
  13. Khajeh Abasalt Shrine
  14. Akhangan Rod
  15. Tomb of Khajeh Rabie
  16. Golestan Dam

Imam Reza Holy Shrine - Mashhad - Iran

Historic Houses to Visit in Mashhad

  1. Malek Historical House
  2. Tavakoli Historical House
  3. Daroogheh Historical House

Museums to Visit in Mashhad

  1. Tomb of Nader Shah or Naderi Garden Museum
  2. Mehdi Gholi Beyg’s Hamam Musuem
  3. Mashhad Botanical Garden
  4. Bread Museum
  5. Astan Quds Razavi Museums
  6. Shah Lafata Zoorkhaneh and Museum
  7. Anthropology Museum of Mashhad
  8. Earth Science Museum Park
  9. Great Museum of Khorasan
  10. Vakil Abad Zoo
  11. Mashhad Miniature Park

Tomb of Nader Shah - Mashhad - Iran

Natural Attractions and Parks to Visit in Mashhad

  1. Chalidarreh Tourist Complex
  2. Kooh Sangi Park
  3. Melli Garden or National Garden
  4. Vakilabad Garden
  5. Haft Hoz Park
  6. Professor Bazima Scientific Park
  7. Indoor Water Parks
  8. Mellat Park
  9. Jangal-e Jigh or Scream Forest
  10. Torghabeh
  11. Akhlamad Waterfall
  12. Almas Inverted House
  13. Kardeh Dam
  14. Kalat Waterfall
  15. Moghan Cave
  16. Garaab Spring
  17. Gilas (Cherry) Spring
  18. Shirbad Ski Resort
  19. Hat Houz Park

Attractions to visit around Mashhad

  1. Mausoleum of Omar Khayyam
  2. Mausoleum of Attar Neyshaburi
  3. Kamal-ol-Molk’s Tomb

Mausoleum of Omar Khayyam - Mashhad - Iran


Mazandaran province, thanks to the Caspian coast, lush forests, waterfalls, rivers, etc., has become one of the most popular provinces in the north of the country, which hosts millions of tourists every year. This province, in addition to a multitude of unique natural attractions, also has dozens of historical and religious monuments that you should not miss. Many tourists know only a few of the summer areas of this province and are unaware of many of the other sights of this part of heaven.

Read about each of the places in more detail on our Mazandaran Attractions page.

Miankaleh Lagoon - Mazandaran - Iran

Natural and Recreational Attractions to Visit in Mazandaran

  1. Badab Soort Spring
  2. Noshahr Eco-biology and Botanical Garden
  3. Mount Damavand
  4. Soleyman Tangeh Dam
  5. Valasht Lake
  6. Sari Melal Park
  7. Komishan Cave
  8. Raash (Beech) Forest
  9. Ramsar Telecabin Complex
  10. Namakabroud Beach Resort
  11. Churat Lake
  12. Ab Pari Waterfall
  13. Do-Hezar and Se-Hezar Road
  14. Elimalat Lake
  15. Lar Plain
  16. Naz Protected Area
  17. The Lake of Ghosts
  18. Hasal Lagoon
  19. Dalkhani Jungle
  20. Gazou Waterfall
  21. Si Sangan Forest Park
  22. Alborz Dam
  23. Harijan Waterfall
  24. Miankaleh Lagoon
  25. Chaldarreh Forest Park
  26. Danial Cave
  27. Taraz Waterfalls
  28. Tirkan Seven Waterfalls
  29. Mirza Kuchak Khan Forest Park
  30. Niloufar Abi (Water Lily) Park
  31. Khanikan Forest Park
  32. Savasare WaterfallSavasare Waterfall – Mazandaran – Iran
  33. Nashtarud Lagoon
  34. Babol Roud River
  35. Sange-No Waterfall
  36. Khezrabad Beach
  37. Falakdeh Spa
  38. Nowshahr Local Bazaar

Badab Soort spring - Mazandaran - Iran

Summer Villages to Visit in Mazandaran

  1. Kandolus
  2. Filband
  3. Mazichal
  4. Javaher Deh
  5. Jennat Rudbar
  6. Kelardasht
  7. Kheshevash
  8. Lavij
  9. Garasma Sar

Historical Attractions to Visit in Mazandaran

  1. Behshahr Mellat Park
  2. Sari Clock Square
  3. Abbas Abad Historical Garden
  4. Veresk Bridge
  5. Lajim Tower
  6. Moallem Boulevard in Ramsar
  7. Vaziri Bath
  8. Babol Jameh Mosque
  9. Sorkh Abad Church
  10. Markuh Castle
  11. Sefid Chaah Cemetery
  12. Safi Abad Palace
  13. Resket Tower
  14. Mohammad Hasan Khan Bridge
  15. Soltan Zayn al-Abidin Tower
  16. Sar Tappeh Railway Bridge
  17. Gadouk Caravanserai

Sar Tappeh Railway Bridge - Mazandaran - Iran

Museums to Visit in Mazandaran

  1. Sari Museum
  2. Amol History Museum
  3. Babol Ganjineh Museum
  4. Ramsar Palace Museum
  5. Khoshkeh-Daran Natural History Museum
  6. Kandelous Museum
  7. Nima Yushij House Museum
  8. Ramsar Museum of Anthropology
  9. Mokarrameh Ghanbari House Museum
  10. Gohar Tepe Museum Site

7 Day Iran Itinerary?
If you only have a week in Iran, you definitely have to stop by these 4 cities, preferably in this order: Tehran, Isfahan, Kashan & Shiraz.
10 Day Iran Itinerary?
If you only have 10 days in Iran, you should put these 5 cities on your itinerary, preferably in this order: Tehran, Kashan, Isfahan, Shiraz, Yazd. Many of Iran’s cultural, historical & natural treasures are in between these 5 cities, so stop by some rurals attractions in between your routes.

15 Day Iran Itinerary?
If you want to visit Iran in 15 days, you should visit these 6 cities, preferably in this order: Tehran, Kashan, Isfahan, Shiraz, Yazd & Kerman.
30 Day Iran Itinerary?
If you have a whole month to explore the beauty of Iran and its people, you should travel to these 10 destinations: Tehran, Kashan, Isfahan, Shiraz, Yazd, Kerman, Tabriz, Qeshm, Qazvin & Kurdistan Province.
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