Boroujerdi House

Walking through this historic house full of memories, feelings, and character can take us to 19th century Iran. It’s like a trip back to the past time and feeling the authentic atmosphere of old residential areas. Boroujerdi House is just one of the must-see houses in Kashan, Isfahan Province. Some of the other attractions are [...]
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The Kashan Toy And Puppet Museum

The Kashan Toy And Puppet Museum, Inside The Museum Kashan is a historical and cultural city. Naturally it holds many museums inside. The Toy and Puppet Museum is one of Kashan’s top attractions and holds the most famous of all historic toy collections. Walking through the museum and looking at old toys and puppets triggers [...]
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Agha Bozorg Mosque

Architecture Innovation is always risky, an adventurous soul should have the bravery to stand before the criticism of common people. Superstitious beliefs are always hard to break, but that is exactly what Ustad Haj Sa'ban-ali, the master architect of Agha Bozorg Mosque, did in his time. The Agha Bozorg Mosque has been one of Kashan’s [...]
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The Underground City of Noushabad

It was a normal sunny day, a little more than 10 years ago in the city of Noushabad (noush-abaad), when a couple of young guys were digging a well. Suddenly, one of the diggers fell into a deep pit. That’s how Ouyi was found by sheer accident. That young lad couldn't dream of discovering the [...]
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Kashan Bazaar

Kashan Bazaar Kashan Bazaar is an old bazaar in the center of the city of Kashan, Iran. It is thought to have been built in the Seljuk era with renovations during the Safavid period. The bazaar has a famous architecture, especially at its Timche-ye Amin od-Dowleh section, where a grand light well was built in […]

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