Tabriz, The City of Pioneers

Tabriz Travel Guide

Being one of the crucial cities of Iran, Tabriz has its significance from various aspects including economic, cultural, political, and historical importance. The people in Tabriz are Turks and despite the fact that Persian is the official language in Iran, they speak Turkish in their daily lives even in schools.

What to Do in Tabriz? 

The innumerable museums and natural sites like Blue Mosque, Grand Bazaar of Tabriz, Arg-e Tabriz, and El Goli Park are a must to visit. Note that Tabriz is well-known for its delicious foods as well. In case you are not a vegetarian, you will be mesmerized by the tasty kebabs. So, get ready to put on a couple of pounds! Koofteh Tabrizi, Ashe Mast, and Dolma are other delicious foods you must try while visiting Tabriz.

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If you are a sweet tooth, a great variety of sweets like Baklava, Nougha, and Loz are awaiting you in Tabriz. If you are an adventure seeker, Eynali Mountain Range is a must-see in Tabriz. You should also make a visit to the surrounding villages and cities. Kandovan is a famous stepped village in Iran in which every house’s roof is the upper house’s yard. The architecture of this village is quite ingenious and it is only a one-hour drive from Tabriz. Jolfa is also another nearby city that is typically known for being on the border to Armenia and its pleasant weather and mesmerizing landscape.St Stephanos Monastery is one of the main sites of Jolfa.

When is the Best Time to Visit Tabriz?

Being located in the northwest of Iran, Tabriz has pleasant summers and harsh winters. So, if you are not a fan of snow and cold weather, we recommend making your visit during spring and summer to enjoy the beauties of its untouched landscape.

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Babak Castle and Arasbaran Forests

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Babak Castle and Arasbaran Forests

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Historical and Cultural Attractions to Visit in Tabriz

1. Tabriz Historical Bazaar

Tabriz Bazaar is one of the largest historical bazaars in the world. In this market, you have access to a wide variety of goods and products, from Tabriz carpets to various spices and medicinal herbs. I assure you, you will enjoy exploring this traditional market with its special atmosphere.

2. Tabriz Blue Mosque

Blue Mosque - Tabriz - IranIt is one of the 4 blue mosques in the world that attracts attention with its unique azure tiles. The Blue Mosque, which is also known as the turquoise of the Islamic world, is one of the most important attractions of Tabriz. And a trip to this city is not complete without visiting it.

3. Arg-e-Alishah

Arg-e-Alishah is the tallest brick building in Tabriz. It is one of the relics of the Ilkhanate period in this city as well. They also know that as Taq-e Alishah (Alishah Arch) or Arg-e Tabriz (Tabriz Citadel). The most important feature of the Alishah Citadel is its large arch. The arch has a width greater than Taq Kasra – Ctesiphon. So, with this feature, it is distinguished from other historical monuments of Iran.

4. Sa’at (Clock) Square

Clock square is the most famous historical square of Tabriz. It is one of the most notable symbols of this city, too. It is because of the municipal clock tower in the square that they call it so. By sightseeing in Sa’at Square, you can easily access various historical attractions such as the municipality building, Alisha Citadel, etc. Furthermore, you can visit and purchase in the city’s famous shopping centers such as Tarbiat Street, Tabriz Bazaar, etc.

5. Maqbarat-o-sho’ara or Tomb of the Poets

The Tomb of the Poets is the tomb of more than four hundred Iranian poets and writers. The most known ones are Master Shahriyar, Khaghani, etc. On top of that, with its interesting architecture and atmosphere, it is one of the cultural symbols of Tabriz.Maqbarat-o-sho'ara - Tabriz - Iran

Museums to Visit in Tabriz

1. Tabriz Municipality Museum Palace

in 1936 they started constructing the building of Tabriz Municipality. The building is 6500 square meters on a 9600 square meters land. It has three floors. This beautiful building has a clock tower with a height of 30.4 meters. Surprisingly, for the last 70 years, this clock has been ringing every 15 minutes. Tabriz Municipality Palace is located in the middle of the city in a square called Saat Square.

Inside the building, there is the museum. When you enter the museum, you will see objects belonging to the first municipality of Tabriz. There are valuable objects and documents that show the culture and art of the people of this city.

2. Azerbaijan Museum

Azerbaijan Museum is the largest museum in Tabriz and is also known as the second-best archeological museum in Iran. By visiting the Azerbaijan Museum, you can enjoy a unique collection from the Achaemenid period to the Qajar period.

3. Qajar Museum

They opened this museum in one of the famous houses of Tabriz, the house of Amir Nezam Garroosy. Qajar Museum is also one of the most beautiful historic houses in this city. In the Museum, you can see a variety of objects such as coins, old woven fabrics, musical instruments, weapons, documents, etc., and explore the past.

The Best Recreational Attractions in Tabriz

1. Shahgoli or El Goli

El Goli - Tabriz - Iran

If you are looking for the main tourist and recreational attraction of Tabriz it’s Shah Goli. There are various sights and entertainments such as the delightful pool and the magnificent mansion, skating rink, mini-golf course, etc.

Besides, they have good facilities for tourists in this park to have a great time. . The pleasant atmosphere in El Goli is not comparable to any other place in Tabriz.

2. Eynali Mountain

Eynali Mountain is the second main tourist and recreational attraction of the city. And it is one of the most prominent mountaineering areas in Tabriz. The Tabriz cable car, zip line, and hot mud artificial lake are only a small part of Eynali’s sights and entertainment. Plus, it is good to know that Eynali Mountain is one of the best places in Tabriz to take a selfie with a very beautiful view of the whole city.

