Iranians have a culture of exchanging gifts with their kith & kin. There are plenty of occasions during which they like to celebrate their customary gatherings & visits, and exchange gifts. They are lovely and kind, and always eager to express their kindness and love towards foreign visitors. There is no doubt that receiving gifts makes them so happy. So in case you are wondering whether to bring a gift for Iranians or not, the answer is yes. Keep on reading if you are invited to an Iranian’s house or you want to bring souvenirs for your Iranian friends.

Bringing Gifts for Iranians From Your Hometown or Buying in Iran

You may buy your gifts from Iran for the Iranian people. In this case, you will have lots of options inside Iran that you can reach your purpose. But if you have planned to bring some gifts from your own country, you may bring souvenirs from your city. Items like handy crafts, traditional clothes, traditional foods if possible, different kinds of tea, postal cards and photo books about the place you live, are some good options.

The gifts may vary, depending on the person you are going to visit, how close you are, and the reason you are getting the gift. It can be without any reason and that melts Iranians hearts to receive a gift just out of the blue. At the same time, there is no limitation or a specific framework for giving a gift to Iranians. You may try anything you like, as it will be welcomed with warmth. It is not that important how much you want to pay for the gift; what is more important is that the gift is considered as a goodwill gesture by Iranians. With a big possibility, you may receive back a gift in case you give a gift.

Common Gifts in Iran

Far from the fact that you are visiting a woman or a man or a family, you can always have some common gift options for Iranians. Any souvenir from your country can be interesting as a gift. Fresh Iran flowers, which you need to get inside Iran for sure. Flowers are considered a nice gift for Iranians, like other places in the world. Good quality chocolate bars and cookies, especially if you are bringing them from your country, are the second good option. For young people like college students & scholars, books can be the best choice. Paintings also can work as nice gifts. If you know that you visit a family, house decorative stuff, like frames, Persian rugs, kitchen utensils are also welcomed. Dry fruits and fresh fruit are also on this list.

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Something common for both men and women

Want to Buy a Gift for Iranian Women? Not as Hard as You Think

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend with no doubt (not all the girls of course!). Women always enjoy a nice piece of jewelry and it doesn’t have to be expensive necessarily.  It can be artificial modern pieces of jewelry or it can be gold. In the second case, it is going to cost you a great amount. So be careful about what you are buying and who are buying a gift for. However, giving gold as a gift is mostly common in wedding celebrations.

Clothes are the next option for Iranian women and girls, especially if it is a good brand from your hometown. There are certain codes about the dress and outfits of women that you should know. Women have to follow Iran dress codes for wearing an outfit in public. However, you can bring everything including T-shirts, tops, skirts, scarves, gym clothes, or any other piece of clothing.

The third option for ladies is the makeup stuff. Any makeup kit can be good for young ladies or even for the middle age ladies. Most Iranian women put on lots of makeup. Different kinds of makeup creams can be considered nice presents for young ladies. A small purse can also work for girls. Do not forget about perfume. However, these are only some suggestions and it doesn’t suit everyone since people have different personalities. You can see what your friends like and how they dress so you can buy the best gift for your Iranian female friends.

Buying Gifts for Iranian Men – Simplest Thing to Do

Buying gifts for men seems a little bit harder not only in Iran, but in most parts of the world. Men might like more practical stuff. So the kinds of gifts that they can use in their daily routine may be the best option for them. Wallet, belt, shaving kit, shirt, T-shirt, coat, perfume, and watch, are some of the gifts you can get for Iranian men.

What to Give to Kids to See the Joy

Girls are in love with dolls and boys like to play with toy cars. It’s a cliche and it isn’t true about each child. However, all kids enjoy toys, that’s for sure. So you can stop by every toy shop in the world, and just trust your heart. Balls, board games, and children’s books can also be good options. School stuff like a booklet or colored pencils are the other choices you have. Computer games are high in demand among the new generations of course.

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You can ask the parents as well to know what is best to buy as a gift. However, you may get a negative answer from the parents, but that is something in Iranian culture known as “Taarof”. Briefly, it just means to be polite and not to accept what is offered or offer something. The concept of Taarof means to say no or to offer something but not because you really mean it, it just simply means being polite. For example, if an Iranian is eating and they see someone familiar, they say “have a bite”. The other person should politely reject and say “Bon appetite!”.

What Are the Best Occasions to Give Gifts to Iranians?

Iranian new year called ” Nowruz, The Persian New Year” is the biggest holiday and the most important occasion of the year. People make each other happy by giving different gifts as mentioned above. But in Nowruz, it is most common to give banknotes or cash. Religious festivals are the times when people show their love and kindness to each other especially on the birthdays of the Imams of Islam or Eid days in the Persian calendar. Birthdays are another occasion that you can give gifts to your Iranian friends.

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