Along Caspian Sea, The North of Iran

Discover memorable ocean views and stunning mountains. The striking landscapes of the region will stay with you long after you leave. Waterfalls, lakes, dams, thick forests, wildlife and pure beauty is what you experience in every turn. Vast fertile plains are scattered with farms and lakes teeming with fish. In addition, small towns offer their [...]
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Mohtasham Garden and Kolah Farangi Mansion

Mohtasham garden, also known as the City Park, is the oldest park of Rasht. It is located in Hafez Street, next to the beautiful Gohar river, and dates back to Qajar era (1794-1925). In 1960, the government repossessed the garden from its owner due to unpaid taxes, and transformed it into a public park. The [...]
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Masuleh village is located 35 kilometers away from Fuman, and has an elevation of 1050 meters from sea level. The original roots of Masuleh dates back to around 1006AD when the village was located roughly 10 kilometers away from its current location. The area surrounding the Old Masuleh (Kohneh Masuleh) is currently undergoing excavations. The [...]
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Shahrdari Square

Shahrdari Square is located in the heart of Rasht. This square and the buildings surrounding it were built in the early years of the Pahlavi Dynasty (1925 - 1979). There are several public buildings around this busy square, such as the municipality (the word ‘shahrdāri’ translates to municipality), Post and telegraph offices, national library, and [...]
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Rudkhan Castle (Qaleh Rudkhan)

Rudkhan Castle was a military medieval fortress built during the Sasanian Empire (224 - 651 AD) to defend the northern part of the country from southern Arab invaders. This large castle has been renovated and strengthened several times throughout the centuries. One of the most extensive restorations was completed during the Seljuk Era (1037 - [...]
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