Hengam Island, African savannah inside the Persian Gulf and one of three special Islands around Qeshm Island.

Hormuz, the one with special soils and crazy landscapes. Larak, reserved Island for Military issues. Last but not least, Hengam Island, an underrated Destination of silence and unconcern.

Let me take you on a short trip to the most relaxing Destination of my whole Trip through Iran,

A sunny and very warm day on the Water, my friends, my luggage and three random Motorcycles on a small fisher boat, with the goal Hengam Island. It is a very warm day in October and I do not know what I should expect. I already visited Hormuz, a great Island of beautiful soils, shores and a paradise for lovers of geomorphology. Also the same on Qeshm Island. However, Hengam was different. The People are just living and enjoying their life, even without the all luxury stuff you can have. It is not the place of Tourism business like Qeshm and still a little bit slower life style than Hormuz.

We had a meeting with Afshin Hengami, somehow the Mayor of the Island and only owner of an official Eco lodge on whole Hengam. We took a ride to the southernmost part; no Internet is working there, to his Ecolodge. It was early evening and we drove into sunset surrounded by an area equal to an African savannah. His one-year-old boy sleeping on his lap while driving, we stopped several times to see gazelles and a big lizard, no hurries. After delivering our luggage and recognizing that we are, more or less, alone on this part of the Island, we enjoyed a beautiful sunset at the beach.

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In addition, if you want to eat seafood, Hengam is the best place to do. After Sunset, we enjoyed the beautiful view on to the water, with only the Stars in the Sky and some lonely fisher boats in the water. With the feeling of laying back in a hammock, we ate crabs and fish grilled inside the fire, directly out of our hands. Now take this imagination to next day, add many turtles into the water and some wild donkeys visiting your place at the evening and you can imagine how Hengam really is.

How to go

If you want to go to Hengam Island, you shall first make the way to the biggest one, Qeshm. You can take a domestic flight to Qeshm City or the ferry from Bandar Abas. However, if you made it, you will take a small charming boat; some would say ferry, to the shore of Hengam City. Actually Village. All experiences you will make related to the quietness, familiarity and the slow life of Villages. Suddenly there is no stress and everything around you takes you into a feeling of relaxation.

Where to Stay

The Eco lodge of Afshin Hengami is a very good place to stay. Actually, it is the only licenced place on the Island. It is directly at the Water with nice rooms and makes you feel out of everything. The Eco lodge is at the southernmost point of the island and you shall ask for a ride or the owner himself is taking you with his pickup truck.

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Where to go

The Island is completely free to walk. You can find some small and maybe empty villages at the coastlines or just walk along the beaches and find your way to the water. Besides that, you can observe the many gazelles of the island or surround the island by car or motorbike. Attention: there is a military base on this island. Do not take pictures and behave carefully around this area.

Seafood and Samosas

The Fish, Shrimps and the Samosas are the best food you can get on the Island. Best Place is as well, Hengamis Restaurant directly at the Beach. It is located between the shops of local people and you have a view onto two old British and Portuguese shipwrecks from ancient times. A Tipp: The Samosas are just different from the Samosas on the main Island and much better.


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