Full Coverage Iran Travel Insurance (with COVID19 Coverage)

Our Iran travel insurance benefits include medical, COVID19, dental, lost baggage, lost documents & legal coverage along with round-the-clock live assistance throughout your journey

  • Complete application form
  • Pay a flat fee of €30 per person
  • Receive policy number in 24 hours
  • Print coverage, benefits & contact info
Iran Travel Insurance

What does TAP Persia Iran travel insurance cover?

Local providers have the reliability and edge you need in real emergencies. Our support hotlines are available 24/7 and staffed by live assistants to respond to your travel emergencies. Review coverage details in table below. The Iran travel insurance policy offers the following benefits:

Medical + Dental

Emergency hospitalization, dental care & related transport

Lost Belongings

Loss of passport, drivers license, ID card or registered luggage

Legal Assistance

Legal counsel, legal fee reimbursement & more

Rapid Response

English-proficient attendants ready to assist you at any hour

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TAP Persia Welcome Package

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Free Visa Authorization Code
24/7 Live Assistance

50,000 Rials credit + 10GB internet

30 Days Travel Insurance
10,000 Euros coverage



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Free Personalized Itinerary

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Iran Tourist Card

Over €10K in medical, transport & legal coverage

Iran travel insurance coverage

Coverage Amount Coverage Details
EUR 10,000.00Medical expenses including medication (with COVID19 Coverage) , doctor visits, examinations, hospitalization abroad & more. Aesthetic treatments, chronic ailments, other pre-existing conditions prior to policy start date & emergency hospitalization more than 24 hours not covered.
( €25.00 Deductible)
EUR 100.00Emergency dental care. Restricted to treatment of pain, infection, and removal of the affected tooth.
( €25.00 Deductible)
Actual ExpensesEmergency return home following death of a close family member or serious illnesses.
Actual ExpensesTransport or repatriation in case of illness or accident
Actual ExpensesRepatriation of mortal remains
EUR 250.00Legal Assistance
Actual ExpensesRepatriation of family members traveling with the insured.
EUR 200.00Loss of passport, driver’s license or national ID card
Actual ExpensesRelay of urgent messages and medical information and advice.

How to minimize travel risk while in Iran

Keep bags close at all times

  1. Be on high alert in big crowds. Crowded areas such as bazaars, shopping centers, or parks pose a higher risk of pick-pockets and purse-snatchers.
  2. Robberies against travelers are rare.While robberies against travelers are extremely uncommon, try your best to stay close to city centers and main attractions. You can apply for Iran insurance at any time and minimize your risks.

Ask what's in it before you eat it

  1. Exercise basic caution. You might have a host of foods that are unique and new. Restaurants, diners and bistros are regularly checked by local health agencies, but exercise basic cautions.
  2. When invited to dine at home. If invited to a family dinner, the host will cook what is normally prepared for the family, so it is most likely safe.

Drink bottled or filtered water

  1. Bottle water is regularly available. Try not to drink tap water whenever possible. Most tap water across the country may contain high amounts of chalk or other impurities. Apply for Iran insurance ensure yourself in case of contamination
  2. Recycling options & at-home water filters. If you don’t want to keep using plastic, ask a local about where to recycle. Most locals have water filters at home, which is also safe to drink from.

Drivers can seem aggressive

  1. Everyone on the streets is on high alert. Whenever you are near roads or high foot traffic areas, always be on the lookout for motorists, bicyclists or pedestrians. While drivers can be a bit aggressive in more rural areas, city centers and high foot-traffic areas are much more lawful. Apply for Iran insurance and protect yourself from any accidents.
  2. Streets are surprisingly functionctional. Although traffic may look chaotic from the outside, it does function with surprising flow, so do not panic when you’re speeding away in a bus or taxi.

Insurance provider information

  1. 1 of the biggest insurers in the country. Our provider partner is Saman Travel Insurance, one of the biggest insurance providers in Iran and the middle east.
  2. Coverage designed for travelers. The Iran Travel Insurance coverage we offer is designed for non-Iranian travelers and covers the entire country. Saman has one of the biggest networks of medical, transportation & legal resources in Iran.
  3. We communicate on your behalf. To ensure clear communication and expedited service in emergencies, TAP Persia will communicate with our provider on your behalf to resolve any issue throughout your stay. Apply for Iran insurance to get 24/7 coverage and support while you travel.

Your passport might be kept at the hotel

  1. Held from check-in to check-out. Depending on the hotel, hostel or ecolodge you stay, your passport might be held at the hotel for the duration of your reservation. This is due local, municipal and provincial ordinances.
  2. Ask for a copy of your passport. Ask the hotel reception to make a copy of your passport to have with you at all times, along with your Iran travel insurance policy and cash.

Things you need at all times

  1. Ask hotel reception to run copies. Most hotels will have a scanner and copier, so ask the reception to make you a copy of the following documents.
  2. Copy of your insurance policy. Your Iran travel insurance policy contains your policy number. You do not have to call the support hotline of the Iran travel insurance company on your own. One of the benefits of getting your Iran travel insurance through TAP Persia is that we follow up with the Iran travel insurance company on your behalf to ensure clear communication and expedited service. Apply for Iran insurance to get 24/7 coverage and support.
  3. Copy of your passport. Your hotel might hold on to your passport from check-in to check-out. Ask the reception to make a copy to carry around. Even if they do not hold your passport, it’s still a good idea to walk around with only a copy of your passport and not the legitimate document.
  4. Copy of your visa. Upon the payment of your Iran visa fee, you will given a document to certify you, your visa, and your payment. This document is necessary in emergencies and when applying for Iran travel insurance benefits.
  5. At least 2,000,000 IRR in cash. You can’t use your international credit or debit cards in Iran, which means you will have to carry cash wherever you go. Luckily, there is an alternative. Iran tourist card is a prepaid travel debit card under your name, accepted all across Iran, and instantly charged using competitive exchange rates.

