Mazandaran Travel Guide

For so many travelers, Mazandaran is a province of fabulous jungles, colorful dresses, hospitable locals, and tasty foods. It is one of the most famous destinations in Iran among domestic and foreign travelers. It offers visitors so many activities to do. You can find either a luxury hotel to stay or a unique spot in the heart of jungles to camp. There are various hiking trails and numerous natural sites awaiting you in Mazandaran.

What to Do in Mazandaran?

We recommend you to go to Mazandaran with car via the Chalous Route to be mesmerized by all its beauties. Ramsar is referred to as the “bride of Iran’s cities”, so you must make a visit there; Ramsar Palace, Ramsar Museum of Anthropology, and Ramsar Cable Car are the prominent sites of this fabulous city.

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Caspian Sea Full Board Tour

Not to mention the very amazing and breathtaking Javaher-Deh Village right next to it. It is worth spending a night at.  Churat Lake, Tonekabon Bridge, Veresk Bridge, Alam Kuh, and Abbas-abd Jungle are only a few of the innumerable natural sites you should visit in Mazandaran. Namak Abrood also offers recreational facilities and hobbies including telecabin, paintball right in the mysterious forests, and sleigh riding in the heart of forest and surrounded by trees.
North of Iran offers a wide range of foods made with fresh vegetables. The good news is that so many of them are also suitable for vegetarians like Mirza Ghasemi and Molaghorme Stew. In case you are not a vegan, do not miss Akbar Joujeh which is a chicken dish with pomegranate sauce and Fesenjan stew.

When is the Best Time to Visit Mazandaran?

The remarkable point is that almost all times of the year is suitable for visiting Mazandaran since it offers its visitors various beauties based on the season. But if you are more of a forest enthusiast in fall, we highly recommend you to make your visit between May to November to enjoy the countless and astounding colors of the trees and forests.

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Natural and Recreational Attractions to Visit in Mazandaran

1. Badab Soort Spring

Badab Soort spring - Mazandaran - IranBadab Soort spring or Badab Surt is a stepped natural spring in the south of Sari, in the village of Soort. This spring is a national natural Heritage. The beautiful colored ponds that have been created as a result of the high concentration of iron oxide deposits have made this spring unique. In addition to wild barberry bushes around the spring, coniferous forests stand out in the heights.

2. Noshahr Eco-biology and Botanical Garden

Noshahr Botanical Garden is another national monument of Iran that belongs to the second Pahlavi period. This 35-hectare garden is one of the oldest botanical gardens in the country. In addition to preserving rare and endangered species, this complex also helps educate people. There are a variety of tree and shrub species, onions, herbaceous plants, cactus, and carnivorous and perennial plants.

3. Mount Damavand

Mount Damavand, in the Larijan section of Amol city, is the first-registered natural heritage of Iran. Damavand, which is the highest volcanic peak in Iran, has been a symbol of the greatness and glory of the country. And it has played a significant role in the literature and history of our country.

4. Soleyman Tangeh Dam

Soleyman Tangeh Dam, also known as Shahid Rajaei Dam or Do Dangeh Dam, is one of the most beautiful places in Sari. They put this dam put into operation in 1991. The pleasant climate, unique nature, and entertainments such as boating, fishing, and sea buses are just some of the attractions of this dam. Around this promenade, there are facilities such as bowers for staying during the day and night, rental houses, supermarkets, restaurants, etc.Soleyman Tangeh Dam - Mazandaran - Iran

5. Valasht Lake

Valasht Lake is a freshwater lake, southwest of Chalous city northeast of Kelardasht. It offers visitors an unparalleled and magical view. Spring and summer are the best times to visit this lake and you can use its amenities and recreation facilities such as water recreation, restaurant, cafe, accommodation suites, supermarket, bathroom, and so on.

6. Sari Melal Park

Melal Park, on the banks of the Tajan River in Sari, is equipped with a parking lot, children’s play equipment, a pedestrian and bicycle track, a cable-stayed bridge, green space, etc. The park is connected to Ghaem Park by a bridge, which is located on the other side of the river.

7. Komishan Cave

Komishan ancient cave dates back to the Middle Stone Age. Archaeologists believe that early humans lived in this cave and other surrounding caves up to seven to twelve thousand years ago. This cave is one of the sights of Neka. It is also a national heritage site.

