El Goli, also known as Shah Goli, is a historic building in Tabriz situated in a park that holds a lake. It shines like a precious and beautiful jewel in the middle of a pond which is known as El Goli Lake and is one of the most important tourist attractions of Tabriz.

Unique View of El Goli Lake

El GoliEl Goli has a beautiful and eye-catching pond. It features a small lake where visitors can take a boat or go for a walk and appreciate the view and take a souvenir photo, especially at sunset. Also, a beautiful view surrounds the lake for those who wish to take a stroll around the lake and enjoy the scenery. It is a small lake that has its water source in the Liqvan river which passes by a village called Chavan, where a small stream enters from the southeast side of El-Goli lake provides the water.

Water freezes in the lake during the winter and gives a different view of its surroundings. During that time, the fish cannot reach any part of the upper part of the water, and which results in their natural growth process slowing down.

The main attraction in this park during the spring and summer times is the beautiful flowers which can be seen in different parts of the park. A relatively large hill within the park has been completely planted with trees. This place is particularly beautiful in the spring and summer months. Presently, the yard and park behind the pool are decorated with hundreds of colorful tulip flowers.

How Have Fun In El Goli 

El Goli

In the middle of the pool, there is an octagonal building with two floors, which is known as El Goli Palace(Tabriz Historical Places). This building is currently used as a restaurant. Many hotels and restaurants surround the El Goli mansion, which is now well equipped and contains many restaurants across the resort. Particularly well-known Turkish dishes such as Tabrizi meatballs and Turkish kebabs are available in these restaurants.

Some local shops are selling hot and grilled corn at El Goli, In this wonderful setting one can experience the flavor of El Goli. There’s a walkway in the middle of the pond that belongs to the building and that’s situated on a peninsula full of beautiful scenery. However, this is only a small portion of these attractions.

Don’t Miss Mini Golf

El Goli Park in Tabriz has a mini-golf sporting complex in the southeastern part of the park, which is one of the more diverse entertainment choices in this park. In recent years, it has been host to several national and provincial games. It is currently one of the most standard golf courses in Iran.

Sayman Skate Sports Complex

Near the Pars Hotel and the south of El Goli, there is a modern sports complex that is one of the largest and most modern skating rinks in the Middle East attracting fans of that field. This includes skating rinks, billiards, and video game clubs.

If You Want Amusement, There is Luna Park

El Goli

Luna amusement park is located adjacent to the lake on the west side. The attractions at Luna Park include the new games, along with old and popular games such as dodgem and carousels, which will take you back to your childhood.







Have a Summertime Picnic 

Almost all Iranians spend weekends and vacation time out in nature as their favorite pastime. This ritual is performed by the people of Tabriz in this place. The area has a very nice climate and on the weekends, it is crowded with Turkish-speaking people.

Go Back In Time In Carriage

The cycle path is a wonderful idea in this area because you can use it to get to different parts of the park and enjoy this fun sport.  One of the big attractions of the Ali Goli is the excursion around the lake via the carriage.

Relax on a Boat

El Goli

This Lake also offers boating activities in the spring and summer, when the lake’s surface does not freeze. The cool weather that spring brings to the city will give you one of the most enjoyable boating feelings, it should also be noted that the Tabriz kayaking team also uses this lake for training.






Stay Nearby El Goli

El Goli


El Goli is a unique place. A lot of nearby hotels are available if you don’t feel like camping. The most famous hotels around El Goli are Pars El Goli Hotel, Shahriar Hotel in Tabriz, and Tabriz Petrochemical Complex. It should be noted that in Turkish, Gul means pool, and Shah Goli or El Goli means the pool of the king or the people. Of course, this place was originally called Shah Goli and after the revolution, it was renamed El Goli.





Making your way to El Goli

El Goli

You can take either public transport or your private car to reach El Goli Park in Tabriz. The trip takes only a few minutes since El Goli Park has situated a short distance from the city center.








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