Amir Chakhmagh Complex contains: Bazaar, Mosque,Tekyeh and two water reservoirs which it’s old relates to Timurid era. This complex is one of the most significant historical and touristy collections in Yazd. Tekyeh is one of the most important Imam Husayn funerals central which is unique. Amir Chakhmagh became a king of Yazd according to Shahrokh Timrod’s order, he sat several works with the help of his wife, Tekyeh is one of that works. Tekyeh is famous because Imam Husayn funeral ceremony holds each year in it. In this ceremony thousands of people lift large palm which is called Heidarieh palm (Nakhl). Heidarieh palm relates to years ago to Safavid era, its black cover with lion and sun signs on it were created 200 Years ago.

Tekyeh: In Iranian Shiite terminologies, refers to the place where mourning ceremonies of the religious leaders are held, particularly the mourning ceremonies of Imam al- husayn in Muharram as well as the ceremonies of taziya. The word also refers to the place where Sufis congregate, the tomb of Sufi predecessors, the place where Sufis have a sojourn in their travels, and the free- of- charge caravan- serais or residences in cities of pilgrimage.