8. Raash (Beech) Forest

Raash Forest - Mazandaran - IranRaash Forest or Rush Forest with its beautiful nature, in Sangdeh village, brings you moments of peace. This forest is not only the place where one of the rare species of beech grows but also has a beautiful waterfall in its heart.

9. Ramsar Telecabin Complex

Ramsar cable car recreation complex is one of the sights of Mazandaran. Due to the cable car, recreational spaces (karting, amusement park, marine entertainment club, zip line, and suspension bridge), shopping and accommodation centers, It is a very popular spot for both local and foreign tourists.

10. Namakabroud Beach Resort

Namakabroud Beach Resort is equipped with a sailing pier, a traditional teahouse, pavilions for travelers, restaurants, small suites, shops offering goods and services, etc. for the entertainment of tourists.

11. Churat Lake

Churat Lake or Churet Lake is one of the best destinations for nature tours; Especially when there is a thin mist on the surface of the water and you can hear the sound of birdsongs. This lake is located near the village of Churat, between Sari and Kiasar.

12. Ab Pari Waterfall

The area of ​​Ab Pari, which is one of the attractions of Nur City, has a waterfall of the same name in its heart. In this area, the trees have grown at a short distance from each other. And fortunately, most of the pristine areas have remained untouched. This area is the neighbor of “Kojoor” and “Yush”.Ab Pari Waterfall - Mazandaran - Iran

13. D0-Hezar and Se-Hezar Road

D0-Hezar and Se-Hezar Road is the most beautiful forest route in northern Iran, in Tonekabon. This road starts from Tonekabon and reaches the forests of D0-Hezar and Se-Hezar area in the heights of Mazandaran. These forests and their natural attractions are among the most prominent sights of Mazandaran. And many tourists visit these areas throughout the year.

The entire forests of D0-Hezar and Se-Hezar are covered by Hyrcanian trees. And you can see springs and roaring waterfalls in the corners of these forests.

14. Elimalat Lake

Lake Elimalat is one of the sights of Nur city, on its way to Chamestan. Due to its location in the middle of the forest, Lake Elimalat reminds you of the tropics. Part of the access road to the lake passes through towering trees and offers unparalleled views. The beautiful nature around the lake, with the trees growing close to the shore and embracing the lake, creates a truly spectacular landscape.

15. Lar Plain

Lar plain is one of the scenic plains of Iran, on the border of Tehran and Mazandaran provinces. This beautiful plain is one of the pristine and spectacular destinations for nature tourism and walking in the heart of nature. Lar plain or Lar National Park is a no-hunting area and is under environmental protection.

Lar Plain - Mazandaran - IranLar plain is also called wild anemone plain. And in spring, this plain is covered with red anemones and various flowers. Lar Dam and Lar Lake, the beautiful view of Damavand, waterfalls, rivers, mountains, and heights, and charming and dreamy landscapes are among the sights of this green plain.

16. Naz Protected Area

Naz Protected Area (10 top natural attractions in Iran) , with more than 447 plant species, is a unique and exceptional habitat in the heart of the Hyrcanian forests. This area, in the heart of the mountains, is a refuge for various animal species, as well. Naz Area is best known for a rare species of deer, Dama. This shelter in Sari is under the supervision of the Environment Organization. And due to the special ecosystem of this place, you need to get permission to pay a visit. Dasht-e Naz, Naz Protected Area, is one of the sights of Sari that attracts many tourists every year.

17. The Lake of Ghosts

Noshahr Ghost Lake is one of the most beautiful and at the same time strange places in Mazandaran province. This lake, which is also popular as “hornbeam”, is located between Nur city and Noshahr, in forested heights. The area around the lake is covered with alder and hornbeam trees.

Broken trees inside the lake plus the fog and swampy water of this lake create a spooky atmosphere in this area. and for this reason, this natural attraction is known as one of the most mysterious places in northern Iran. The length of this lake is about 700 meters and its width is about 300 meters.The Lake of Ghosts - Mazandaran - Iran

18. Hasal Lagoon

Hasel Lagoon is one of the amazing attractions of Chalous. It is hidden like a dormant beauty in a lush forest with towering trees. To reach this dreamy and beautiful lagoon, you have to walk in the heart of a magical forest. And the further you go, the more acidic and sour the air becomes. Thus, it means you are close to this amazing place.

The surface of this lagoon is half a centimeter in diameter covered with algae. And in different seasons of the year, they turn the surface of the water into green, pink, and red colors.

