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Choghakhor Lagoon Tour

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Choghakhor Lagoon

The tour starts from Isfahan and we move to Boroujen, a town in Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari Province, to visit Choghakhor Lagoon. On the way, we will have a shortstop in the recreational center of Siasard and visit two historical renovated houses. After getting Boroujen Town, it’ll take 20-25 minutes to get the resort. You will see the natural terrains, local houses, and nomads area on the way.

Reaching the resort, we can have some brewed tea on fire and get rest to be ready for our tour’s main destination. Being in this location, we can visit many places including the Qashqai nomad area that there’s its one day tour here, and also the amazing Choghakhor Lagoon. (Also for visiting Semirom Waterfall, you can stay one night more.)

After some time, we will drive to Chogha Khor Lagoon from Boroujen. It’ll take about 45 minutes to get there, but you won’t realize the time while watching the pure nature on the way. 65 km from Shahrekourd (the center of Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari Province), a paradise called Choghakhor Lagoon is located. It’s about 2300 hectors in the heights of Baraftab and Kalar near Boldaji Town. 

The wonderful nature and pleasant climate will amaze you as you can’t get enough of this lagoon. You can observe eye-catching landscapes, hear various migrated birds singing. Qashqai nomads used to take their cattle to this area and fed them. So it has a long history for their tribe. Choghakhor Lagoon gets filled by the water of the springs and spas in Kalar Mount. It’s the habitat for a rare fish Gambusia type called Zebra Fish.

There are facilities like drinking water, washroom, seats, and parking space, and a built road near Choghakhor Lagoon. If you’re are interested in fishing, Choghakhor Lagoon is the right place for that. You can also go on boating or cycling on some routes. Walking in the hills full of aromatic flowers can be an unforgettable experience.

Trekking around the lagoon, you will observe many natural attractions. The area has a rich flora, we help you to find some plants, you can brew and drink. You have the option to hike Kalar Mount, in case you’re equipped well and physically prepared. The best to visit this lagoon is spring and summers.

In case, you’re interested in buying local souvenirs, there are nearby shops for buying Boldaji Gaz and Sohan (the traditional sweets). Boldaji is a town nearby which is very famous for its Gaz as the plant used in this sweet grows in the same area. You can also try dairy products of locals, which are very tasty and organic.

At the end of this tour, you have the option to go back to Isfahan or stay more for other tours. At night, you will enjoy the pure sky with shining stars and relax in the peaceful nomadic area.


Location: Isfahan
Time: Morning


Location: Isfahan
Time: Night

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Natural Landscapes
Qashqai area
Traditional Lifestyles in Rural Habitat
Choghakhor Lagoon

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Cultural Attractions

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Day 1

Leaving Isfahan and driving to Boroujen
Stop at Siasard Recreational Center
Having Breakfast
Visiting Some Historical Houses
Arriving in Boroujen

Accommodation in the Resort
Heading to Choghakhor Lagoon
Spending Time in the Area
Having Lunch

Fishing or Cycling
Walking in the Hills of Flowers
Trekking the Foothill

Going Back to the Resort
Stay For More Tours or Return to Isfahan

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Created with Sketch. Choghakhor Lagoon, Iran


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