Iranians have a culture of exchanging gifts with their kith & kin. There are plenty of occasions during which they like to celebrate their customary gatherings & visits, and exchange gifts. They are lovely and kind, and always eager to express their kindness and love towards foreign visitors. There is no doubt that receiving gifts makes them so happy. You may buy your gifts from Iran for the Iranian people. In this case, you will have lots of options inside Iran that you reach your purpose. But if you have planned to bring some gifts from your own country, you may bring souvenirs from your city. Items like handy crafts, traditional clothes, traditional foods if possible, different kinds of tea, postal cards and photo books about the place you live, are some good options. The gifts may vary, depending on the family or friend you are going to visit. At the same time, there is no limitation or a specific framework for giving a gift to Iranians, you may try anything you like, as it will be welcomed with warmth. It is not much important, how much you want to pay for the gift, as a more important gift is considered as a goodwill gesture by Iranian. With a big possibility, you may receive back a gift in case you give a gift.

Something common for both men and women

Far from the fact that you are visiting a woman or a man or a family, you can always have some common gifts option for Iranian. Any souvenir from your country can be interesting as a gift. Fresh flowers, that you need to get them inside Iran for sure, are considered as the nice gifts for Iranian. Good quality chocolate bars and cookies, especially if you are bringing them from your country, are the second good option. For young people like college students & scholars, books can be the best choice. Paintings also can work as nice gifts. If you know that you visit a family, house decorative stuff, like frames, rugs, kitchen utensils are also welcomed. Dry fruits and fresh fruit are also on this list.

Something common for both men and womenFor women and girls

One of the favorite things that women are interested in, is jewelry. It can be artificial modern pieces of jewelry or it can be gold. In the second case, it is going to cost you a good amount. Some of the Iranian women are in love with the gold stuff, and it is a common gift especially in wedding celebrations.  But definitely, they do not expect it from travelers. Clothes are also the next option for women and girls, especially if it is a good brand from your county. There are certain codes about the dress & outfits of women that you should know. Women have to follow these dress codes in Iran for wearing an outfit in public. Clothes should not be sleeveless if it is an outfit. However, women can wear more open and less conservative dress inside the houses, so it can be anything and no limitation for that. They include shirts, tops, skirts, scarfs, gym clothes, or any other thing that attracts a woman. The third option for ladies is the makeup stuff. Any makeup kit can be good for young ladies or even for the middle age ladies, as women put on lots of makeup in Iran. Different kinds of makeup creams can be considered nice presents for young ladies. A small purse can also work for girls. Do not forget about perfume.

For men

Options for men are less, compared to women. This might be somehow true in most parts of the world. Men might like more practical stuff. So the kinds of gifts that they can use in daily routine are nice options for them. Wallet, belt, shaving kit, shirt, coat, perfume, and wristwatch, are some nice gifts for Iranian men.

For children:

Girl kids are in love with girl toys. Boys like to play with toy cars. Sports stuff including, ball, badminton rocket, chess & educational fun book is so good for the children. School stuff like a booklet, color pencils, highlighters, are the other choices. Computer games are high on demand among the new generations.

What are the best occasions for giving gifts?

Iranian new year called ” Nowruz, The Persian New Year” is the biggest holiday and happy occasion of the year. People make each other happy by giving different gifts as mentioned above, and also, they give Monterey gifts like banknotes or cash. Religious festivals are the times when people show their love and kindness to each other especially on the birthdays of great people called twelve “Imams”. Mostly cookies called” Shrini” are served in family gatherings or in public gatherings. The first visit is also the best time to give gifts to Iranians. Evenings are the best time in a day to visit a friend in case you are not invited for lunch or dinner. Birthday parties are another option for sharing happiness with friends.


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