19. Dalkhani Jungle

Ramsar Dalkhani Jungle, also known as Paradise Corridor, is the flagship of Ramsar’s tourist attractions. In this forest, you can enjoy driving through a dream tunnel of soaring trees and pleasant foggy weather. Or you can spend some time in the green hills overlooking the stunning scenery with absolute calm. You can even hunt the pure subjects of nature photography.

20. Gazou Waterfall

Gazou waterfall is less known due to its location in a pristine and forested area. Furthermore, its access route is a bit difficult. But it is clean and green. When you reach Gazou waterfall, watching its magical charm eliminates the tiredness of the road. This waterfall is a great destination for nature lovers who will experience an exceptional day by hiking in the forest, mountaineering, and rock climbing.

Gazou Waterfall Mazandaran - IranIn fact, this high waterfall consists of two falls. The first waterfall is five meters high and the second waterfall is about 43 meters high. Under the waterfall, there is a pool full of water. And it makes it the best place to escape from the hot days of spring and summer. You can take a dip in its cool and invigorating water.

21. Si Sangan Forest Park

Si Sangan Forest Park is one of the most famous forest parks in Mazandaran and Iran. The extraordinary vegetation of Si Sangan, along with its first-class amenities and recreation facilities, has made it a popular attraction among tourists. Its extent and location by the sea are the two main features of Si Sangan Forest Park.  This park is located 27 km from Noshahr to Noor Road.

22. Alborz Dam

Alborz Dam or Lafour Dam in the heart of Lafour Forest offers a beautiful and pleasant view for nature lovers. And for this reason, it is crowded in all seasons. Thus, it rarely happens that you can find yourself here alone. Additionally, the route to this dam is beautiful in its own way and passes through the heart of forests, springs, and unique waterfalls.

However, the best time to visit this place is preferably spring or summer. If you want to spend your time in the heart of nature, tents and basic facilities for setting up a camp are among the necessities of this trip.

23. Harijan Waterfall

Harijan is one of the temperate regions in Mazandaran province. And it is one of the sights of Kelardasht. With a few hours’ drive, the residents of the capital, Tehran, can spend a good weekend here, at the foot of the high Harijan waterfall. This waterfall is about 80 meters high.

24. Miankaleh Lagoon Miankaleh Lagoon - Mazandaran - Iran

Miankaleh lagoon is one of the sights of Behshahr, which attracts lots of nature lovers with its pristine and beautiful landscapes and unique vegetation. But for tourists and enthusiasts of the environment and wildlife, its most prominent feature is the attractiveness of the bird-watching phenomenon in autumn and winter.

Watching the sunrise and sunset of the Miankaleh Lagoon mixed with the song of birds, feels really something This wetland, also known as “Mian Qala“, is the last remnant of the semi-wooded region of the Caspian Sea. Furthermore, its area is about 70,000 hectares.

25. Chaldarreh Forest Park

Chaldereh Forest Park is located in the west of Mazandaran province with a lush and friendly environment. The boundless silence and tranquility of this forest park are such that they can immerse you in a dreamy ecstasy. It is as if time stops in this place. Chaldereh’s pristine nature with its tall trees and forest huts between two rivers and unique landscapes attracts the attention of every viewer. Also, the convenient facilities of the park are another reason for its popularity among tourists.

26. Danial Cave

Danial Cave is one of the most beautiful caves, with a river inside it, in the country. With its forest access route, constant internal temperature, and millions of years old stalagmites and stalactites, Danial Cave is one of the most valuable destinations for nature lovers and cavers in the north of the country.

27. Taraz Waterfalls

Taraz Waterfalls are located in Savadkooh city, among Hyrcanian forests, in the Lafour area. The Hyrcanian forests are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The lifespan of these forests is estimated at 25 to 50 million years. And some believe that these forests date back to the dinosaur era.

Taraz Waterfalls - Mazandaran - IranAccording to them, these forests are a lasting and living heritage from the Jurassic era. The forests of Taraz and the region of Lafour are very mysterious. These forests have underground passages, caves, and tunnels that only the old locals know about.

28. Tirkan Seven Waterfalls

Seven waterfalls are one of the most beautiful attractions of Savadkuh. These spectacular waterfalls near Babol, date back forty million years. As the name implies, the complex of seven large and small stepped waterfalls has created this beautiful attraction.

