Have you traveled to Iran before? If not and if it is your first time traveling to this region, there is a good chance that you are not familiar with this country’s travel rules and laws. Like many other countries, you are required to get an Iran visa for your travel, and if you don’t choose the visa type carefully, your visa application may be rejected.

Iran visa policy

In this article, we will briefly mention Iran tourist visa types and what the requirements are in general. Note that other visa categories may need additional information and documents. Hence, you better contact our support group in “TAP Persia” to ask your questions regarding these documents. Also, TAP Persia guarantees tourist visa within three to five working days maximum.

It is essential to mention that several countries are exempted from this process regarding the fact that the Iran government does not require them to get a visa, including Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey. Moreover, there are several rules regarding issuing a visa for the UK, US, and Canada, which will be briefly mentioned later.

How easy is getting Iran visa?

Despite many beliefs, Iran is among many countries that you can easily travel to. You can either apply through Iran’s E-visa website or through a travel agency; the latter is highly recommended. This is because Iran’s government established strict rules after the pandemic, resulting in several visa applications being rejected.

Iran Tourism Visa Duration Extends From 30 Days to 45 Days

Hence, you should do all your research and apply for an Iran visa, whichever you need based on your conditions and nationalities, with the aid of a travel agency.

Does the visa application process differ for countries?

Due to the diplomatic relationship between Iran and countries including Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey, you are not required to apply for a visa, and you only need to have a passport with at least six months and more until the expiration date.

On the other hand, all the other countries need to go through the visa application process to enter Iran soil. In general, applicants can apply for the following Iran visa types, with a tourist visa being the most requested one.

  1. Tourist Visa
  2. Entry Visa
  3. Medical Iran Visa
  4. Investment Visa
  5. Transit Visa
  6. Press Visa
  7. Temporary Work visa.
  8. Work Visa
  9. Student Visa
  10. Visa for Diplomatic Services
  11. Visa on Arrival – It needs to be mentioned that visa on arrival is no longer available after pandemic for travelers, and they should apply for other types of visas before entering Iran, otherwise, they won’t be able to enter Iran.

If you are unable to find the best visa for your conditions, you can ask your questions in our website, TAP Persia. Additionally, you can fill in the visa form on this website so our support team can do your visa process.

Iran visa

General Iran Visa Application Process & Requirements

In general, the applicants can go through the following process to get an Iran visa. The applicants should

  • fill in an online visa form in Iran E-Visa or TAP Persia Iran visa application form.
  • upload their passport image (recommended size: 800*600). The whole passport (First Page) should be completely visible.
  • upload passport size image of themselves (recommended size: 400*600). Additionally, wearing a hijab is optional for women.

If you are applying through TAP Persia, you will need to pay 20 € as the application fee, which you can pay with your Visa/Master Card. The difference between TAP Persia and other agencies is that the application fee can increase to 40 € for other agencies.

·      How much does it cost to get a visa?

In the following link, the list of  Iran visa costs for different countries has presented. It should be noted that this fee can be paid at the Embassy or airport (in the case of VOA). On the other hand, you will need to pay a certain amount to the travel agency to carry out your visa application, which is €20 for TAP Persia.

·      Other Crucial Documents for Iran Visa

In addition to the above steps and documents, you need to prepare your travel plans (day-by-day itinerary) and the places you will stay. Suppose you are being hosted by one of your friends in Iran. In that case, an invitation letter by the host and all the related documents should be prepared and presented to the embassy/travel agency as requested.

·      Life After Coronavirus Pandemic

Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic has changed the lives of many people around the world, and travel rules and regulations are no exception.

As stated by the Ministry of Health, all travelers are required to present the documents of the COVID-19 Vaccine Administration. In addition, they can present a negative PCR test as a substitute and presenting both these documents simultaneously is not required.

·      Other requirements

The last two requirements of an Iran visa include travel insurance and hotel reservation documents. Travel insurance should be issued in the name of applicants; that is something you can request or ask the travel agency to issue for you. In the case of hotel reservations, our travel agency, TAP Persia, can do it for you. However, you won’t need to reserve a hotel if someone in Iran hosts you.

What happens after the application process?

If you are applying by yourself, there is a high chance that you will be rejected, or the status of your application will stay on “pending” for two to three weeks. That’s why we are recommending the help of a travel agency to shorten this period.

What about visas for American, Canadian, and British citizens?

Iran visa covid


We haven’t mentioned countries including UK, US, and Canada, and this is because Iran visas for these countries are not the same as above and the process of visas for these countries usually takes three to five months. Besides, you will need to enter Iran in two ways, including

  • traveling to the islands of Kish and Qeshm for 14 days (providing that you have a tour guide and a complete day-by-day Itinerary). You will also require present employment records, telephone number, e-mail, and all the media IDs associated with your work. These requirements also hold for the second option.
  • (2) you can buy Iran tour packages from a certified traveling agency located in Iran. Fortunately, our support team in TAP Persia includes a group of experienced individuals with a long history of successful visas for Americans, Canadians, and Brits.

It is important to note that a period of 5 weeks to 8 weeks will take to acquire a visa for American, Canadian, and British citizens.