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Tehran, Tehran Province, Iran


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Tour type: Daily Tour
Duration: 3 Days 2 Nights
Maximum number of people: 3
Location: Tehran

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# Title
1One Person, 270€
22 Persons, 200€ each person
33 Persons, 160€ each person


Damavand Climbing Tour:

Duration: 3 Days

Trip Dates: May to September

Damavand mountain is the highest summit of Iran’s plateau. It’s a 5610m height mountain and is 100km far from Tehran. It takes 3 days to climb Damavand. 1st day we drive from Tehran to Polur, a small city near Damavand and an hour with 4-wheel car. After lunch, we start climbing and after 6 hour we reach Bargah3 shelter in 4200m height and camp. Reaching to the top takes about 6 hours hiking on moderate/high slopes in 2nd day. At noon, we are on top of Damavand. We come back and sleep in shelter. 3rd day we come back to our car and drive to Tehran in the afternoon.

What you need: Proper shoes for mountain climbing, warm clothes, backpack, sleeping bag (if you don’t have we can prepare one), well trained for mountain climbing.

What we provide: Transportation from Tehran, Professional & experienced guides, Nutritious foods (Dinner, Breakfast, and Lunch), Drinking water, Camp accommodation fee. Sleeping bags and Mattresses are available for 10 €.

  • Notes:
    price calculation for cash payment: , three persons: 160€ per person, two persons: 200€ per person, One Person: 270€
    You will be charged 6% for online payment.

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