Skiing in Iran

A unique Adventure, Skiing in Iran You might think Iran is not the first destination that comes to mind when it comes to skiing, but that’s precisely where you’re wrong. Iran has all kinds of terrains, all the way from flat to mountainous. Iran’s mountains range from less than 1000 to more than 5000 meters […]

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Niavaran Palace

The Niavaran Palace Complex is the palace where the last royal family of Iran, the Pahlavi family, resided before leaving the country. In 1958, the former Shah of Iran, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi ordered the former building that remained from the era of Fath Ali Shah Qajar to be dismantled and for this new palace to […]

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The Glorious Shams Ol-Emareh Mansion, Golestan Palace

Shams Ol-Emareh is the most prominent building in Golestan Palace and the most distinctive building on the east side of the complex.

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Iran Carpet Museum of Tehran – A Collection of Masterpiece Arts

Persian Carpet is popular everywhere and everyone believes that it has the finest quality among carpets. Well, it should have something to do with its history and origin. There are a lot of different types of Persian carpets you can see in this interesting museum in the capital of Iran, Tehran. If you are eager […]

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Top Things to See and Do in Tehran – The Spectacular Capital City

Tehran is more than traffic and chaos. There are numerous things you can see and do in Tehran. We have prepared a list for you.

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Honarmandan Park in Tehran – A Gathering for Artists

Tehran is not only the capital of Iran, but is also the capital of art and culture. If you are an art enthusiast, you wouldn’t be bored in the metropolis. One of the most suitable places for you is Honarmandan Park (Artist Park) if you are looking for modern art and a relaxing place to […]

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Tehran Book Garden – Wonderland of Bookworms

Are you a bookworm? Looking for your heaven, a place full of books, that you can relax, order a cup of coffee and read your book? Feel like Alice in Wonderland in a gigantic bookstore. Tehran Book Garden is this wonderland. It is truly a heaven for book lovers. Tehran Book Garden Address and Everything […]

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Chitgar Forest Park of Tehran

If you are devastated with all the traffic and chaos of Tehran, and you think that the capital is only full of skyscrapers and cars, you are making a big mistake. Tehran has lots of natural attractions deep inside that lures tourists. One of these must-see natural attractions is Chitgar Forest Park. Yes, it’s virtual, […]

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Top 10 Shopping Malls in Tehran to Visit Before Your Departure

Tehran’s modern and well designed new breed of shopping malls, as well as roofed bazaars, make this city more than a merely chaotic jumble of concrete. As the most secular and liberal city in Iran, Tehran blows your mind with more than 400 shopping centers where you can find not only plenty of trendy local […]

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Jamshidieh Stone Garden (Jamshidieh Park) – A Unique Natural Attraction

Tehran is a metropolis and all you can imagine is crowd, traffic, and pollution. But deep inside Tehran has lots of natural and historical attractions that offer an escape from the chaos of the capital. Jamshidieh Stone Garden, or Jamshidieh Park, is one of these many natural attractions in Tehran that is suitable for nature […]

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Iran Time Museum – A Majestic Antique Show

Enter through the big doors and walk into a big garden. Far from the building, you will stop for a moment to make sure your eyes see clearly. Yes, that magnificent, beautiful, blue building is for real. The Museum of Time in Tehran is one of those underrated attractions that you literally shouldn’t miss. Keep […]

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Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Tehran

When it comes to Tehran people mostly have a false picture of traffic and chaos. However, these are not the only things the capital of Iran presents. The bustling metropolis of Tehran has its own mesmerizing charm. Tehran is underrated as a destination for tourists but the city has a lot to show you. Here’s […]

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Tehran Top Attraction

When it comes to Iran’s attractions, names of ancient cities such as Isfahan and Shiraz come to mind if you have ever visited them before. However, no one really talked about Tehran and the attractions this city offers to tourists; this is because Tehran is one of the most populated cities around the world, with traffic and air pollution mostly found there.

Despite this, the capital of Iran offers some of the most exciting and lifetime experiences for tourists. There are numerous attractions to name and some of them are mentioned here. You can visit them based on your interests and tastes, and these include ancient places and museums, resorts and playgrounds, malls and Bazar, etc.

Before diving into these attractions, we divided Tehran into the following geographical form for more convenience. This way, you will find what you are looking for more easily.

  • On the northern side, Tehran is more modernized, where most high-standard and quality restaurants and cafés are located. Additionally, you will have a better experience of Tehran’s fresh air and nature due to its proximity to Darband and the mountain. Besides, this region of Tehran is highly recommended to those traveling to Iran for business purposes who intend to stay at Tehran’s high-class hotels.


In addition, places such as Tochal, Darband, and Lavasan are also located in this region where you can benefit from fresh air, entertaining establishments and resorts, and other facilities.

