Nemooneh Restaurant

Nemooneh Restaurant, located in North Ferdowsi, Narvan Shopping center, Qazvin is a restaurant that satisfies every taste. Their blue and golden chairs have a Persian royalty theme. The halls are long, making you feel like you are inside a Persian palace. They serve all kinds of food, both traditional and modern. Their Italy Salad is [...]
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Negarossaltaneh Cafe

Sadolsaltaneh Caravanserai is located in Khomeini street and is close to the old Bazaar of Qazvin. It is a masterpiece made of mud-bricks and tile works. Negarossaltaneh Cafe is situated in Vazir Raste (a part of the Caravanserai). It has the same structure as the Caravanserai and is designed with beautiful brick domes, tiles, along [...]
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