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Tabriz, East Azerbaijan Province, Iran


Nearby Jolfa & Aras River Side

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Tour type: Daily Tour
Duration: Day Trip
Maximum number of people: 4
Location: Tabriz

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12 people 40 euros per person
23 people 35 euros per person
34 people 28 euros per person



Jolfa is a one of East Azerbaijan province city located beside Aras river and Armenia and Naxcivan (Azerbaijan) border .Around Jolfa there are so many historical places like St. stephanous church , Chupan (shepherd) church  , Kordasht Hamam and also very nice nature of Kiamaki mountains and Aras river . “Asiab Kharabe” waterfall is also another natural attraction of Jolfa which has walls completely covered by sphagnum moss.

Being close to border and free trade zone has made Jolfa a good place for shopping.


We will leave Tabriz at 7 in the morning and after eating local breakfast on the way, we will continue to Jolfa. St. Stephanous and Chupan church will be the first sites to visit. Then we will head to the Khajeh Nazar historical Caravansary. Visiting shopping centers, city center and having lunch. Then driving along Aras river side to the waterfall. We will arrive back Tabriz around 8 PM.

What you need: sandal for walking around waterfall

What we provide: transportation, local breakfast, professional and experienced guides


  • Calculation Price for cash payment: four persons:25€ per person, three persons:28€ per person, two persons: 35€ per person
    You will be charged 6% for online payment.

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