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Rock Climbing in Bande Yakhchal

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 Rock Climbing in Bande Yakhchal

Bande Yakhchal is located in North of Tehran and it has turned into an attracting place for rock climbers. Almost all practical classes like mountaineering, rock climbing, caving and rescue are being held in this area, in fact, it has become the rock climbing center for entire Iran. Let’s start our trip from Darband, an old area in foothills of Alborz mountain. Trekking from Sarband square, you’ll see lots of cafes and chic restaurants ready to host people and travellers, on both sides of the route. however, if you look at it from an eco-tourist’s point of view, it may not be a great attribute since the number of shops and cafes are increasing. Mounting may get somehow difficult in the route. So, it may not be suitable for people without physical fitness or mountaineering practices. Although if you want an easy trekking and richer nature without too many cafes on your way, Darakeh route is a better choice.


After about one hour, we’ll face a dilemma and the way on our right will lead us to Bande Yakhchal. There’s also a cafe available in case we need more rest. By passing the bridge on our right, we enter the main route of Bande Yakhchal. After a little walk, we see that the way leads us through a cafe, called “Baghcheh Camping”. Next, we get to an area consisting of some hills and covered by trees, which is a wonderful place to relax. Going ten minutes forward, on the top of the forest, we’ll get to a reviving natural spring. Drink and supply enough water in your bottles too as there won’t be any other water sources on the rest of the way. Climbing more from here, we will get to a vast area covered by large rocks. This region is called Bande Yakhchal.


Athletes who come to Bande Yakhchal, love this place so much that gave special names like Albert, Maryam, Kolahak and Chekmeh to its rocks. You will probably see some rock climbers, who are practicing on these rocks. In long distance, in front, a 200-meter mountain wall is visible. This wall is actually the last destination for professional rock climbers and they come to this region in order to defeat it. There’s also a shelter called Shervin on the left side of the wall. It’s very possible that all the big rocks in Bande Yakhchal already fell down from top of this mountain wall. You can relax for some time, consider the environment and enjoy the nature around you. Observing and asking about different rocks and plants will teach you a lot.


You could try rock climbing in case you have physical fitness and enough training for it. A sport which is a great option for adrenaline junkies. As you set your steps and grab stones with your hands, you’re determined to get to the final destination. It can be a good treatment for depression and brings lots of happiness. That’s why even in playgrounds there are artificial models of rock climbing for kids.  It also can control the blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes and increases body stamina. After a challenging and joyful day, we get back to Tehran with an exhausted body and a peaceful mind.


Location: Tehran
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Location: Tehran
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Having lunch and continue rock climbing
Finish rock climbing and getting back to Darband

Arriving in Tehran

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Created with Sketch. Band Yakhchal, Iran


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