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Tabriz, East Azerbaijan Province, Iran


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Tour type: Daily Tour
Duration: 3 Hours
Maximum number of people: 20
Location: Tabriz


Tabriz Free Walking Tour

Visit Tabriz downtown. Don’t waste your time by searching best of Tabriz attractions any more. We’ve already prepared best of them in a few hours tour and bring you to the profound culture, art and architecture of the historical Tabriz.

What you’ll see in this tour:

Tabriz Municipality Palace also known as Sa’at tower, Blue Mosque, Khaghani garden, Tabriz Firefighting tower also known as Yanghyn tower, a part of Tabriz grand Bazaar, Tarbiyat street, Arg of Tabriz and one or two of  historical houses.

Tour starts at 10 A.M. from Sa’aat sq in front of municipality building.

How long does the tour last?

The tour starts everyday at 10 AM & Usually around 3 hours, more or less. In the winter, slightly less. The length of the tour depends on numerous factors such as size of the group, number of questions, how fast we walk etc.

By reservation ONLY . Send us your request via booking in our website | sending a message via Facebook or a Whatsapp message to  +989142170857

And as with all free walking tours around the world, you pay the guide as much as you want, as a tip.

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