29. Mirza Kuchak Khan Forest Park

Mirza Kuchak Khan Forest Park, with an area of ​​440 hectares, is located at 16 km of Amol-Tehran road. There are appropriate facilities in the park such as pavilions, drinking water, bathrooms, stoves, tables and benches, restaurants and coffee shops, tent platforms, children’s play equipment, and a riding area.

30. Niloufar Abi (Water Lily) Park

Niloufar Abi Park is one of the most attractive and beautiful tourist attractions in Sari. It has an area of ​​45 hectares. There are three large natural lagoons. In one of them which is an area of about ​​two hectares, there are lots of beautiful water lilies.

31. Khanikan Forest Park

Khanikan Forest Park, also known as Neyrang Forest, is located approximately five kilometers from Nowshahr, near Neyrang Road. This park, which offers you different views of the northern forests, is one of the natural destinations and tourist attractions of Nowshahr. The best time to visit Khanikan Forest Park is spring with beautiful flowers and autumn with the thousand-colored leaves of hornbeam trees. Due to the fact that the Khanikan forest becomes highly humid during the summer, you will cool down only in the shade of the trees and when there is a gentle breeze.

32. Savasare WaterfallSavasare Waterfall - Mazandaran - Iran

Savasare Waterfall is one of the sights of Nur near Baladeh village. At a height of 100 meters, the water of this waterfall falls with great intensity from top to bottom and creates a beautiful landscape. You can watch the Baladeh area at the height of the waterfall. In addition to Savasareh, there are numerous other waterfalls in this mountainous area.

33. Nashtarud Lagoon

Five kilometers from Tonekabon in the center of Nashtaroud, you can find Nashtaroud Lagoon. It has a length of three kilometers and a width of 50 meters. Almost all the north-south alleys of Neshtarud city lead to the Neshtarood lagoon. This lagoon, which is one of the sights of Tonekabon, is the spawning ground of carp, Caspian kutum, mullet, and Pikes. Moreover, in winter, you can see ducks and Eurasian teal.

If you are interested in fishing and hunting, you can find a beautiful, calm, and pleasant place on the sides of this lagoon.

34. Babol Roud River

Babol Roud or Babolrood river and boating docks are definitely one of the main tourist attractions of Babolsar. This river divides the city into two parts. Fortunately, this place is one of the most popular recreational places in this beautiful city. And there are suitable recreational facilities around it. The park and the green space created along the river, along with the boating docks, the inns, the restaurants, and the coffee shops, have doubled the beauty and popularity of this area.

35. Sange-No Waterfall

Sang-e No waterfall is located in the southern part of Behshahr, in the heart of the forest. The water has created a rocky pool under the waterfall. The surrounding vegetation mainly includes wild oak, hornbeam, different kinds of fern, and so on.

36. Khezrabad Beach

Khezrabad Beach - Mazandaran - Iran35 km north of Sari, you can visit Khezrabad Beach. It is one of the most beautiful beaches and tourist attractions in Sari. This area is known for the recreational complexes of various government offices.

37. Falakdeh Spa

Falakdeh hot spring is one of the spectacular hot springs in Mazandaran province. The scenic nature of the area has doubled the beauty of the spa. This spa, in addition to its stunning beauty, also looks mysterious. ‌Because there is a cold spring next to it. It is surrounded by dense forests and wooded mountains.

In most hot springs, sulfur causes a bad odor. But this is not the case with Falakdeh. The water of Falakdeh hot spring has a medium temperature and its main feature is the lack of sulfur. The lack of sulfur makes it possible to swim in it without any problems.

38. Nowshahr Local Bazaar

Nowshahr Local Bazaar is one of the most interesting sights of Nowshahr. This local and daily market is more attractive than many passages and large shopping malls. It is full of fresh food from vegetables to garlic, fresh and salted fish, pickles, rice, and other delicious northern delicacies.

Summer Villages to Visit in Mazandaran

1. Kandolus

Kandolus in Noshahr is a village of great historical value that with the construction of the world’s first rural museum, allows you to visit the region from the second millennium BC to the Qajar period. Not only does this village have amazing nature, but it is also a good destination for summer travel thanks to its convenient tourist facilities.

2. FilbandFilband - Mazandaran - Iran

Filband is the highest village in the eastern part of Mazandaran province, which welcomes locals and tourists in the warm months of the year. But it is often uninhabited in the cold months. Jangal-e Abr (Cloud Forest) is perhaps the most important and attractive feature of this summer region that you should not miss. In fact, watching this sea of ​​clouds and the extraordinary view of the clouds passing under your feet will make you an unforgettable memory.

