Truly Qeshm Geopark is an island of wonders. Today we are going to learn about one of the greatest attractions in Qeshm, Namakdan Salt Cave. Salt caves are natural phenomena that occur mainly due to salt deposits inside the salt domes. One of these attractive and spectacular caves has been formed on this marvelous island. Qeshm Salt Dome is one of the 7 wonders of this island that dates back to before the Cambrian period, ie about 570 million years ago.

Namakdan Cave, The Longest Salt Cave In The World

Namakdan Cave

With a length of about 6400 meters, Namakdan Salt Cave is the longest salt cave in the world. In fact, this cave is one of several salt caves that have been formed in the salt cone-shaped Namakdan mountain. This mountain is 340 meters high. And the white streaks of salt on the body of the mountain form a stunningly beautiful view from the distance.

Qeshm Salt Cave - Iran

The cave’s colorful sedimentary layers and white walls have created eye-catching views for visitors. And they sparkle in the light of your headlight. The presence of layers of salt deposits and various minerals have given a colorful effect to the cave mouth. And each layer hides a part of the ancient antiquity of the earth within it.


Namakdan Salt Cave ,Qeshm, Iran

Inside The Qeshm Namakdan Salt Cave

Upon entering the cave and making some progress, you will see the floor covered with crystalline salt. This beautiful flooring accompanies the stalactites inside the cave and creates an incredible white view. There are also pink, purple, blue, and crimson red crystals. The unfamiliar cracky sound, caused by stepping on the salt crystals, when walking through the cave is kind of amazing.

Qeshm Salt Cave - Iran

There are also streams of saltwater at the bottom of the cave which is wonderful. This water flow in the heart of Namakdan Mountain is a permanent underground flow and opens its way out of the cave. The saltwater stream gathers in a natural white pool at the foot of the mountain that seems like a spring.

Qeshm Salt Cave - Iran

Sometimes the saltwater in the cave reflects the images like a mirror and creates a beautiful and unique view. The main bed of the spring has a red color and you can see the red mud sediments in it. Iron oxide compounds, especially hematite are the other Sediments.

Qeshm Salt Cave - Iran

The roof of the cave has a beautiful structure and is covered by crystal stalactites that have different shapes. The humidity of the island air and the infiltration of water in the cave cause the saturated saltwater to drip on the body of the stalactites. And this is why the formation of these stalactites are always in progress.

Investigations On The Namkadan Salt Cave

Qeshm Salt Cave - Iran

The salt of Qeshm Namakdan Cave is medical and has various therapeutic uses. The compounds of the salt are rich in magnesium. They say spending time in the cave is beneficial to respiratory patients and help them to recover better. Moreover, professional athletes use the salt in the form of capsules. So if you are tempted to taste the salt it is ok because it is edible.

Where Is Namakdan Salt Cave?

Qeshm Salt Cave - Iran

This cave is located in the south of our country, Hormozgan Province, Qeshm Island in the Persian Gulf. It is 90 kilometers away to the west of Qeshm city. After you pass by the Qeshm Airport you need to go on 60 more kilometers, then you will enter a relatively suitable road, which leads you to the mouth of the cave. You need to hike the last 300 meters.




Namakdan Salt Cave ,Qeshm, Iran

Some Precautions Before You Visit Namakdan Cave

There might be some precautions you wish to know before visiting Namakdan Salt cave. You can easily walk up to 100 meters into the cave and enjoy seeing the salt chandeliers. But the rest of the way becomes difficult to cross. Further 20 meters into the cave, it is dark and you need to have a flashlight to go on.

Qeshm Salt Cave - Iran

If you want to be more adventurous and dig deeper into the cave make sure you are doing it with an expert guide. There might be tiny insects in the cave that can be annoying for you so you can get a mask with you maybe. And finally, I hope you are not afraid of bats, owing to the fact that you might also hear their sound in the cave.

The Best Time To Visit Namakdan Cave

Qeshm Salt Cave - Iran

As the south of Iran had a hot climate, fall and winter would be the best seasons of the year to visit the southern parts of Iran including Qeshm and the other islands of the Persian Gulf.

Qeshm Island - Iran

Final Words

Anyways, Iran Salt Cave is a really good place for adventure and photography. So if you are visiting Qeshm make sure you do not miss it. Qeshm Island is nominated as UNESCO Global Geopark. So as the name conveys there is a lot to discover in its beautiful nature. If you wish you can take a look at our Qeshm tours to explore this magnificent island. And good news, it is Ok for tourists to visit the Iranian Persian Gulf Islands without applying for Iran visa for 14 days.

And to finish, let me thank you for joining us on this short trip to this incredibly beautiful cave. I hope you have enjoyed reading about it. If so please let us know in the comments. And in case you need any more information we will be glad to hear from you.



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