Eynali Mountain - Tabriz

While touring the city of Tabriz, you will notice a series of red-colored mountains. These mountains create a pleasant and glorious view in the northern part of the city. It’s the same mountain range that people know as Eynali Mountain. And it has been hosting Tabriz mountaineers and tourists for many years. Among these peaks and hills and valleys, Eynali peak, also known as Aoun Ibn Ali, is very popular among Tabrizi people. The locals are so interested in this mountain that they believe Eynali embraces Tabriz. And also with its 1823 meter peak, they consider it as the closest place to the skies. Where they can feel closer to God. Therefore, this area has received special attention from the past to the present. Eynali promenade site is a good example of this attention. It has been created for convenience and better sightseeing for the locals and the tourists. This promenade includes cable cars, various mountaineering routes, shrines, the Aoun Ibn Ali Mosque, an artificial lake, forestry projects, and other facilities. Today we are going on a short trip to this mountain and we will learn about different parts of it, as well.

Sights and Entertainments of Eynali Mountain in Tabriz

1- The Tomb of Aoun Ibn Ali

Eynali Mountain - Tabriz

At the highest point of Eynali Mount, you can see a building. According to various narrations, the two sons of Imam Ali, Aoun ibn Ali and Zayd ibn Ali are buried in this place. They call the place the tomb of Aoun Ibn Ali. And it is very famous, popular, and well-respected among the locals. The building is basically a mosque and a tomb next to it. The locals call the complex

Eynal-Zinal or Eynali. 9 rooms, 6 domes, a porch, an Iwan, two solid minarets, and five large stone columns are the different parts of this tomb. The columns of the tomb were made of wood in ancient times.

But in recent renovations, they have been replaced by stone columns. Among the materials used in the construction of this tomb, we can mention the Sorkhab mountain stone and some bricks.

History of the Tomb

Eynali Mountain - Tabriz

The tomb of Aoun Ibn Ali was a place of pilgrimage and worship for the locals until the ninth century AH. But during the Ottoman invasion of Iran and Tabriz, it was destroyed. Then during the reign of Shah Abbas Safavid, they rebuilt it. Some say that this building used to be a fire temple or a place of worship.

And later on, these two people were buried in this place. When Jean-Patiste Tavernier, a French tourist, visited the place, he stated that it was an Armenian church before. And it was after the arrival of Islam in Iran that they changed it to a mosque and shrine.

In the past, religious ceremonies were also held in this tomb. Hafez Karbalaei, in the last years of the tenth century AH, mentions this place as a place of work. Where these two brothers had a weaving business. Of course, according to some explorations in the area of ​​the tomb, it seems that these two were not the children of Imam Ali. And most likely they were just his true followers. The people of Tabriz, however, have a special devotion to this place. Every time they climb up the mountain, they visit the tomb and pay their respects.

2- Memorial Tower of Anonymous Martyrs

Eynali Mountain - Tabriz

The Tower of the Unknown Martyrs stands next to the tomb of Aoun bin Ali. This tower is a memorial to the anonymous martyrs who died in the war between Iran and Iraq. It is a place to commemorate the memory of the selfless patriots.

Who gave up their dreams, aspirations, and lives for the peace of their people. Most of the time the locals appreciate them with a bouquet of flowers for their high spirits.

They built the tower using the Azeri architectural style. And you can see some of Master Shahriar’s poems, delicately engraved on the walls and the tombstones.

This Memorial Tower is 14 meters high and is located on a 2-meter-high staircase. And you can see it from different parts of the mountain. It also houses eight anonymous martyrs in its heart.

3- Tabriz Cable Car – Watch The City of Tabriz From Above

Eynali Mountain Cable Car - Tabriz

One of the most important entertainments and attractions that exist in the Eynali promenade ‌is the Tabriz cable car. The first phase of this project was inaugurated in 2010 and was very well received by the locals and tourists. The Tabriz cable car is to be put into operation in three phases. And it is just one of the parts of the Aoun Bin Ali promenade and nature park project.

They have applied the latest science and equipment in the world in the operations of this cable car. And let me add that this big project had the support and cooperation of the Austrian company Doppel Meyer.

Tabriz cable car has 6 towers which are to be increased to 24 in the final phase. Each cabin can carry up to 8 people equivalent to 640 kg. The length of the route in the first phase is 1480 meters and will take you to the highest point in a short time. The first phase of the Tabriz cable car has two stations, the distance between the first and second stations is 240 meters.

Special Features of Tabriz Cable Car

Eynali Mountain Cable Car - Tabriz

1- Next to the second mast, there is a standard and natural rock that rock-climbing enthusiasts can enjoy climbing.

2- This cable car has been able to achieve modern European standards for its safe and advanced system.

3- All along the way, you can watch a wonderful view of the city of Tabriz in each of the cabins.

4- Besides a beautiful view of the city, you can also enjoy the spectacular view of Eynali Mountain and Dand Peak.

5- A unique tranquility at the end station away from the hustle and bustle of the city is a gift that you will receive in this cable car ride.