3. Mazichal

Near Kelardasht, at an altitude of 2600 meters above sea level, there is Mazichal. Therefore, as you can imagine, it is a green area with amazing views. In addition to the many oak trees that make Mazichal special, the forests, wooden huts, and wildflowers, the possibility of camping in the highlands and watching the starry night sky and enjoying the sea of clouds, attract many tourists to this summer area. The experience of hiking and filling the lungs with fresh air also increases the pleasure of being in Mazichal.

4. Javaher Deh

Javaher Deh village is one of the summer villages with a pleasant climate in Ramsar. If you visit this place at the right time, you will see clouds flying under your feet. In addition to the village itself, which has a very beautiful nature due to waterfalls, springs, forests, pastures, peaks, etc., the access route to it is full of spectacular attractions. On the way, there are seasonal and permanent waterfalls, Saffarood Forest Park, and Swan lake.

5. Jennat Rudbar

Jennat Rudbar - Mazandaran - IranJennat Rudbar village, southwest of Ramsar, is a summer village in the middle of the mountains and on a plain by the river. Many tourists travel to this place during the warm months of the year to enjoy the cool weather.

While crossing the Dalkhani forest to reach the village, as well as exploring the green pastures and hills, visiting the old houses of the village, etc., are just some of the attractions of traveling to this village.

6. Kelardasht

In the middle of the Karaj-Chalous road, there is one of the most touristic areas in the north of the country, Kelardasht. Good facilities, fresh air, beautiful nature, and extraordinary scenery have made Kelardasht a great option for tourism.

7. Kheshevash

Kheshevash is a very beautiful summer village among the clouds, about 80 km from the center of Amol. Tourists who choose this area for their travel destination to escape the summer heat should spend the night by the heater! In this summer village, you will see any kind of weather from sunny to rainy and Jangal-e Abr during the day. Walking through the streets of the village, watching the old houses, clear springs, beautiful plains, and unforgettable scenery is attractive for any tourist.

8. Lavij

Lavij, in Noor city, with its spectacular nature, shows its unique beauties in every season of the year. In addition to that, the natural spa is one of the main reasons for tourists to visit Lavij. Lavij market, where they sell pickles, handicrafts, natural honey, local products, Lavij fish, etc. is another attractive part of the village.

9. Garasma SarGarasma Sar - Mazandaran - Iran

Garasma Sar is like a green jewel in the nature of Ramsar, which shows off with beautiful plains, high mountains, cool springs, etc. This summer region also has cool weather in the warm months of the year. Moreover, it fascinates tourists with its lush pastures and hills, rich and fertile vegetation, old village houses, Hyrcanian forests, etc.

Historical Attractions to Visit in Mazandaran

1. Behshahr Mellat Park

Mellat Park or Bagh-e Shah is one of the attractions of Behshahr. It’s a great place for walking, sports, and sightseeing. While walking and enjoying the beauties of this park, you can visit the white mansion “Chehelstone Mansion” and “Divan-Khaneh Mansion“, as well. These mansions double the beauty of the park.

2. Sari Clock Square

In the center of Sari you can pay a visit to Clock Square which is the symbol of this city. They built the tower of this square in 1930 with Iranian and European architectural features. But unfortunately, it was destroyed in 1965. However, in 1976, the authorities decided to build a clock tower with a newer design. The old tower had two Russian clocks. But the current one has four clocks that are Japanese(Iran destinations).

3. Abbas Abad Historical Garden

Abbas Abad historical garden is one of the largest Iranian gardens in Behshahr city. This garden is also a national heritage of the country. They built this 500-hectare complex by the order of Shah Abbas I of the Safavid dynasty. It includes a dam, a reservoir, a flower garden, a palace, a bath, two brick towers, a water mill, and a dam lake.

4. Veresk Bridge

Veresk Bridge - Mazandaran - IranVeresk Bridge is one of the most famous historical bridges in Iran. They built this bridge for train tracks in the north of the country, in two years. It is a national heritage, of course.

The bridge played an important role in the fate of World War II, and without it, the outcome of the war would be different. In addition, Versk Bridge is one of the most valuable technical and architectural works of the country’s railway in terms of engineering.

