Shahrdari Square is located in the heart of Rasht. This square and the buildings surrounding it were built in the early years of the Pahlavi Dynasty (1925 – 1979). There are several public buildings around this busy square, such as the municipality (the word ‘shahrdāri’ translates to municipality), Post and telegraph offices, national library, and the former provincial government of Gilan.


The buildings encircling the square, particularly the municipality itself, which somehow resembles the European neoclassical architecture style, were built to give a new character to Rasht and are still widely known as the symbols of the city. After the devastating 7.7 magnitude earthquake in the Southern Gilan in 1990, some buildings in the square, including the clock tower on the municipality building were damaged. However, restorations were undergone a few years later and now the clock tower has been restored to its original state.


Shahrdari Square plays an important part in the liveliness of Rasht. It has become a very popular meeting point for locals and as a result, it can get very crowded in the evenings. There are also several shops and meal options close to the square. If you’re planning on visiting Shahrdari Square, don’t forget to stop by the statue of Mirza Kuchik Khan, the nationalist revolutionary who fought against the Russian troops who had occupied parts of Northern Iran in 1914.

Shahrdari-Square-Rasht-Top-Attractions-TAP PersiaShahrdari-Square-Rasht Top Attractions-TAP PersiaShahrdari-Square-Rasht Top Attractions-TAP PersiaShahrdari Square-Rasht Top Attractions-TAP Persia


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