Best Restaurants in Tehran

While traveling in a big city like the capital of Iran, you’ll have to know the best restaurants in Tehran. Tehran is a big city but finding a nice place to eat is not a hard thing to do since this city is filled with the best restaurants which are known in the whole country. […]

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Top 10 Iranian Foods

Since antiquity, Persian culture has been known throughout the world, not just for their prized exports such as carpets and spices, but also for their music, poetry, romantic novels, and heroic epics. You can experience almost every part of Persian culture in local cuisines. All across the world, people are discovering the magic and flavor [...]
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Baghali – Big Green Beans

Baghali - Big Green Beans Street Food Baghali (known around the world as broad or fava beans) is another street food that can be find in Tehran. One of the most famous local foods around, the beans are usually boiled until softened, and then soaked in a spice blend of salt, vinegar, lime juice, dried [...]
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Laboo – Purple Delight

Laboo- Purple Delight Street food Street food is a huge part of Persian culture and Laboo (la-boo) is king in the streets of Tehran. One of the best local foods around, It has an exceptional color, something between purple and red, and a sweet-scented aroma. It’s quite popular all year round, specially during the cold [...]
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Basil Seeds (Tokhm-Shar-Ba-Ti)

Basil Seeds (Tokhm-Shar-Ba-Ti), Popular Drinks Weight gain is an extremely important problem in the world. People try anything to lose some weight. From extreme diets to detox and green smoothies. Basil seed drinks are a delicious local favorite and easy way to lose weight. It suppresses appetite and helps the digestive system. The gel-like texture of [...]
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