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Gandoman Lagoon Tour

Created with Sketch. Gandoman, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province, Iran
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Gandoman Lagoon Tour

Picking you from Isfahan in the afternoon, we will move to the Qashqai Nomadic area, to see Gandoman Lagoon and do some trekking. This journey will take two hours to reach our destination. There are also Qashqai Nomadic Tour and Choghakhor Lagoon you can follow heading to the same spot.

The resort is near Boroujen in Chaharmahal Bakhtiari Province. It’s a full- equipped house with double bedrooms and a spectacular view of the terrace. In case you need the internet, buy MCI Sim card (Hamrahe Aval) in advance from particular sores in Esfahan. After having some tea brewed tea on fire, we will get some rest in the resort and get ready for the next day trekking.

After having breakfast, we drive to Gandoman Lagoon near Gandoman Town. You will see the amazing rural areas on the way. Passing 20 km from Boroujen City, we face a spectacular scene of flourishing and pristine nature called Gandoman Lagoon. The lagoon’s area is about 1200 hectares. There are 8 villages nearby with a population of 10000.  

As Choghakhor Lagoon is close to Gandoman Lagoon, they share water through some streams.

Gandoman Lagoon altitude is 2219 meters above sea level. The sources of the lagoon are Agh Balagh river, rain, snow, and spas nearby. Also, some streams of Choghakhor Lagoon flows to Gandoman Lagoon, as they’re close to each other. The water level gets to 30 cm maximumly.

Gandoman Lagoon also has a long historical record. It was the hunting ground for Bahram V, the 15th Sassanid King. As it used to be the countryside for authorities, there are some ancient sites related to their resorts. Gandoman Lagoon is one million years old.

About 30-35 types of birds migrate to this area at the end of autumn to spend the cold season there. Therefore, Gandoman Lagoon is a perfect place for bird-watching. The area has a very rich fauna and flora. Different plants that need to grow in a humid climate can be easily found in this lash area.

Kalar Mount Range lies in the south of Gandoman Lagoon and it’s one of the altitudes of Zagros Mount Range. After visiting this wonderful area, you have the option to trek in this mountainous area if you’re physically ready for mount climbing. Also, the equipment for trekking is required. On the way, you will explore awesome sites and get more familiar with the region’s nature. You will learn about different plants which the locals make food or drinks from.

As it takes 3 hours to reach the mount peak, we will have a stop on the way in a picturesque place, where there are a spa and a lake. The lake has been formed due to the snow around. The lake altitude is 3000 meters above the sea level. You will have a panoramic view of the region and can take glorious snapshots.


Location: Isfahan
Time: Afternoon


Location: Isfahan
Time: Night

Tour Highlights

Boroujen City
Gandoman Lagoon
Kalar Mount Range
Zagros Mount Range

What You Can Expect

Natural Attraction
Cultural Attraction
Mountain Climbing

Physical Rating

5 Out of 5


1 Breakfast | 1 Lunch | 1 Dinner

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Local House



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Day 1

Picking you up from Isfahan
Moving toward Boroujen City

Accommodation in a Local House
Having Dinner
Getting Some Rest

Day 2

Heading to Gandoman Lagoon
Exploring nature in the area
Trekking in Zagros Mount
Climbing Kalar Mount

Stop in midway
Visiting the lake
Having Lunch
Reaching the nomadic peak

Trekking Down
Going back to the Resort
Moving to Isfahan

Back to the Hotel in Isfahan

Tour's Location

Created with Sketch. Gandoman, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province, Iran


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