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Isfahan to Shiraz Pick up Tour

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Isfahan to Shiraz Pick up Tour

This is a road trip that starts from Isfahan and we move toward Shiraz. Shiraz, the capital of Shiraz Province, is one of the most famous and largest cities in Iran. When Iranians hear its name, they absolutely remember the magnificence of archaeology in this area. As there’s a rich history lying in this province, we have the chance to see many time-honored sites on the way.

Let’s start with Pasargadae historical area located in 130 km from north of Shiraz. It’s registered as a world heritage site by UNESCO. This glorious complex was built by the order of Cyrus the Great and became the first capital of the Achaemenid Empire, though Pasargadae Plain dates back to the Paleolithic (old stone age). It includes different palaces, gardens, and fountains. 

The palaces lies in gardens and streams goes through divides it into four gardens. It’s considered the layout of a Persian garden. The architecture, art, and technology all shows the development of the civilization.

It’s believed that the mausoleum of Cyrus the Great is located in the south of Pasargadae. The outstanding monument is 3 meters in length, with six steps to a chamber. Takht-e Tall, known as Madar Soleiman Takht (throne) as well, is another monument in the north of Pasargadae. This castle’s area is about 2 hectares. It contains pillared chambers, large platforms, numerous rooms and warehouse. They’re explored by archeologists after excavation. It used to be a ceremonial mansion, turned into a fortified castle after Darious the Great.

After visiting the imposing area of Pasargad, we drive down for about 50 minutes and face remarkable, ancient carvings in the heart of a mount. Naqsh-e Rostam lies in Haji Abad Mount in the north of Shiraz. It consists of relief works of three historical periods of Persia: Elamites, Achaemenid, and Sassanid. There are also the tombs of great Achaemanid kings: Darius, Xerxes, Ardeshir I, and Darius II in Naqshe Rostam. The entrance doors of tombs are in the shape of a square and they used to lock them with large cubic stones behind the doors.

Driving down for about 10 minutes, we reach Persepolis, mostly known as Takht-e Jamshid. This Royal city was built in 520 B.C by the order of Darius the Great to be ceremonial capital of the Achaemenid Empire. It was extended by time and every king constructed his own palace in this area. 

Persepolis became a symbol to show the glory of Achaemenids. Unluckily when Alexander the Great invaded Iran, he burned Persepolis. However the remains of constructions, high pillars and statues are still testimony in the magnificence of the empire. Persepolis (Takht-e Jamshid) is registered on UNESCO world heritage site and it really deserves it.

Knowing the rich history behind this area, we will continue our way to Shiraz and get there after one hour drive. As you already saw these valuable sites on the way of Isfahan to Shiraz, you will have more time to visit other attractions in Shiraz and get familiar with its culture and history.


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