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From Pigeon Tower to Cemetery

Created with Sketch. Takhte Foolad Historical Cemetery, Isfahan, Isfahan Province, Iran
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From Pigeon Tower to Cemetery

Not long ago, there were more than 3000 Pigeon Towers all around Isfahan, but now you don’t get to see a lot of them. These towers were made as a home to pigeons and were built in a way that no other animal could get in it, only the pigeons. This is why it was a safe place for them. One of these towers, known as Borj Pigeon Tower, dates back to the Safavid era. This 18 meters high tower is built with bricks and plaster for agricultural uses. Humans built these towers for the dung of the pigeons. These towers can hold more than 15000 pigeons. As you step into the house of pigeons, you can see their nests by the walls, all ordered in a beautiful way.

Takht-e Foulad is the second historical site you get to see. It is one of the oldest cemeteries in Isfahan and it is a historical attraction. The cemetery dates back to the pre-Islamic period, in the 4th century. This place was an important cemetery in all the eras. Many monuments and mausoleums were built in the Safavid and Qajar era. Baba Rokn-ol-din and Mirfendereski are two of the most noticeable of these tombs. Mirfendereski was a famous mystic and scholar in the Safavid era. His grave is covered with a beautiful marble stone with a poem of Hafez on it. Baba Rokn is the oldest monument of Takht-e Foulad. This memorial was built in the 8th century for this famous mystic. People somehow believed in him and respected him a lot. That is why from generation to generation the mysterious and magical stories of Baba Rokn has been passed and even now it is like a holy place to the locals, especially the religious people. The magnificent blue dome of this building can be seen and it works just like a magnet, that you wanna go and see what is going on inside. As you step into this mausoleum, you can feel the spiritual atmosphere in there.

The last stop is the beautifully structured Khaju Bridge. The finest bridge of Isfahan was built in 1650 by the order of Shah Abbas II for multiple reasons such as, temporary royal residence, a dam to control water and for holding meetings. This 133 meters long bridge is made with a solid stone layer. The 23 arches of this iconic bridge are decorated with tile works and paintings. This is not an ordinary bridge for the locals. People spend a lot of time under the arches with their families and you can hear them singing in the magical atmosphere of this site, or you can see them sitting on the bridge admiring the spectacular view in front of them.

These must-see places all offer their beauties with a long background in history. Get ready for hearing the stories of these places and to enjoy a beautiful day in Isfahan.


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Pigeon Tower
Takht-e Foulad Cemetery
Khaju Bridge

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Created with Sketch. Takhte Foolad Historical Cemetery, Isfahan, Isfahan Province, Iran


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