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The historical and ancient Yazd is renowned for its unique and ingenious architectures and houses. Due to the harsh summers and the intolerable weather during this season, people have applied methods and innovations by which they can minimize the severity and enlist methods to keep the weather in the city and houses pleasant. That is why there are well-known universal architecture seminars and courses held in Yazd. There are so many Persian architectural elements used in the city that are a suited indicator of their ingenuity and creativity in architecture. Qanat (underground water networks) Badgir (wind tower), Gowdal Baghche (a Persian characteristic of yards), Sabat, Gozar, and Abanbar (water storage) are some of the architectural characteristics implemented in Yazd. The attractive Yazdi dialect is another representative of Yazd’s uniqueness and originality which is conserved. There are so many original Persian words only preserved through this dialect.

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What to Do in Yazd?

Yazd is the cradle of art in Iran and offers numerous attractions for travelers. Yazd Jame Mosque, Amir Chakhmaq Complex, Dowlat Abad Garden, and Alexander Prison. D not miss out on the Karakal Desert, Chak Chak, and Meybod out of the town as well.
Besides, it is a Persian culture reservoir. To put it differently, people of Yazd have preserved their rituals, customs, and cultures for a long time. In order to gain a better perspective of the city, just wander around the alleys and get in touch with local people to sense their lifestyles and personalities. Additionally, you will have the chance of watching men doing ancient Persian sports called “Varzesh-e Pahlavani
It is also a great embodiment of cultural diversity at which people from different religions live together in peace. Zoroastrianism and Judaism are living with peace aside from Muslims. That is why, Yazd is a perfect destination to follow and visit Zoroastrians events and festivals. Atashkade ( Varham Zoroastrian Fire Temple) is said to have a fire burning since 470 AD and Yazd Tower of Silence are two prominent Zoroastrian sites you must visit.

When is the Best Time to Visit Yazd?

Right in the heart of the desert, Yazd is better to be visited in autumn or spring. It is not a very big city, so various sightseeing are away from each other within a walking distance.

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What does Yazd have to offer?
Yazd, the city of windcatchers, has many historical and natural attractions to offer.
What is Yazd known for?
Yazd is known for its historical windcatchers, Zoroastrians Fire Temple, and other historical and natural attractions.
What kind of special food does Yazd have?
Yazd is famous for its special Iranian soups, known as Ash-e Alu, Ash-e Gandom, and Ash-e Sholi Yazd.
Where should I go in Yazd?
Every street with its mud-brick buildings has something to show you.

How many people live in Yazd?
The population of 2020 in Yazd is 565,449.
What kind of transportation is better to be taken in Yazd?
You can easily take a taxi and go wherever you want.
Should we expect to see night life in Yazd?
Sure, in some streets of Yazd you can go for a night walk and enjoy.

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