Kashan Travel Guide

Right on the edge of Kavir desert, Kashan is on so many visitors journeys from Isfahan to Tehran. Kashan offers eye-appealing destinations including magnificent historical houses, convoluted bazaar, and monumental mosques and bathhouses. From the Seljuk Dynasty, Kashan got renowned for producing unique textiles, tiles, and potteries. It is also universally known for its herbal drinks and rosewater distillation festivals. Kashan’s rosewater is quite famous among cosmetic companies and each year they export thousands of rosewater gallons to these companies all around the world.

What to Do in Kashan?

First things first, do not miss out on visiting the eye-catching historical houses; to put it better, they are more of a mansion rather than a house. Tabatabai House, Historical Ameri House, and Abbasian House are only a few of the houses you should visit in Kashan.

 Aqa Bozorg Mosque, Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse, and the magnificent Kashan Bazaar are other places not to miss. There is also an invaluable collection of Persian toys and puppets at Kashan Toy & Puppet Museum, which you should take a look at. Creativity, ingenuity, and art are the features of touristic attractions of Kashan. Besides visiting all these artistic sites, do not forget to buy some tasty and peaceful herbal drinks and rose water as well. You can use the rose in your teas and the rosewater in different drinks and foods, and even as a natural toner for your skin! 

When is the Best Time to Visit Kashan?

Each year in April and May, the mesmerizing fragrant Rosewater Distillations are held in Kashan and surrounding cities like Ghamsar and Niasar. It is highly recommended not to miss these memorable events. If you want to make the most out of your stay in Kashan and due to its warm weather, spring is a better season for your visit there. Besides, you will enjoy the lush green areas and the floating rivers and ponds in the historical houses much more.


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Historical Attractions to Visit in Kashan

1. Finn Garden

They consider Finn Garden the most important attraction of Kashan. Since it is the only historical monument in this city whose name is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. This garden has witnessed many historical events. The most significant one is the assassination of Amir Kabir in its bath.

2. Tabatabai HouseTabatabai House - Kashan - Iran

This house is one of the sights and entertainments of Kashan with high historical values. Tabatabai House is one of the historical houses of Iran where you can clearly witness the delicate elements of Iranian architecture. It is interesting that they call Tabatabai House the bride of Iranian houses because of its unique beauty.

Around 1834, they decided to build this house. The architect of this building has completed the construction in 10 years.

3. Abbasid House

The Abbasid Historical House has been nominated for the award for the most beautiful Iranian-Islamic residential building.
It is one of the historical attractions of Kashan, known as the masterpiece of Iranian architecture. Today this house has a traditional restaurant and a pleasant atmosphere that you can enjoy.

They built the Abbasid historical complex between 1829 and 1832 during the Qajar period.

4. Boroujerdi House

The Boroujerdi House is a Qajar building located in the heart of the historical context of Kashan. A unique collection that dates back to 1863. Today, in addition to being a historical attraction, it is also the headquarters of the Kashan Cultural Heritage Office.

5. Kashan Grand Mosque

Kashan Grand Mosque - IranKashan Grand Mosque is one of the oldest and most prominent historical monuments in the city. Surprisingly, its foundation stone is 800 years old.

This building was originally a fire temple and a place of worship for Zoroastrians. Then, it has become a mosque after Islam came to Iran.

6. Taj House

You can simply find Taj historical house in the heart of the old part of Kashan. It is one of the other houses of the Qajar era. This house was registered on Iran’s National Heritage List after restoration in 2004.

And today it is the Iranian Artists Forum and the anthropological museum of Kashan. In the museum, you will see maquettes that take you on a journey through history and evoke the atmosphere of life in the past.

7. Kashan Bazaar

This Bazaar is one of the prime historical Bazaars of Iran. Kashan Bazaar dates back to the Albuyeh dynasty (934 to 1062) and later to the Seljuk era. The famous Timcheh of Amin al-Dawla is located in this bazaar which is unique in terms of architecture and decorations. This bazaar houses more than 40 historical monuments, including Timcheh Amin al-Dawla, Mianchal Bazaar, Ab Anbar, mosque, school, and so on.

Another good news is you can find the best and highest quality Kashan souvenirs here.

8. Agha Bozorg MosqueAgha Bozorg Mosque - Kashan - Iran

Aghabzorg is the name of a complex including a mosque and a school. Agha Bozorg Mosque is one of the most magnificent and beautiful buildings of the Qajar period in Iran. The structure and decoration of this mosque are very eye-catching and dazzles the eyes.

9. Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse

The historical Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse is one of the unique baths in Iran. Of course, because of its beautiful decorations and architecture. This bath has an area of ​​more than 1000 square meters. And many tourists go for a visit.

10. Sialk Archeological Hills

First, Roman Gershman, a famous French archaeologist, discovered this hill in 1932. According to this archaeologist, Sialk is the oldest ziggurat among the 32 ziggurats in Iran and Iraq. Beyond everything, Sialk Hill, with 7,000 years old history, is one of the oldest prehistoric human settlements in Iran.

Attractions Around Kashan

1. Abyaneh Village

Abyaneh Village - Kashan - IranIt is 83 km from Kashan. Abyaneh is a special village and one of the popular touristic sights of Isfahan province. It’s so absorbing that the inhabitants have preserved their traditional clothing and still have it on them as their daily clothes. Foreign tourists fall in love with this place.

The first thing that impresses anyone entering Abyaneh is the red-color houses of the village. The fascinating structures made of red thatch with white arches with wooden lattice windows catch your eyes, for sure.

3. Noshabad Underground City

It is 14 km away from Kashan. Noshabad Underground City is the greatest example of hand-dug architecture in the world. Amazingly, it is the largest historic underground city in the world. Noshabad City was, in fact, a military and defense structure.
The ventilation system, the entrances and exits, and the anticipation of all the defense needs in this underground city are astounding.

4. Marnjab Desert

It is 62 km away from Kashan. The Maranjab Desert, with its unique beauty, is one of the sights of Isfahan Province. It is funny that you can experience the pleasure of walking on the hot sands in the winter when it is cold everywhere.

One of the Abbasid caravanserais of Iran is located in this desert. Today, it is a traditional hostel. It makes it possible to experience staying in an old caravanserai in the heart of the desert. You can, as well, visit Aran Bidgol Salt Lake and the wandering island in it.Marnjab Desert - Kashan - Iran

5. Abuzeydabad Desert

It is 39 km away from Kashan. Abuzeydabad desert was not well known. But in recent years, it has become popular among desert lovers. You can stay in Abuzidabad Caravanserai to enjoy the night sky(Iran tourism places ).

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What does Kashan have to offer?
Kashan has many beautiful traditional houses, an awe-standing bazaar to walk through, and other great historical attractions.
What is Kashan known for?
Kashan is best known for its rose water. However, besides that, Fin Garden, its bazaar, the underground city of Noushabad, and its many traditional houses are also very famous.
What kind of special food does Kashan have?
Khoresht Nokhod Alleh, Kateh Moatar,Jujui Tas Kebab are the most famous foods of Kashan.
Where should I go in Kashan?
With no doubt, you must visit its traditional houses, Fin Garden, the underground city of Noushabad, Sialk Hills, and its beautiful bazaar.

What kind of transportation is better to be taken in Kashan?
Kashan is not really a big city. So, you can just easily take a taxi and go wherever you are willing to visit.
How many people live in Kashan?
329000 people live in Kashan until 2020.
Should we expect to see night life in Kashan?
Probably not. You can go out at night and have a walk with no problem. But due to its historical aspect, there is not much to see at night.


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