How women should be dressed

  1. Loose, unrevealing clothing. Your shoulders, curves, bottom & legs should be covered. Sandals are ok.
  2. Loose scarf covering the hair. This is called hijab, and applies when in public, basically, anywhere outside of the hotel (public areas, restaurants, flights, bus rides). When in private residences, ask the host if it is ok to remove your hijab.

How men should be dressed

  1. No shorts or tank tops. While there aren’t exact laws against shorts or tank tops, they are quite frowned upon when worn in public.
  2. Short sleeved shirts & pants. Pants must cover legs. Short sleeved shirts are ok but shouldn’t reveal too much of the chest.

Go cashless with an Iran tourist card

  1. No need to look for an exchange. We charge/top-up your card instantly. You can deliver cash to any one of agents across Iran or through a bank transfer. Apply for Iran tourist card.
  2. Accepted Everywhere. The Iran tourist card is accepted by any merchant with a card reader, and more than 99% of merchants in Iran carry card readers
    Reliable Exchange Rate. Get instant, competitive rates for each charge/top-up. We exchange your money on the spot and
  3. Instant Charge/Top-up. Real time charge/top-up with cash or bank transfer

Don’t take pictures of the following

  1. Governmental buildings or entities. This includes any embassy, office or adiminstorial building.
  2. Cops, soldiers or mullahs. You can take pictures if given permission by the subject.
  3. People in public. You can take pictures if given permission by the subject.
  4. Make sure to have legal coverage. Apply for Iran insurance to make sure you have support and legal coverage in the times of real emergencies.

Medical treatment quality in Iran

  1. Major health tourism destination. Iran is well-known in both the region and across the world for it’s doctors & specialists. Even general practitioners must go through rigid criteria to be qualified.
  2. Emergency medical facility quality. The quality of the closest in-network medical facility in times of emergencies depends on your condition, location & multiple other factors.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Iran travel insurance

Do I need Iran travel insurance?

Yes, it is a requirement for your admission at customs. If you do not buy one in advance, you will be forced to buy coverage at the airport at a more expensive rate. You have to present your Iran travel insurance coverage when you pick up your visa at the embassy, consulate or airport and again at customs when you want to enter the country. Complete your Iran insurance application form to get started.

Does the TAP Persia insurance cover all of Iran?

Our Iran insurance for tourists covers almost all of Iran. Contact us if you have any questions about your specific travel plans.

How long will it take to get?

Our Iran travel insurance is normally issued within 24 hours of your application submission. Complete your Iran insurance application form to get started.

Why can’t I just get it at the airport?

The experience of purchasing your Iran insurance for tourists at the airport can be confusing, frustrating and untimely. Coverage details are not provided at some airports while the text of the coverage is often mistranslated. The sign-up kiosks are confusing and often filled with computer bugs. In short, it’s best not get your insurance at Imam Khomeini International Airport. At TAP Persia, we not only cover almost all of Iran, but we communicate on your behalf with our provider to ensure clear communication and expedited service. Complete our Iran insurance application form to get started.

Where do I have to show my Iran travel insurance?

You have to present your Iran travel insurance coverage when you pick up your visa at the embassy, consulate or airport and again at customs when you want to enter the country. Most global policies don’t cover Iran. TAP Persia travel insurance covers almost the entire country and is available 24/7 for your emergencies.

Why can’t I use the travel insurance I always use?

Iran is considered a riskier destination, so international insurers charge extra overhead and often cannot be counted on in true emergencies that require local boots on the ground. If you do bring your own, your coverage must include the word “Iran” highlighted within its covered regions. “Asia” and “Middle East” do not count as coverage. If your insurer does cover Iran, ask exactly which cities and regions of the country are included in their coverage. Contact us on our website chat or whatsapp if you have more specific questions.

What does your insurance cover?

Your Iran travel insurance coverage includes loss of your registered luggage and associated reparations, medical & associated transportation emergencies, legal coverage, dental emergencies & loss of ID or documents. Apply for Iran insurance now to get covered.

What does your insurance not cover?

Your Iran travel insurance coverage does not cover trip cancellation refunds due to unforeseen events, medical accidents that require an airlift, last minute hotel cancellations, non-refundable deposits, trip interruptions, missing connecting flight or bus, & flight or bus cancellation. Contact us if you have questions about our Iran travel insurance coverage.

Why should I buy my Iran travel insurance from TAP Persia?

We pride ourselves on our expedient customer service. We communicate on your behalf with our provider to ensure clear communication and expedited service while you are traveling. Contact us if you have questions about our Iran travel insurance coverage.

Iran is safe right?

Iran is certainly deemed a safer destination than most of the region’s popular destinations based on multiple factors. However, true peace of mind comes from timely and effective support in times of emergencies. Apply for Iran insurance to feel at ease while traveling.

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