6- At the end of the second phase, the cable car is supposed to reach Shahid Madani Dam. And in the third phase, Shahid Madani Dam will be connected to the heights of Dand Mountain. After the completion of the third phase, this cable car will be the longest cable car in the country.

Cable Car Facilities 

Eynali Mountain Zipline - Tabriz

Restaurant, buffet and coffee shop, prayer hall, parking lot, and toilet are among the facilities of this cable car complex. You can access these facilities both in the first and second stations.

4- Tabriz Eynali Zip Line

Another exciting experience that you can have while exploring Eynali Mountain is its zip line. This entertainment, which was recently opened in April 2016 after months of delay, has also won the title of the steepest zip line in the country. The Eynali zip line is 500 meters long and the height difference between its initial and final points reaches 75 meters.

The starting point of this zip line starts in front of the rock statue of Master Shahriyar and ends at Nahalistan hill. The path gives you an attractive view of Eynali nature and the city of Tabriz along the way, plus the high adrenaline-producing excitement.

5- Dagh Goli Artificial Lake

Eynali Mountain Lake - Tabriz

You can climb down from the tomb of Aoun Ibn Ali and the Tomb of the Unknown Martyrs to the west.

Then you will see the Dagh Goli artificial lake in front of you. It’s a 54,000 cubic meters artificial lake. And they have plans to create recreational and welfare facilities, including water sports.

And this project will make Eynali promenade a more attractive place for citizens and tourists. Do not miss the sight of this lake and the beauties around it while sightseeing in Eynali.

6- Green Space and Forestry

Eynali Mountain Forestry - Tabriz

Since 2004, the plan of afforestation and expansion of green space has been implemented in Eynali promenade. And it is supposed to cover 5612 hectares of the northern parts of Eynali mountain range.

Many tourists and climbers enjoy the shade of the trees and the beautiful view that this forestry has created.

People go on a picnic there and enjoy the green space with a small snack, and simple entertainment such as volleyball and badminton. Considering that the Eynali mountain range did not have any vegetation in the past and its soil was composed of layers of colored plaster and sand, this green space is awesome.

7- Aji Chai River and Springs in Eynali Mountain

Eynali Mountain River - Tabriz

The mainstream that supplies water to the Eynali region is the Aji Chay River. It covers all the northern valleys of the mountain from east to west. A river that originates from Sabalan Mountain and flows into Urmia Lake.

Wherever there is water, there is greenery and freshness. Fortunately, the climbers and tourists take full advantage of the nature that has formed around this river. And they relax along the river, indulging in the beauty of the Aji Chai.

In recent years, they have started the Shahid Madani Dam project. With its implementation, the water of this river will be collected behind the dam. And then by creating welfare-recreational facilities along with it, more tourism opportunities will be available in Eynali Mountain.Eynali Mountain Spring - Tabriz

The most famous spring of Eynali is the spring of Tarlan Bolaghi. Tarlan Bolaghi is more famous than other springs and is close to the tomb of Aoun Ibn Ali – on the northern side of Eynali.

Its water is cold and refreshing. This spring is one of the sources of water in this mountain. Another famous spring is the Dohechi Kohlik Bolaghi, which has relatively less water. But climbers use it a lot.

Another spring that climbers use for drinking water is the Dashksen Lor spring – on the east side of Eynali. A number of trees are also irrigated with the water of this spring. This spot is, too, another place for people to enjoy the shade of these trees, grab some fresh water and have a picnic next to it.

8- Artificial Waterfall of Eynali Mountain in Tabriz


Near the first station of the cable car, there is an artificial waterfall.

The view of which has doubled the beauty of the nature of the mountain.

Of course, you should know that this waterfall has water in spring and summer, and not in autumn and winter.

9- A Huge Sculpture of Mr. Gheychisaz

Eynali Mountain Statue - Tabriz

Azim Gheychisaz is one of the famous athletes of Tabriz, who has become very famous for his majestic and admirable ascents to the highest peaks of the world. He is the only Iranian Himalayan climber who has been able to conquer all fourteen 8,000-meter peaks in the world.

In addition, he was able to stand on the roof of the world – Mount Everest – twice in 2005 (with supplemental oxygen) and 2016 (without supplemental oxygen). In his honor, a huge statue of this prominent mountaineer of our country has been installed in Eynali Mountain.

10- Eynali Mountain Wind Turbines

Eynali Mountain is a windy region and it blows on most days of the year. The wind is so strong in this area that in spring and summer the planted trees on the mountainside all bend to one side. To take advantage of this enormous force, several wind turbines have been installed inside the promenade. The rotation of the blades of these turbines creates a beautiful and spectacular view.

11- Eynali Mountain Ostrich Breeding Farm

Eynali Mountain - Ostrich Farm - Tabriz

The ostrich farm on the slopes of Eynali Mount and the pool next to it are one of the other attractions of this place.

This farm is where you can watch these funny animals up close. This farm is located at the beginning of the asphalt road.

