Rasht Travel Guide

Known as “City of Rain”, Rasht is located in the north of Iran right at the Caspian Sea Shore. Registered as Creative City of gastronomy in UNESCO, Rasht offers a huge range of delicious foods that are mostly made of vegetables, garlic, chicken, and grenadine. So, if you are a food traveler, Rasht must be your first spot to investigate in Iran. Note that if you are a vegetarian, the good news is that despite most Persian dishes, they have a wide range of tasty vegetarian foods. For adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts, Rasht also offers so many colorful natural sites.

What to Do in Rasht?

While your visit to Rasht, do not forget to go to Shahrdari Square, Gilan Rural Heritage Museum,Rasht Museum, and Bojagh National Park.

If you are looking for a shopping hub, you should go to Golsar County where it has a wide range of stores, cafes, and restaurants. You can also find magnificent souvenirs in Traditional Bazaar. In case you are more fond of natural sites, do not miss visiting the mesmerizing Masouleh Village, the stunning Rudkhan Castle, , and Bandar Anzali –Anzali Port- which is the chief port of the Caspian Sea. Note that there are various hiking and trekking routes around the area where you can enjoy camping in forests and spending time at night in nature for a while.

Speaking of delicious food, do not miss trying Baghale Ghatogh, Sour Chicken, Sour Kebab, Anarbij, Mirza Ghasemi, and Fesenjan.

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What does Rasht have to offer?
Rasht has many natural attractions to visit, many forest parks, and amazing northern foods.
What is Rasht known for?
Rasht is best known for its weather, food, Rudkhan Castle, Shahrdari Square, and Saravan Forest Park.
What kind of special food does Rasht have?
Rasht many seafoods to offer including Kabab Torsh, Smoked Fish, Baghala Ghatogh, and Mirza Qasemi.
Where should I go in Rasht?
Rasht has many beautiful things to offer. But make sure to checkout Saravan Lake, Shahrdari Square, and Rodkhan Castle.

How many people live in Rasht?
The population of Rasht in 2020 is 713,000 people.
What kind of transportation is better to be taken in Rasht?
You can take a taxi and enjoy the beautiful city of Rasht easily.
Should we expect to see night life in Rasht?
Rasht is a lively city you can enjoy every time of the day.


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