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Kooch Tour, A Nomadic Life Experience

Chelgerd, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province, Iran


7 Days 6 Nights

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Daily Tour

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4 people







7 Days 6 Nights



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Kooch Tour, A Nomadic Life Experience

Our 7-day Kooch tour has been carefully planned to make sure you get the most out of the Iranian nomad lifestyle. Think of it as a genuine cultural tour which will expand your view of a pure and original lifestyle which borrows its roots form thousands of years of close relationship with nature.

We start our tour from Tehran or any other big city of your choice where we normally take a flight to the south-western province of Khuzestan and its capital, Ahvaz. This tour is suitable for small groups and includes accommodation in nomadic tent, local guest house and hotel as well as flights, meals and transportation.

Chogha-Zanbil, one of the few existing Elamite ziggurats outside Mesopotamia is one of our first stops. Other notable sights on our way include the watermills of Shushtar and a stop in Masjed Soleyman, the birthplace of the modern day’s oil industry. We spend the first night in a small village called Fath Abad.

We join our nomad hosts on the second day where we meet them close to Zardeh mountain range. We will be hiking and accompanying nomads during their seasonal migration. The overall hiking we do on this tour will be more than 40 kilometers. It is worth mentioning that as we are accompanying nomads, we can not have a precise plan for our journey with them. Their plans are normally based on the weather and the preparation level of their livestock.

On the sixth day, we will be arriving at the Kuhrang county where we visit the beautiful and untouched village of Sar Agha Seyed. The small city of Chelgerd which is close to Sar Agha Seyed village is like a basecamp for most nomads as they would buy the equipment they need from there. Our sixth night will be spent in a hotel in the region, we also pay a visit to the nearby salt lake along with the Kuhrang spring. On the seventh and last day, we will head back to Isfahan where our tour will end.

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Nomadic Tent
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- Flight from Tehran to Ahvaz
- Snacks
- Water bottle



  • Chogha-Zanbil
  • Nomad Museum
  • Shimbar Waterfall
  • Sar Agha Seyed Village

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Day 1


Flying from Tehran to Ahvaz in the morning. Visiting Ahvaz and Karun river. Driving to Haft-Tappeh excavation site and visiting Chogha-Zanbil ziggurat. Moving towards Shushtar, visiting its historical hydraulic systems. Having lunch in the traditional Mostofi Muesum and Restaurant.


Moving towards Masjed Soleyman and visiting the nomad museum. Going to the final destination of the day, Fath Abad village. Having dinner in Fath Abad village. Spending the night in the village.

Day 2


Having breakfast in the village. Moving towards the Negin bridge and Shimbar waterfall to visit them. Having lunch at a local home.


Meeting the nomad family and spending the rest of the day with them in the Zardeh mountain range.

Day 3


Hiking and accompanying the nomad family during their seasonal migration (we will do a total of 42 km hiking in these 3 days).
*Our schedule from day 3 to 5 will be based on the weather and the nomad family's decision based on some factors like their livestock.

Day 4

Continuing our hike with the nomad family.

Day 5

Continuing our hike with the nomad family.

Day 6


Visiting Sar Agha Seyed village. Visiting the salt mine close to the village. Moving towards our hotel in Chelgerd. Having lunch at the hotel.


Visiting the Kuhrang spring. Going back to our hotel in Chelgerd to rest.

Day 7


Leaving Chelgerd and starting our journey towards Isfahan. Visiting fritillaria plains on our way. Having lunch on the way to Isfahan. Arriving at Isfahan, end of the tour.

Tour's Location

Chelgerd, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province, Iran


How long is the tour?
7 Days & 6 Nights of complete immersion within ancient nomadic life.
What kind of transportation we would have?
Van and 4x4’s for initial drop-off and pick-up, but you will be hiking for 6 days straight.
Will we sleep tents?
Yes, you will be sleeping in private tents alongside your host nomadic family.
How challenging is this tour?
Extremely challenging. You must have the high endurance to endure 6 days of non-stop hiking within the rugged folds of the Zagros mountains.


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Very Good
Travel Around Persia |  Plan Your Budget Trip to Iran



wonderful time in Iran!!

We did a private tour for 4 people. Sara was very responsive to our request and adjusted the itinerary based on our needs. We had a great time with the local natives of Iran and our guide. They took us to the unreachable lands. Iran is a very beautiful country and we loved our experience.
Travel Around Persia |  Plan Your Budget Trip to Iran

Richi A


Fantastic trip, good value for money

We were able to customize our trip to Iran with Tappersia and it was so easy. The vehicle was comfortable and modern. A/C suited the mood and the driver played some pop Persian music for us. Our guide Sara was a nomad herself and she was a great English speaker, who was happy to adjust things as the trips went on. Heavily recommended.
Travel Around Persia |  Plan Your Budget Trip to Iran



well authentic tour

Had a great 7 days with the nomads. which I arranged via email/website in Aug 2019. Our guides were excellent. Really well-spoken, knowledgeable about the history and culture of the places we visited. It was such fun traveling. Will definitely use them again on a return visit!
Travel Around Persia |  Plan Your Budget Trip to Iran

Kera Mason


The best personalized travel agency

This is the best travel agency I have ever used: the owner, rasool gives personalized attention to every guest as if they were his best friends. He is one genius, hard-working and hospitable Iranian. We wanted to explore the nature of Iran and this was a great experience. He knows what we want.
Travel Around Persia |  Plan Your Budget Trip to Iran

Jenny Ko


Tour date:2018 Jul

We signed up for the Kooch tour because we wanted more than just a tourist experience. We stayed with a nomad family of 8 in their daily routine, migrating to a cooler area. Packing things, gathering the animals, passing sheep and cows of the river, watching nomads hoping each and every summit. It was like the land was their home, no matter where they were. Best trip EVER!!!!
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