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Being the capital of Iran for more than couple of centuries, Tehran is a paradoxical coexistence of modernity and tradition, continuity and change, the poor and the rich, luxury and routine, peaceful enjoyable moments and irritating crowded places, and the floating life and the dead non-used houses. Being a wonder, Tehran is a great embodiment of life having all ups and downs together. The wonders, surprises, and irritations altogether await you in this city.
One of the remarkable features of Tehran is its dramatic topography since it is located right at the foot of Alborz Mountain Range. To Iranians, Tehran is a growing city and due to its cutting-edge developments, a large number of people are migrating from other cities to Tehran to fight against the dearth of job opportunities.



What to Do in Tehran?

Known as secular and liberal city in Iran, Tehran is far beyond a teeming city with bumper-to-bumper traffic; this metropolis has so much to offer; from the mesmerizing Golestan Palace and Azadi Tower to the heart of ancient glowing Grand Bazaar and the peak of Mount Damavand.
Tehran has a wide range of activities and places to offer. You will be amazed by the astounding museums like Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, peaceful gardens and serene parks like Mellat Park and glorious Tabiat Bridge at nights, traditional teahouses, and adventurous mountain trains –like Tochal, Kolakchal, Darband, and Darakeh_, are only a few places out of numerous sightseeing you can enjoy visiting in Tehran.

When is the Best Time to Visit Tehran?

 Despite the long summers, Tehran like so many cities of Iran enjoys four distinct seasons. 

So based on what activity you have in mind and what type of weather you like, traveling to Tehran at any time of the year will not cause you any type of trouble. Bear in mind that if you are looking to safely make the Mount Damavand peak, July and August are preferred months and hundreds of people from all around the world, visit Tehran during these two months to have a safe climb to Damavand Mountain. In case you are looking to spend a couple of days at Tochal Ski Resort, it is recommended to visit during winter.


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