Arg of Tabriz TAPPersiaArg-e Tabriz (Ali Shah) referred to the remains of the southern porch (iwan) of Ali Shah Palace in the city of Tabriz. The structure architectural style is Azeri style. The walls of the Citadel are huge and are a symbol of the city of Tabriz. Arg is located in the center of the city and, today, the surrounding space is used for holding Friday Prayers.The building has been partially destroyed due to the earthquakes and over time. In the area of the citadel, valuable historical monuments such as Nejat School as one of the first schools and Shir o Khorshid Theatre exist. Only parts of the massive walls of the very high altar in southern seraglio of the mosque have remained, which confirm its glory and prosperity in the past.

Cannonball holes can be seen on the citadel walls if we look carefully at this architectural masterpiece. These holes date back to the time of Constitution and Tabriz uprising. Sattar Khan and Bagher Khan Forces resisted against Mohammad Ali Shah Qajar artillery and defended their freedom in this fortress.

All that has remained is three high walls that can be seen like a porch. This section has been the seraglio and the main part of Ali Shah Mosque. The width of the remaining structure is 30 meters, it stands 28 meters high and each wall has a width of 10 meters. The carried out excavations have revealed that 7 meters of each wall is underground.


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