Finding a place to eat in Tehran is not a difficult task typically, because the big and crowded capital of Iran, which is one of the most modern cities in the middle east, has many restaurants and eateries,  and anywhere you go especially in sightseeing and around tourist attractions, you will encounter plenty nice and tempting eating places, but “what is the quality of these restaurants?” and “Do you really want to eat there?” are questions you would probably ask yourself before having a chance to try the food and meet the atmosphere.

Let’s dive into the details of the best restaurants in Tehran that are more popular among the people and tourists, the ones that satisfied travelers and have the seal of approval of most customers, and they have even written positive comments about them.

1.Taj Mahal Restaurant

Taj Mahal Restaurant

The Indian and Gilaki restaurant, which is one of the best restaurants in Tehran and is open to the public, is one of the attractions of the Taj Mahal hotel, one of the few hotels that was established in Tehran in 2001 in accordance with the architecture and culture of India.

The brilliant red color that is utilized throughout the Taj Mahal restaurant draws your attention straight away as you walk in. The restaurant is also quite quiet, with soft lighting, and has an oriental odor.

When you arrive, staff members from Iran and India will welcome you and direct you to the part you choose. A woman wearing a lovely Indian dress leaves a Bindi for women if requested.

The menu includes Indian bread, spicy Indian soups, Tandoori, rice, and other Indian dishes.

Looking at the menu, you will notice that the variety of Indian food might come across as confusing especially if you are not familiar with Indian food and there are many attractive options in front of you that you would like to try.

2.Yas Restaurant

hani restaurant

Yas restaurant in Tehran is one of the most luxurious and one of the best restaurants in the capital, which is located on the old Valiasr street. A 150-year-old restaurant that has a special place among people and restaurant owners by offering a variety of Iranian and foreign dishes.

Yas Restaurant is located exactly in front of the main entrance of the famous Mellat Park and welcomes guests on two separate floors. We must say that this restaurant is more suitable for business and formal meetings and is not considered a suitable option for friendly and informal gatherings.

Regarding the decoration of Yas restaurant, we can safely say that this restaurant with a very luxurious and modern environment is one of the best in this area.

The very elegant and beautiful table and chairs were chosen in harmony with the color of the environment, the special and unique chandelier hanging from the ceiling, and the photo frames sitting on the wall prove this factor. Therefore, by entering Yas restaurant in Tehran and seeing this wonderful and unique atmosphere, you will be sure of your choice as a good and stylish restaurant.

If you would like to know about dining establishments, look no further! Our article compiles a list of the best restaurants in Iran based on the glowing reviews of travelers on TripAdvisor.

3.Malek Cafe & Restaurant

Malek Cafe & Restaurant

Well-located in the quiet pedestrian area just opposite the Ferdowsi International Grand Hotel, Malek Cafe offers delicious food at a reasonable price. The very nice ambiance and friendly staff make it the place to go to enjoy a good meal in Tehran’s city Centre.

This historical structure, which is almost 90 years old, belonged to a Qajar-era nobility (dynasty era). The café offers salads, breakfast, sandwiches, hot and cold drinks, and both indoor and outdoor seating.

Interestingly the names of the drinks are very unusual; cold drinks are after famous Qajar ladies like Mahboob Al-Saltanah and Aziz Al-Sultan, and the names of hot drinks are named after male characters of that era like Mushir Al-Dawlah and Mostofi Al-Mamalak.


best restaurants in Tehran(Alborz)

The late “Barmas” founded the Alborz restaurant in 1346 SH. From the beginning, the goal of Alborz restaurant was to provide food of the best quality and raise the standard of work in this class. This restaurant was moved to its current location in 1350 SH.

In the years when new management systems and quality and health standards did not have many places in the restaurant business, Chelokababi of Alborz restaurant was trying to implement the new management system in its work. HACCP systems, management systems, ISO, the use of health professionals, and sending people abroad to attend specialized courses, are all among the things in which Alborz Restaurant is a pioneer.

Today, Alborz Restaurant serves its customers with more than 120 specialized staff, two reception halls, and a VIP hall, more determined and cohesive than before. Alborz Restaurant is one of the oldest and best restaurants in Tehran.

The name of Alborz restaurant is known among many people as the best and most expensive chelokababi in Tehran. Alborz restaurant which is rarely found in Tehran without hearing its name, is very famous for its 50 cm kebabs. A variety of kebabs and Chelo kebabs (rice and kebab), steaks, schnitzels, and a number of seafood are served in this restaurant.

5.Shandiz Restaurant

shandiz jordan

If you’re one of those individuals who like taking “restaurant tours,” you’ll likely find it interesting to learn about the Shandiz restaurant on Africa Street (also known as Jordan), which is considered to be one of the best restaurants in Tehran to dine and offers some of the tastiest kebabs in the city.

The staff at Shandiz Restaurant would be happy to show you to your table as soon as you arrive. The restaurant has a nice entrance. Despite the fact that the tables are somewhat close together, the restaurant’s interior is quite nice.

The Shashlik kebab and muscle dish of Shandiz restaurant are unmatched, and once you try it, the taste will stay with you forever.

