Saqalaksar Lake sits at an altitude of two hundred feet or sixty four meters above sea level and is located less than ten miles south of the city of Rasht. The calm lake and the luscious green jungles surrounding it cover about twenty hectares of peace and beauty. Saqalaksar is a combination of three words, “saqa”, meaning waterhole, “lak” meaning stork and “sar” meaning starling, two kinds of birds that call this lake home.

The lake currently holds the record for having the purest and cleanest natural habitat in the country. The villagers surrounding the lake are extremely friendly and welcoming. They also follow one simple rule, they believe there village doesn’t belong to them or anyone else, it belongs to mother earth and they have to try everything to keep it the way they got it. Maybe this belief roots back to ancient Persia and the zoroastrian religion that was completely entangled with nature. It is said that zoroastrians believed deeds speak louder than words or thoughts, so in order to be of sound mind and heart, a healthy environment is needed and harmony and balance is to be observed with reference to the four classic elements: earth, water, fire and air.

The village and the lake of Saqalaksar is known for its tranquility, so be sure to enjoy your time there and thrive in the atmosphere that is given to you by mother nature. Take a stroll along the coast of the lake and listen as the birds sing and the winds blow.

Also while you’re in the area, be sure to visit Rudkhan Castle and Masuleh village, one of the most ancient and unique historic attractions in Iran. Rudkhan castle is only a 20 km ride, while masouleh village is about fifty km away from the lake, but rest assured, it’s worth the ride.

Saqalaksar Lake-Rasht Nature-TAP PersiaSaqalaksar Lake-Rasht Nature-TAP PersiaSaqalaksar Lake-Rasht Nature-TAP Persia


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