Mountaineering in Eynali, Tabriz

Mountaineering is very popular in Eynali Mountain and the surrounding mountains. Maybe we can say it is one of the main entertainments of the area. Years ago, when there were not so many facilities and good access routes in the mountains, people used to climb up to exercise and enjoy the scenery. And of course to visit the tomb of Aoun Ibn Ali. In recent years, with the construction of the asphalt road, the mountaineering route has been made easier for all age groups. Of course, the asphalt road is not the only way to climb the peak. So those who are looking for more adventure and excitement and want to enjoy nature more can use other mountaineering routes. Among the surrounding mountains of Eynali, Dand is another popular peak.

Here Is Some AdviceEynali Mountain _ Tabriz - Artifitial waterfall

If you are going to Eynali for mountaineering, it is better to know a few tips before going so that you can experience an enjoyable hassle-free adventure:

* Depending on the time of the year you are paying a visit, wear appropriate clothing for mountaineering. You should know that the weather in Eynali Mountain is colder than what you experience in Tabriz. So make sure to bring enough warm clothes.

This area is also one of the windy spots in Tabriz and it is necessary to have a windcheater, especially in the colder seasons of the year.

* Along the mountaineering route, whether easy or hard, you would need a lot of strength. Chocolate, snacks, and small sandwiches, and nuts are some of the best foods you can grab on your way up.

* Do not forget the right shoes for mountaineering. Your foot is your second heart, and on any road, no matter how easy, without good shoes, you may get into trouble. If you are planning to reach the top of the mountain from the more pristine and difficult routes, it is better to have the right shoes on.

* You should note that if you would like to take the difficult routes to reach the peak or you to continue climbing to Dand Mountain,  you may need more than 7 hours.

Mountaineering Trails

Eynali Montain - Tabriz

Apart from the main road, which is the easiest way to reach the top of Eynali, there are also relatively difficult valleys and cliffs. Of course, climbing them requires sufficient equipment and experience and is not recommended to everyone. Some of these valleys are more famous and professional climbers use them to climb up to the top of the mountain. One of them is called Ilan Ochanlar Valley.

It is on the south side of the peak and on the north side of the first cable car station. You can see stunning high boulders in this valley. These rocks, too, give the climbers a chance to practice their skills.

Another valley that the professional climbers use, is the Qalbeh Zan valley. It is somewhere between the telecommunication tower and a Dashksen Lor valley. The valley is famous for its red soil.

There is another valley on the north side of the telecommunication tower, the famous valley of Qanli. Qanli Valley is one of the most spectacular valleys in Eynali. Kohlik Bolaghi and Dohechi valleys are also the other ones near the north of the peak and close to the Aji Chai river that will finally lead to the peak.

Dand Mountain 

Dand Mountain - Tabriz

Next to Eynali Mountain, there is a peak that is another main spot for most professionals and mountaineering lovers to climb up. They call it by many names such as Dand Mountain, Dan Daghi, or Gandum. This majestic mountain with its 2800 meter height and the springs of “Imam Aghaji” and “Sevidlu” invites nature lovers and tourists for a refreshing and enjoyable climb.

The important and famous river Aji Chai passes through its southern slope and goes to the city of Tabriz and irrigates its plains.

Important Advice

If you are not familiar with the mountains and the natural environment around the city of Tabriz make sure you get help from some professional mountaineers. And in no way, take the risk to climb alone and without guidance.

Facilities of Tabriz  Eynali Promenade

There is a buffet, restaurant, parking lot, toilets, taxi line, and van to get to the peak. These facilities in Eynali promenade can make your journey more comfortable. Moreover, you can find gazebos, public sports equipment, concrete barbecues, drinking water, and so on.

Near the tomb of Aoun bin Ali, there is a 6-dimensional cinema where you can experience exciting moments. There is a buffet there, too, where you can buy the snacks you need. Or to get the stuff to prepare light meals such as omelets, or bread, and cheese.

Travel Season to Eynali Mountain in Tabriz

Eynali Mountain - Tabriz

Tabriz is located in a mountainous region and has a cold and dry climate. Consequently, its autumns and winters are long, cold, and rainy. The first month of spring in Tabriz still has a winter climate and even sometimes it snows. But the weather gets warmer and lively by May. The summers of Tabriz have a mild climate. And it is the best season to travel to this historical region of our country.

Fall in Tabriz is very cold especially for the people who are not local or from similar climates. There is occasional rain, long-term rain, and snow during fall in Tabriz. And finally, winter in Tabriz is followed by exhausting cold plus heavy and continuous snowfalls. However, due to the recent drought, the annual snowfall has decreased compared to several years ago. Anyway, winter in Tabriz is still cold and white.

Final Words

I hope you have enjoyed this almost short trip with Tappersia to this amazing place in Iran, Eynali Mountain. If so please let us know in the comments. Your words are worth the world to us. If you feel to read more about Tabriz, this spectacular touristic city, you can read more at this address. You can also read about our Tabriz Tours here. In case you need more information or you would like to book a tour with Tappersia you can reach us via the contact information below the same page. Hope to see you in Iran, soon!



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