Iran’s holiday and festivals are the culmination of thousands of years and hundreds of various cultures. From joyous celebrations to mournings of classical figures, Iranians put heavy emphasis on involving as many people as possible in all occasions. We invite you to check out and review some of the most famous events on the Iranian calendar. Experience the organized marching band of Ashura or celebrate the first of day of Spring in Nowruz. Whether you are looking for local eats, grand ceremonies or even just small local traditions, Iranian holidays have something for all tastes.

  • Religious Holidays are according to lunar Hijri calendar. Since the exact date of new year in this calendar depends on lunar cycles, holidays may shift one day after or before above mentioned days.
  • Christmas celebration
  • Persian Holiday
Gregorian DatesPersian DatesWeekdayIranian National Holiday (Official)Zoroastrian HolidayMuslim Holiday
 Dec 20 202030 Azar 1399SundayYalda Night
Dec 25 20205 Dey 1399FridayChristmas celebration
Jan 1 2112 Dey 1399FridayNew year
Jan 17 202120 Bahman 1399SaturdayMartyrdom of Fatima-Zahra
Feb 11 202122 Bahman 1399MondayAnniversary of Islamic Revolution of Iran
Mar 16 202126 Esfand 1399TuesdayChaharshanbe Soori
Mar 19 202129 Esfand 1399FridayNationalization of iranian oil industry
Mar 21 20211 Farvardin 1400SundayNowruz (Persian New Year)Persian New Year
Mar 22 20212 Farvardin 1400MondayNowruz HolidayNowruz
Mar 23 20213 Farvardin 1400TuesdayNowruz HolidayNowruz
Mar 24 20214 Farvardin 1400SundayNowruz HolidayNowruz
Mar 29 20219 Farvardin 1400MondayImam Mahdi’s birthdayImam Mahdi’s birthday
Apr 1 202112 Farvardin 1400ThursdayIslamic Republic Day
Apr 2 202113 Farvardin 1400FridayNature DaySizdah Bedar
May 1 202111 Ordibehesht 1400SaturdayGhadr night
May 3 202113 Ordibehesht 1400MondayGhadr night
May 4 202114 Ordibehesht 1400TuesdayMartyrdom of Imam AliMartyrdom of Imam Ali
May 3 202115 Ordibehesht 1400WednesdayGhadr night
May 13 202123 Ordibehesht 1400ThursdayFitr EidFitr Eid
Jun 4 202114 Khordad 1400FridayImam Khomeini’s
Jun 5 202115 Khordad 1400ThursdayThe 15 Khordad Uprising
Jun 6 202116 Khordad 1400SundayMartyrdom of Imam
Jafar Sadegh
Martyrdom of Imam
Jafar Sadegh
July 21 202130 Tir 1400WednesdayGhorban EidGhorban Eeid
July 29 20217 Mordad 1400ThursdayGhadir-e Khom EidGhadir-e Khom Eeid
August 18 202127 Mordad 1400WednesdayTasouaTasoua
August 19 202128 Mordad 1400ThursdayAshouraDay of the martyrdom of Imam Hossein
September 27 2021 5 Mehr 1400MondayArbaeen-e HosseiniArbaeen-e Hosseini
October 2 202110 Mehr 1400SaturdayMehregan Thanksgiving
October 5 202113 Mehr 1400TuesdayProphet Muhammad ‘s
demise | Imam Hassan
Mojtaba Martyrdom
Muhammad Prophet passed away on this day |
Martyrdom of Imam Hassan Mojtaba
October 7 202115 Mehr 1400ThursdayMartyrdom of Imam
Martyrdom of Imam Reza
October 15 202123 Mehr 1400FridayMartyrdom of Imam
Hassan Askari
Martyrdom of Imam Hassan Askari
October 15 20212 Aban 1400SundayBirthday of Muhammad
Prophet |
Birthday of Imam Jaafar
-e Sadegh
Birthday of Muhammad
Prophet |
Birthday of Imam Jaafar
-e Sadegh
December 21 202130 Azar 1400TuesdayYalda night
December 25 20214 Dey 1400SaturdayChristmas celebration
January 1 202211 Dey 1400SaturdayNew year
January 6 202216 Dey 1400TuesdayMartyrdom of Fatima-Zahra
February 11 202222 Bahman 1400FridayAnniversary of Islamic Revolution of Iran
February 15 202226 Bahman 1400SundayBirthday of Imam AliBirthday of Imam Ali
March 1 202210 Esfand 1400TuesdayProphet’s Ascension
March 15 202224 Esfand 1400TuesdayChaharshanbe Soori
March 18 202227 Esfand 1400FridayImam Mahdi’s BirthdayImam Mahdi’s Birthday
March 20 202229 Esfand 1400SundayNationalization of
Iranian Oil Industry
March 21 20221 Farvardin 1401MondayNowruz (Persian New Year)Persian New Year
Mar 22 20222 Farvardin 1401TuesdayNowruz HolidayNowruz
Mar 23 20223 Farvardin 1401WednesdayNowruz HolidayNowruz
Mar 24 20224 Farvardin 1401ThursdayNowruz HolidayNowruz
Apr 1 202212 Farvardin 1401FridayIslamic Republic Day
Apr 2 202213 Farvardin 1401SaturdayNature DaySizdah Bedar
May 13 202223 Ordibehesht 1401FridayGhadr night
May 15 202225 Ordibehesht 1401SundayGhadr night
May 16 202226 Ordibehesht 1401MondayMartyrdom of Imam AliMartyrdom of Imam Ali
May 17 202227 Ordibehesht 1401TuesdayGhadr night
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