Naz Islands are two tiny Islands only a 1000 meters away from the shores of Qeshm. These Islands are a part of Qeshm Island during low tides, and in high tides they get seperated and become their own. But even then, the depth of the water is so low, that you can walk from Qeshm to Naz and only get wet to your ankles.

One of the most mesmerizing facts about these Islands is how they get seperated and attached to qeshm with every tide. Even more interesting is how you can walk, drive or even ride a horse between these Islands and not worry about any danger of drowning. These Islands are so close to Qeshm that you could see them from afar.

Naz Islands don’t have much luxury to offer, however they offer you splendid scenery and also the once-in-a-lifetime chance to walk on water. You can spend your time there feeling the persian gulf at your feet, the water on your skin, and the air on your cheeks. There are activities like paragliding, off-road driving, jet skiing,and kayaking available in Naaz Islands. You can also experience scuba diving at one of Iran’s most attractive scuba resorts.

While at the Naz Islands, make sure to check out the sea oil platform that has been there for years now and has become a place for sea corals to grow. Ask the locals about the story behind it. Also visit the buildings that have never had permanent residents. According to locals, they were rooms for fishermen to take rest in, on fishing days.

You will leave Naz Islands as a different person. Having the feelings you have experienced never before and probably never feel again. Accept the locals as they are trying to make you feel at home. Take in what this spectacular place on earth has to offer and become a part of it. Harmonize yourself with mother earth, let go and enjoy your time there.


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