3. Shahriar Paved Pass

One of the best choices for shopping and sightseeing in Tabriz is Shahriar paved pass. The locals call it the Champs-Élysées of Tabriz. The shopping centers and luxury shops along with numerous cafes and restaurants have made this walking paved pass an attractive option to enjoy your time in this special city. Also, the beautiful lighting across the pass has made it an attractive option for sightseeing at night.

4. Baghlar Baghi Amusement Park

Baghlar Baghi is one of the parks of Tabriz. It’s the major amusement park in the city. There are lots of various recreational parts including a carousel, ranger, roller coaster, UFO, etc.

5. Laleh Park; Tabriz Commercial and Entertainment ComplexLaleh Park - Tabriz - Iran

This complex is one of the best shopping centers in the city. It has become very famous as the largest, most modern, and most equipped commercial center in the northwest of the country. In this complex, in addition to access to a variety of goods and brands of the day, you can use different sections of this complex such as hypermarket, children’s joy park, food court, cinema, etc.

Food in Tabriz

Tabriz is a food paradise. one of the first things to do in Tabriz is to try Bonab Kebab, Kufteh Tabrizi, Dolma, Ash-e doogh, Qhorabieh, their traditional bread with butter, and trail mix. Of course, eating the most special street food of Tabriz, boiled potato and egg with butter and spices in El Goli Park is a must-try! Yummy 🙂

Important Attractions around Tabriz

1. Sahand Mountain

Sahand volcanic mountain is located in Maragheh city of West Azerbaijan province. This peak is 3707 meters high. Sabalan is particularly beautiful due to the abundance of flora, meadows, flowers, and pastures. That’s why they call it the bride of the mountains of Iran. The slops of this mountain represent a stunning view with the desert anemones and hyacinths growing on them. Surprisingly, the rare species of inverted tulips add to their spectacular beauty.

Sahand Mountain - Tabriz - IranNative and migratory birds, numerous mammals, and rare and diverse aquatic species also live in this mountain. Further, Sahand Mountain is one of the main sources of agriculture, animal husbandry, and beekeeping in this region(Iran destinations).

2. Payam Ski Resort in Marand

Payam ski resort is the oldest one in the northwest of the country. It is one of the sights of East Azerbaijan province in winter due to its cold weather and heavy snow. They opened the Payam ski resort in 1970 on 30-hectare land. And fortunately, since then every year lots of tourists and athletes visit this place to enjoy the skiing, recreation, and various sports competitions.

3. Kandovan Rocky Village

Kandovan(things to do in Tabriz) is one of the few rock villages in the world where still the locals live. And it’s the same thing that makes it much more attractive, locals living in the rocky houses. The lifestyle of the people of Kandovan is different from many villages in Iran.

The climate, natural and mountainous environment of the village are other reasons to visit this amazing village.

Kandovan Rocky Village - Tabriz - Iran

4. Zonuzaq Village

The unique architecture of Zonuzaq is much the same as what you might have in mind of the stepped houses of Masouleh in Gilan. Or maybe the red houses of Abyaneh in Isfahan. Zonuzaq is the largest stepped village in Iran. In summer, the rooftops will be mind-blowing. Why? It’s all because of the apricots the locals put there to dry under the sun. This is the most famous and delicious feature of this village. 😀

5. Ushtabin Village

The historical village of Ushtabin dates back to the Safavid period. You can find it in Jolfa city. Ushtabin village is located next to the border river, Aras. They call it the Masuleh of Azerbaijan. The village is one of the sights of East Azerbaijan province with its unique stepped architecture and numerous historical monuments.

6. Saint Stepanos Monastery

The exact date of construction of Saint Stepanos Monastery is still shrouded in mystery. But the oldest documents go back to 649 AD. This monastery is a historic church in the heart of the mountains, on the south of the Aras River. It is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Saint Stepanos Monastery is the second most important Armenian church in Iran after Qarah Church (Saint Thaddeus Cathedral).

7. Zahhak Castle

Zahhak Castle - Tabriz - Iran

Zahak Castle (Persian Citadels) is one of the incredible historical castles of Hashtrud city. According to researchers, it is reminiscent of Shahnameh stories. Because Zahhak is a figure in Persian mythology.

This fort is one of the beautiful areas and sights of East Azerbaijan province. It’s a  place that combines nature and history together. And finally, this historical monument dates back to the Parthian and Sassanid eras.

8. Urmia Lake

Urmia Lake is one of the most well-known natural attractions in Iran. This lake is the largest lake in Iran and the second saltwater lake in the world. It is an attractive destination for bird watching especially during the bird migration season. That’s when you can see different species of them there.

Unfortunately, By the first decade of the 21st century, the lake had begun to dry up. And it has lost about 88 percent of its area by now.


What does Tabriz have to offer?
Tabriz has many historical and natural attractions you can’t even imagine. In addition, it has delicious foods you can’t see anywhere else in the world.
What is Tabriz known for?
Besides the delicious Koofteh, Tabriz is best known for Tabriz Bazaar, El Goli Park, Arg-e Tabriz, and Blu Mosque.
What kind of special food does Tabriz have?
Tabriz’s amazing special foods include Koofteh Tabrizi, Yeprakh Dolmasi, Ash-e Mast, and Ash-e Shile Adas.
Where should I go in Tabriz?
By walking in its streets, you will just breathe in the beauties of Tabriz. It has a lot to show you.

How many people live in Tabriz?
The population of Tabriz in 2020 is 1,611,000 people.
What kind of transportation is better to be taken in Tabriz?
The best transportation to use in Tabriz is a taxi.
Should we expect to see night life in Tabriz?
Tabriz is a city you can enjoy every time of the day.

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