Abyaneh Village

Abyaneh is a village in Barzrud Rural District, in the Central District of Natanz County, Isfahan Province, Iran. Characterized by a peculiar reddish hue, the village is one of the oldest in Iran, attracting numerous native and foreign tourists year-round, especially during traditional feasts and ceremonies.

An Abyanaki woman typically wears a white long scarf (covering the shoulders and upper trunk) which has a colorful pattern and an under-knee skirt. Abyunaki people have persistently maintained this traditional costume. On top of the village sits the ruins of a Sassanian era fort. It owns several unequal attributions just like the unique temple of “Herpak”, a Chief mosque with a unique mihrab from Seljuk period, houses harmonious with climate and mountainous land. One can see Sassanian Pahlavi words in daily conversation as well as villagers’ clothing that is rooted in earlier times.

The dialect of the people of Abyaneh has preserved some characteristics of the Middle Persian language, the language of the Sassanian Persia. Since June 2005, the village has been undergoing archaeological excavations for the first time ever, as a result of an agreement between Abyaneh Research Center and the Archaeology Research Center of the Iranian Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization.

How to get there:
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If you like to Visit Abyaneh from Kashan and finish your trip in Isfahan, you can book your trip via this Link.