Is It Safe to Travel to Iran in 2020?

Iran started the year with several rocky events. There were protests about rising fuel prices, a US drone strike on a major Iranian General, and the crash of a Ukranian passenger flight. Understandably, travelers are concerned about their safety and are asking whether they should still travel to Iran. Considering the state of the Iranian [...]
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Vegan Options In Iran – Stews, Rice Dishes & Plenty of Eggplants

Being a vegan, you may wonder how to travel to Iran, a country full of kebabs. Of course, Iran is a heavily meat-based country, but you can find many vegan Persian foods. You just need to get familiar with Iranian dishes and then choose them based on your diet. However, being a vegan in Iran, […]

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Bus Rides in Iran – Cheap, Convenient and Reliable

Traveling inside Iran can happen through different modes of transportation. It can be any of the modes including airplanes, trains, taxies, or domestic buses. Bus travel is common among people. Iranian families like to experience it especially when they are traveling in groups. One can carry about 20-kilogram loads while having Iran bus travel. Although […]

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Iran Culture Shock – What Need to Know about Iranian People

Iranian social behavior mostly comes from religious and cultural backgrounds. Iran as a Muslim- Shia country has its own unique rules and obligations. Some of the social behaviors are not very surprising but some are. Knowing about Iran’s cultural shocks is really helpful for better communication with Iranian families. Family values and social customs, particularly […]

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Best Time to Visit Iran

The best time to visit Iran depends on your choice of the climate because you can find different and pleasing weather in different parts of the country. If you like to visit Iran, and want to stay in the cold areas, you may visit Iran in autumn and winter. Winter starts in late December and [...]
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