Anzali lagoon or locally known as Talab-e Anzali is located on the coast of the caspian sea, near the port of Anzali (Bandar-e Anzali). Over twenty thousand hectares in size, this wetland holds a bunch of islands and is host to hundreds of different bird, animal and plant species. It is one of the few wetlands in Iran that have been registered as as international wetland. Its water type and humidity makes it the most unique lagoon in the country. Although not big on fishing today, the Talab was once one of the biggest fishing areas of the country, accounting for up to five thousand tons of fish annually.

Talab-e Anzali is covered with thousands of caspian lotus and is considered one of the few places that is home to the rare plant, which appears between late june to the end of summer. Boat riding is the top tourist attraction of the area. Floating slowly on the calm waters of the wetland whilst watching the dance of the colorful flowers and hearing the sound of birds singing their tunes should be on your bucket list.

Northern Iran, to Iranians, is most famous for its weather and for its tasty local foods  like Mirza Ghasemi, Kabab-e Torsh, Smoked Fish and Baghala Ghatogh. Restaurants that offer local foods and delicacies are also essential to having the perfect time at Anzali lagoon.

While you’re in the area, make sure to go fishing and check out places like Selke and Sarkhangol Wildlife Sanctuaries, the Siyah Keshim protected area and the islands that rest inside the lagoon. Try to have a good time at the Talab, because it sure is offering you the best.

Anzali Lagoon


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