Qeshm Travel Guide

Being next to the Persian Gulf and due to its geopolitical situation, Qeshm Island has been attacked by various countries. As a result, people’s language is a combination of Persian, Arabic, Hindi, and English languages. Their culture is also somehow between Persian and Arabic cultures.

Known for its impressive canyons and wonderful beaches, people of Qeshm are Sunni Muslims. They have their traditional clothing by which women wear colorful dresses with Borghe which is a mask for covering their faces. Women also typically have Henna on their hands and face. On the other hand, men like other southern parts of Iran wear a long white shirt.  This island is free zone meaning you will not need a visa to enter there.

Hengam, the Island of Dolphins

What to Do in Qeshm?

Being home to unique wildlife and rare species, GeoPark is one of the chief sightseeing of Qeshm.

In 2006, it was registered by Global Geopark Networks (GGN). In a 15-kilometer distance to Qeshm, you can reach Kharbas Cave which is about 300 years old. Salt Cave, Shibderaz Village, glorious Stars Valley, astounding Chahkooh Canyon, Hengam Island, and mesmerizing Hara Forest (Mangrove Forest) are some of the sites you must visit in Qeshm.

If you are traveling on a shoestring, note that you have the option of camping since there is a wide area every corner of the Qeshm and there are so many domestic travelers who camp as well. So nothing to worry about.

When is the Best Time to Visit Qeshm?

Due to the humid weather in Qeshm, it is better to visit there from February to May. If you are looking to visit hawksbill and green turtles coming out of the water to lay their eggs in the sand, you should go there from April to July.

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What does Qeshm have to offer?
Many amazing natural attractions and an amazing culture are what Qeshm offers to you.
What is Qeshm known for?
Harra Sea Forest, Chahkooh Canyon, and Valley of Stars are the most known attractions of Qeshm.
What kind of special food does Qeshm have?
Qeshm has many amazing seafoods to offer including Poodini Kooseh and Kolumba.
Where should I go in Qeshm?
Just walk in its streets and beside the sea and you will see what you need to.

How many people live in Qeshm?
The population of Qeshm in 2020 is 148,993.
What kind of transportation is better to be taken in Qeshm?
The best transportation in Qeshm is taxis and boats.
Should we expect to see the nightlife in Qeshm?
In a city like Qeshm, you can expect everything. Specially nightlife.

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