Maranjab originally was the name of a caravansary and aqueducts, which was founded in the reign of Shah Abbas and the surrounding area has been known as Maranjab since then. Maranjab area is a part of the desert sand dam located in the north of it. This desert from north to Salt Lake Aran Bidgol, from west to Desert Lake and salt pond and dock Sultan Moreh, from east to desert sand dam and Desert National Park and from the south to the city of Aran and Bidgol is limited. The average sea level height of this area is about 850 meters.

Much of the desert is covered with dunes and sabulous and is very rich in terms of vegetation. The main vegetation consists of salt-friendly plants including tamarisk trees, bushes and Qych, which have mostly been planted by Department of Natural Resources to prevent soil erosion and to combat desertification. Since this area is rich in water and food for animals different fauna live there.


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