Have you ever heard anything about the city of windcatchers? A city where there is a Zoroastrian fire temple and its fire which hasn’t gone down for years? A mudbrick old town with picturesque views everywhere you look around? If not, let me welcome you to the UNESCO World Heritage Site recognized city of Yazd.

What is Interesting About the City of Windcatchers

Located 270 km southeast of Isfahan, you’ll get to the fabulous city of windcatchers with a hot desert climate. Yazd is surrounded by desert so it’s no surprise that it is the driest major city in Iran. As the moment you enter the city, you get to see one common thing everywhere in Yazd: unique Persian architecture. This mud brick city is mostly known for its qanats (underground channels), Windcatchers, rugs, Termeh, and special kinds of sweets which are known as “Shirini Yazdi” all over Iran.

Amir Chakhmagh Complex - Yazd
Camel Riding Yazd Desert - Iran Budget Tour | TAP Persia

Why Visiting Yazd

Water museum, Jame Mosque of Yazd, Zoroastrian Fire Temple, Dowlat Abad Garden, and more traditional sites make Yazd a necessary destination for any tourist visiting Iran.

Yazd is a city which still has its historical style. Even the hotels are designed as the traditional houses of Yazd which have a vibrant atmosphere with a pond in the middle, and the rooms around it. The city of Yazd has always been famous for the quality of its silk and carpet. So don’t think twice if you are willing to buy a carpet or rug. Just choose which one you love the best and buy it as a souvenir. Look out for rooftop access for some unforgettable views and bask in the beauties of Yazd. You’ll see some of the best scenes for a lifetime experience.

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