Masuleh village is located 35 kilometers away from Fuman, and has an elevation of 1050 meters from sea level.

The original roots of Masuleh dates back to around 1006AD when the village was located roughly 10 kilometers away from its current location. The area surrounding the Old Masuleh (Kohneh Masuleh) is currently undergoing excavations. The findings from this archeological site showed that the old village of Masuleh has been an important trade hub and a center of metalworking in the region.

After several natural disasters, attacks, and pestilence, the inhabitants of Masuleh relocated their village to its current location. In fact, the origins of the city’s current architecture style dates back to the Zand era (1751 – 1794). What makes this jaw-dropping town stand out is its striking stepped architecture style and the clever use of limited land in housing the inhabitants. In Masuleh, the rooftop of each building is basically the courtyard of the building above it. Most of these courtyards are used publicly as the paths to walk around the village.

Masuleh is full of narrow pathways and stairways. The beautiful narrow alleys of the city is filled with tiny shops selling handicrafts and souvenirs. There are also a number of cozy cafes and restaurants in the city and most of them offer beautiful views of the surrounding mountains. If you are planning to stay longer in Masuleh, there are also a number of historical houses for rent, but beware that it can get overwhelmingly crowded in holidays. Masuleh currently has less than a thousand permanent residents and almost all of them rely on tourists for their income.

Masuleh - Rasht Top Attraction - TAP PersiaMasuleh - Rasht Top Attraction - TAP PersiaMasuleh - Rasht Top Attraction - TAP PersiaMasuleh - Rasht Top Attraction - TAP Persia


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