5. Lajim Tower

Lajim Tower is one of the important historical monuments of Savad Kooh city, which dates back to the fifth century AH. The tower has a simple conical dome and in the belt, under the dome, there are two inscriptions in Kufic and Pahlavi script. These two inscriptions show that the rulers of that time paid attention to the art of the pre-Islamic period as well as the common script during the Sassanid rule.

6. Moallem Boulevard in Ramsar

Moallem Boulevard is one of the most memorable and important attractions of Ramsar. And without visiting it your trip to this city is incomplete. This boulevard is not only one of the most beautiful urban boulevards in Iran. But its importance has caused it to be on the national heritage list of Iran. Interestingly, the beginning of the boulevard is at the foot of mountains and the end ends at the sea.

7. Vaziri Bath

Vaziri Bath is a part of the Vaziri mansion from the Qajar period. In fact, in Ab Anbarno alley, which is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Sari, there is a large museum, of which the Vaziri bath is one of its parts.Vaziri Bath - Mazandaran - Iran

8. Babol Jameh Mosque

The Grand Mosque of Babol has a long history, although there is much debate about when they built it. Especially since the inscriptions in the mosque area refer to the Qajar period. This mosque has two entrances, one minaret, and two courtyards.

9. Sorkh Abad Church

Sorkhabad Church is one of the smallest churches in the world. You can find it in Sorkhabad village in Savadkooh. This church belongs to the first Pahlavi period. In fact, the Christian engineers who came to Savadkooh to build the railway built the place for the worship of the railway workers.

This Church is on Iran’s National Heritage List, as well.

10. Markuh Castle

One of the important features of Markouh Castle is its architectural similarity to Babak Castle. The view of this castle is one of its most attractive features. Markouh Castle is one of the strategic castles from the top of which you can see a beautiful view of the sea. The image of the Alborz mountains is another view that you can enjoy from the top of the castle. Another thing that adds to the visits to the castle is the location of hot springs in this area next to Markouh Castle.

This castle is on Iran’s Heritage List, as well.

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11. Sefid Chaah Cemetery

Sefid Chah Cemetery (The White Well Cemetery), also known as “White Cemetery”, is one of the sights of Behshahr. It is the first Muslim cemetery in Iran, dating back to the Timurid period. The locals believe that the bodies of the dead will not rot in this cemetery. A belief that, according to research, is somewhat correct.

Sefid Chaah Cemetery - Mazandaran - IranAccording to studies conducted by various soil science institutes, the soil of this cemetery has a lot of lime. Therefore, the bodies in such soils decompose over a longer period of time. The reason for naming this cemetery is also due to its white soil, which is due to its high level of lime.

12. Safi Abad Palace

In the middle of a garden with dimensions of 25 by 25, there is Safi Abad Palace with its two floors. According to some narrations, there were beautiful murals in this palace that have been destroyed over time. They built Safiabad Palace during the reign of Shah Safi, the son of Shah Abbas. And of course, it was one of Shah Abbas’s favorite buildings. The palace was badly damaged by Afghans; But during the Afshari period, they repaired and rebuilt it.

13. Resket Tower

Resket Tower is one of the most important brick towers in Iran which has a unique geometric and architectural miracle. It is possible that this building is the tomb of a prince from the Bavand dynasty of Mazandaran. According to them, they built it in the fifth century AH. What adds to the value of the tower is an inscription in the Pahlavi script that it has.

14. Mohammad Hasan Khan Bridge

Mohammad Hassan Khan Bridge is one of the historical monuments in Babol. And it dates back to the early reign of Karim Khan Zand. They built this bridge by the order of the ancestor of “Agha Mohammad Khan Qajar” Mohammad Hassan Khan. Agha Mohammad Khan Qajar was the one who defeated “Karim Khan Zand” and captured the city of Babol and other parts of Mazandaran. Therefore, they built the bridge on the Babol river to give their thanks to the people of the city.

15. Soltan Zayn al-Abidin Tower

You can visit Soltan Zayn al-Abidin Tower in Sari city in Mazandaran province. It is one of the historical and old buildings of this province. The tower of Sultan Soltan Zayn al-Abidin Marashi dates back to the middle of the ninth century AH and the time of the Agh Quyunlus. The building of this tower with an approximate height of 20 meters, consists of three parts: the body, the neck, and the octagonal pyramidal dome.

