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Tabriz Free Walking Tour

Tabriz, East Azerbaijan Province, Iran

Join us in our popular free walking tour of Tabriz where you will walk around the central parts of the city and get a taste of its rich history and culture. Appreciate the historical landmarks of Tabriz as you walk in its old neighborhoods. Get lost in the grand bazaar of Tabriz, a massive middle-eastern bazaar where you can find almost everything. You can find cheap deals on flights to Tehran on our website.

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    Daily Tour

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    3 Hours

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Tabriz Free Walking Tour

Our popular Tabriz Free Walking tour is the best way to explore the central parts of Tabriz on feet. This tour starts at 10 in the morning and usually lasts around 3 hours. We start our tour right in front of the Tabriz municipality building in Sa’at square.

On this tour, we will visit a number of Tabriz’s most famous attractions. Landmarks like Sa’at Tower, Blue Mosque, Khaghani Garden, Tabriz Firefighting Tower (Yanghyn Tower), parts of Tabriz Grand Bazaar, Tarbiat Street, Arg-e Tabriz and based on availability one or two historical houses. The grand bazaar of Tabriz is one of the oldest and largest covered bazaars in the world.

Tabriz free walking tour is an excellent opportunity to explore the best of what Tabriz has to offer to visitors. This tour is performed by reservation only.

As with all free walking tours around the world, you tip the guide as much as you want at the end of the tour.


Location: Sa'at Square
Time: 10:00


Location: Sa'at Square
Time: 13:00

Tour Highlights

Sa’at Tower
Blue Mosque
Khaghani Garden
Yanghyn Tower
Tabriz Grand Bazaar

What You Can Expect

People Watching
Everyday Life of Locals
Walking in the Old City

Physical Rating

1 Out of 5

Age Group



Starting our tour from Sa'at Square in Tabriz
Visiting the famous attractions of Tabriz including Sa'at Tower, Blue Mosque, Khaghani Garden, Tabriz Firefighting Tower (Yanghyn Tower), parts of Tabriz Grand Bazaar, Tarbiat Street, Arg-e Tabriz and based on availability one or two historical houses
Ending the tour around 13:00


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Free 3 Hours

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