The fashionable and classy environment of the restaurant, along with the eye-catching decorations and the respectful and sincere behavior of its staff, has made Shandiz restaurant a special place for important parties and occasions.

6.Dizi Restauran

best restaurants in Tehran

One of the most classic Persian foods, dizi, is still highly regarded by Iranians and also visitors from other countries. On Iranshahr Street in Tehran, the Dizi Sara restaurant is well known for its mouthwatering Dizi and has a large following on the basis of being one of the best restaurants in Tehran.

The decor is traditional with a preference for epic Persian tales, and you can see little murals towering tall on the walls.

Dizi here serves in Stoneware dishes with regular appetizers such as yogurt, pickles, olives, etc. Dizi is a bit expensive here, but it is one of the most popular and high-quality ones in Tehran to eat.

7.Sky Lounge – Fusion Restaurant

best restaurants in Tehran

On level 21 of the Espinas Palace hotel lies the Sky Lounge Fusion restaurant. The Milad tower and the city of Tehran are both visible from this magnificent and fashionable restaurant, which is located in one of Tehran’s highest areas and serves superb meals.

The restaurant is elegantly decorated inside, and the personnel conducts themselves with the appropriate level of respect for a five-star hotel and restaurant.

It is better to book your table before going to the restaurant. The capacity of the tables on the terrace is limited and definitely needs to be reserved.

On Fridays, from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM, lunch is in the form of a buffet. They have more luxury foods such as Caviar and Sushi. There is also a tasting table, salad bar, fruit, and dessert, with a very exciting tiramisu, carrot cake, and chocolate mousse. The prices in this restaurant are very high and of course, one should not expect otherwise from such a Chic and luxurious atmosphere.

8.Hani Restaurant

hani restaurant

Hani restaurant is considered one of the most popular and of course the best restaurants in Tehran, which is located in the market area and Qiyam square, but despite this, different customers from all corners of Tehran come to it for a delicious meal.

This restaurant has now become one of the prominent and reliable brands in the field of semi-prepared food production and exports its packaged foods abroad. It is not bad to know that the popular cooking series is also based on the story of this restaurant! Of course, there is no need to worry, despite this amount of fame and quality of food, the price of Hani restaurant’s menu is excellent and affordable.

9.Persian Plaza Restaurant

Persian plaza restaurant

A newly established hotel shines around Sohrevardi Street, which has fascinated tourists and travelers who travel to Tehran. If you are planning a business or tourism trip to Tehran, the Persian Plaza Tehran Hotel is a great choice.

This hotel is one of the buildings that attract the eyes of every passerby in Tehran. The idea of the suitability of the hotel is realized from the moment you arrive and see the experienced and smiling staff at the hotel; Because despite its attractive restaurants and cafes, it will offer you the best accommodation and the most delicious food.

We go to the most intimate part of the hotel and treat ourselves to a lovely snack. The coffee shop of the Persian Plaza Tehran Hotel lobby has been designed in an attractive and pleasant way that, in addition to the feeling of relaxation it gives you, it has prepared a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere.

You can feel this from the good feeling you get from the vase and green space of the hotel. Green space, along with the hotel’s professional decoration, has created a cozy and intimate environment, which has made it one of the best places for friendly gatherings and business meetings.

10.Nayeb Restaurant

nayeb restaurant

Nayeb Restaurant is probably the most established café in Tehran and has many branches all over Tehran; however, the best one is situated in Vozara. The kebab-e barg (sheep filet) is suggested. The menu has various kebabs like Soltani, Koobideh, and Bakhtiary that mostly incline toward Koobideh.

The administrations are flawless, and the cost is a bit high; however, the food is worth the effort. Assuming that you don’t eat meat, this eatery isn’t appropriate. Nayeb café offers genuine Iranian food, and you certainly would partake in its incredible vibe.

11.Heeva Cafe Kebab

Heeva cafe Kebab is one of the oldest and most well-known places to eat in Tajrish, Tehran, in the eyes of locals and tourists and is most importantly a good choice as an Iranian restaurant.

This restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Tehran, where you can take your friends, family, and foreign guests and be sure that everyone will thank you later. In this kebab cafe, a world of attractive taste and seasoning is awaiting you. Obviously, the main dish is kebab, which will be served to you in different shapes, decorations, and seasonings.

You can expect freshly baked small slices of bread, cheese with attractive ingredients, and a shot of an appetizing drink that will prepare you to enjoy a delicious food press.

12.SPU Restaurant

One of the most renowned eateries in the Darakeh district is SPU Restaurant, which unquestionably delivers delicious meals.

Although this restaurant’s Kabab Koobideh and Kabab Barg, two Persian traditional meals, are excellent, the Shishlik Kebab is the suggested dish.

The restaurant has parking spaces and a pleasant atmosphere. In a large area, there are separate pavilions that provide a friendly and cozy corner for you to sit in and enjoy your food. Despite having several large halls, long lines in front of the restaurant are common and it is still one of the best places to eat in Darakeh, Tehran.

What Food is Tehran Known for?

There are many foods in Tehran that are famous but the two most famous ones are Kebab and Aabgoosht.

Does Iran Have Restaurants?

There are many restaurants and food-serving places in Iran to which you can refer to having food.

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