16. Sar Tappeh Railway BridgeSar Tappeh Railway Bridge - Mazandaran - Iran

Sar Tappeh Railway Bridge dates back to the first Pahlavi period. It is one of the sights of Savadkuh. This bridge is on Iran’s National Heritage List.

17. Gadouk Caravanserai

Gadouk Caravanserai belongs to the reign of Shah Abbas Safavid. They also call it Shah Abbas Caravanserai. There are three rooms in front of the main entrance, which were probably the royal residence. Due to its geographical location and extreme cold, Gaduk Caravanserai is a type of caravanserai with mountain architecture. Thus, it is completely covered.

Museums to Visit in Mazandaran

1. Sari Museum

Sari History Museum is located in Manouchehr Khan Kalbadi Mansion. The mansion dates back to the late Qajar period. It is also a national heritage of Iran. This museum includes sections on anthropology, archeology, and handicrafts.

2. Amol History Museum

The Amol History Museum includes archeology, anthropology, and historical documents sections. Historical objects dating back to the third millennium BC are also in this three-story building on display. The coin section is one of the interesting parts of the Amol Museum. You can see the illustrated history of calligraphy, ancient customs, face makeup, and the type of clothing of kings, here.

3. Babol Ganjineh Museum

Babol Museum or Babol Ganjineh Museum includes sections on archeology, anthropology, and wood. In the archeology section, you can visit items from prehistoric and Islamic periods.

Babol Ganjineh Museum - Mazandaran - IranThe anthropology section in the hall is relatively large and from agricultural tools to the clothes of the people of Mazandaran, Gilan, Turkmen, Mazandaran women’s tent weaving, Turkmen women, Sahara handicrafts, etc are on display. A museum hall is also dedicated to the wooden heritage of Mazandaran.

4. Ramsar Palace Museum

They built Ramsar Palace Museum in 1937,  in a large garden full of various plants and trees. This museum is also known by other names such as Marble Palace, Ramsar Garden, and so on. The museum exhibits valuable artifacts from the archaeological finds of the Caspian region. There are also items woven by Iranian artists, paintings by the world’s great painters, and bronze and stone sculptures.

5. Khoshkeh-Daran Natural History Museum

Khoshkeh-Daran Natural History Museum, in the Neshtaroud area towards Abbasabad, includes different species of animals and plants. This museum has a taxidermy collection of animals in the northern part of Iran.

6. Kandelous Museum

Kandelous Museum is another museum in Mazandaran province. It includes various sections such as historical documents, jewelry, textiles and clothing, manuscripts, coffee house paintings, etc. Among the valuable works of this museum, we can mention Parthian, Sassanid, and Ilkhanid coins, manuscripts of the Holy Quran, and Jami related to 1800 BC.

7. Nima Yushij House MuseumNima Yushij House Museum - Mazandaran - Iran

Nima Yoshij Museum was actually the residence of the father of modern Persian poetry, Nima Yoshij. This museum includes sections such as the royal room, public rooms, winter section, summer section, courtyard, and three entrances. You can find the museum Yosh village. You can see his personal belongings such as glasses, pens, clothes, manuscripts, etc. here.

8. Ramsar Museum of Anthropology

Ramsar Museum of Anthropology is one of the sights of Ramsar. there are booths to display a variety of tools and equipment used by the people of the northern regions. Interestingly, the interior of the museum is similar to a traditional northern house. And it dazzles visitors with items such as flower pots, salted fish, night-weaving tents, etc.

9. Mokarrameh Ghanbari House Museum

Mokarrameh Ghanbari, known as Naneh Mokarrameh, was born in the village of Drikandeh in Babol. Although she had no university education or literacy, she began to create extraordinary images at the age of 67 without any training. It did not take long for the entire walls of the house, doors, pumpkins, etc., to be filled with designs and colors. Numerous exhibitions of her works were exhibited around the world. And her house was eventually used as a museum.

10. Gohar Tepe Museum Site

Gohar Tepe Museum Site - Mazandaran - IranYou can find Gohar Tepe ancient site 2 km northwest of Rostamkala city, 40 km of Sari-Behshahr road in Mazandaran province. Archaeological findings from the excavations indicate that the area probably went through a ruralization process from the late Copper and Stone Age (late fourth millennium BC). And then, entered the urban period or complex Bronze Age communities.

This complex is one of the first Bronze Age communities along the Caspian Sea. Luckily, it has been operating as an international museum site since 2007. So far, they have discovered about 220 human burials with pottery and metal objects in this place.

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