Qurabiya (Ghorabieh)

Qurabiya, is a shortbread-type biscuit originating from Tabriz, usually made made of almond flour, sugar, egg white, vanilla, margarine and pistachio. It is sometimes served with tea.

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Ashe Shile Adas (Lentil Pottage)

Ashe Shile Adas or Lentil pottage is made of Chicken water, lentil, rice, wheat, tomato,leek and green onion.

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Ashe Omaj (Noodle Pottage)

This soup usually serve before main course and famous in Tabriz city. Ashe Omaj or noodle pottage consist of lentil, onion, noodle, flour, salt and pepper, chicken distillate and oil or butter.

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َAshe Gojeh (Tomato pottage)

The soup usually serve before main course and its well known in Tabriz city. Tomato pottage is made by tomato, vegetable, onion, verjuice, dry mint, wax bean, meat water, rice, salt and pepper.

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Ash Mast (Yogurt Pottage)

Ash mast ingredients: onion, rice, lentil, vegetables (leek, parsley, spinach), meat water, potato, yogurt, salt, pepper and turmeric.

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