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Tabriz, East Azerbaijan Province, Iran


Nearby Kandovan Rocky Village

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Tour type: Daily Tour
Duration: Half a Day
Maximum number of people: 4
Location: Tabriz

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12 Persons, 18€ each person
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Kandovan Rocky Village is located 50 km far from Tabriz and close to Sahand mountains . Another exploit of the nature. This village exemplifies manmade cliff dwellings which are still inhabited. The troglodyte homes, excavated inside volcanic rocks and tuffs similar to dwellings in the Turkish region of Cappadocia.

Mineral water, cool weather, natural Honey, herbals and handmade Kilim and rugs are other attractions of Kandovan.

Also 3 km before Kandovan , there is another rocky manmade village which is located underground and called “Hileh Var” which had strategic use for locals against attacks .

Itinerary :

We will depart from Tabriz to Osku and will visit 1200 years old tree and Osku historical Hamam (Bath). Then we will head to Kandovan and visit rocky houses, traditional Bazaar, mineral water and nature around. On the way back we will visit underground rocky village “Hileh Var” too.

What we provide: Transportation, professional and experienced guides & entrance fees


  • Calculation Price for cash payment: four persons:13€ per person, three persons:15€ per person, two persons: 18€ per person
    You will be charged 6% for online payment.

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