Quri River

The Quri River or Quru Chay or Quri Chay is a river in East Azerbaijan province of Iran. It arises in the mountains east of Tabriz and joins the Aji Chay just northeast of central Tabriz. The river divides Tabriz into northern and southern parts which are connected to each other by several bridges. The […]

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Eynali Mountain

Eynali Mountain is a mountain range in north of Tabriz, Iran. The range has a couple of peaks including Eynali (1800 m), Halileh (1850 m), Pakeh-chin (1945 m), Bahlul (1985 m) and the highest one Dand (2378 m). It has red soil and it is seen from everywhere in Tabriz. There is a tomb at […]

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Sabalan Mountain

Sabalan mountain (4,811 m) or Savalan is an inactive stratovolcano in the Alborz mountain range and Ardabil Province of northwestern Iran. Located in the extreme northwest of Iran, Sabalan is the country’s third highest peak after Damavand and Alam-Kuh. It is also higher than Mont Blanc in the Alps. The mountain offers many attractions throughout the […]

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