  • You will find cultural elements and museums in the central region of Tehran. It should be noted that this region is highly populated and most travelers will have problems visiting the places they want. Therefore, you better find settlements and hotels close to these places to save your time. We want you to enjoy your time while you are here, not waste it.

Museum and palace lovers, these places will blow your mind

Tehran offers the most ancient and exotic objects and places that you have never seen likes of them around the globe. You can feel the thousand years of history as you visit them. Tehran is the home to the following museums and palaces:

1- National Museum of Iran

The national museum enables visitors to experience different periods, from the stone age and era of civilization to Islamic periods, that you can visit them all at once.

By visiting these three periods, tourists will see how humans go through the making of ancient stone- and wood-made tools before the invention of writing and alphabets (pre-historic times) and how humans used ancient languages to communicate and write ancient scrolls (the start of civilization).

National Museum of Iran

On another level of this museum, you will encounter the Islamic period of high importance for Iran’s people, belonging to the Seljuk and Ilkhanat periods, because Iranians are proud of their ancient history and how they reached here.

Golestan Palace

2- Golestan Palace

As a photographer, I have never seen designs and decorations so unique and astonishing that I would not dare forget to mention the name of Golestan palace in Tehran. If you want to take exclusive pictures of Iran’s history during the Safavid and Qajar period, we highly recommend you visit this place.

The making of this palace dates back to the Safavid period and this palace has witnessed the coronation of numerous kings of the Safavid and Qajar dynasties. As it is inspired by European designs, we guarantee that you will have an experience of a lifetime after visiting Golestan Palace.

3- Niavaran Palace

When we recommend that you should visit Niavaran Palace, you should not forget it. This is one of the most breathtaking and beautiful palaces located in Tehran. Since its construction during the Qajar dynasty, it had undergone numerous changes, especially when it was demolished during the Pahlavi dynasty to be rebuilt by the Shah again. This is the palace where the kings and queens of Iran, including Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and his first bride “Fawzia Chirine”, got married.

Niavaran Palace

Even now, we cannot really deny the history and tales it tells us about the life of Iranian kings and how they have lived, such as Fath-Ali Shah Qajar, who is known as one of the most luxurious kings of Iran.

Do you want to experience the luxurious life of Iranian kings and queens up close? Why don’t you give this palace a try and see what we are talking about.

For more attractions in Tehran, you can visit the things to do in Tehran.

Tehran is the place you will have fun at

I am asking you one thing and one thing at all, to keep all the things you know about Iran behind and visit it with an open mind. Whatever stories you have heard about Iran being a sad and dangerous country are a total lie.

Tehran, the capital of Iran, is the city you will come to have a good time and I am not talking about just eating food and drinking; I am talking about real fun, such as amusement parks, ski resorts, kart racing, and bungee jumping, waterfalls. Do you know what makes them even better? The lower fees you need to pay to experience make this city a great place to have fun until you have no energy to continue.

Some of these places are as follows:

Iranmall Amusement Park

4- Iranmall Amusement Park

It doesn’t really make a difference whether you have kids or not because amusement parks are activities that everyone will enjoy, even adults. As the largest mall in Iran, not only can you do your shopping and look around this enormous mall, but you can also enjoy your time by visiting its amusement park, which is located on the second floor of this small.

In this mall, exceptional resorts have also been considered for teenagers where they can enjoy their time while parents and couples spend their time together. The good thing about Iran tourism is that you can come to and enjoy the country and what the country offers whether you are single/couple or with your girlfriend/boyfriend.

Additionally, you can visit and enjoy sports complexes, coffee shops, restaurants, the most extensive library in Iran with hundreds of scientific and historical books, etc.

If you are a collector of historical items and antiques, there are exclusive places in this mall where you can find exotic objects.

5-Darband, a spectacular place for climbing, picnicking, and sightseeing

This is the place where people of Tehran mostly visit to spend their weekends and if you are a fan of climbing hills and mountains, waterfalls (Dogholu Waterfalls), picnicking, etc., you will definitely come here and enjoy your time walking along the river.



For climbing, you will start your journey from Sarband Sq. The initial steps will be via chairlift, after which you will climb toward Tochal Complex or Dogholu Waterfalls, whichever you choose. By going toward Tochal resort, you can actually enjoy your time by skiing, mountaineering, and enjoying fresh springs. The activities of Darband and Tochal are limitless. So, enjoy them while you are there.

6-  Tehran life starts at night

Whoever said that life in Tehran ends at night is clearly mistaken and has never had a trip to this place; people actually go outside of their houses at night. You can visit several locations just like

Tehran’s people, such as Tajrish and Milad Tower.

  • As the symbol of Tehran, Milad Tower has become the ideal destination for many tourists, especially at night. Do you want to have a good look at this astonishing city? Well, this tower is the destination you have to visit and for a very low price, you can enjoy this extraordinary view of Tehran and the parties and ceremonies held at this tower.
  • If you haven’t done your shopping in Tehran during the day, you can also visit Tajrish Bazar, one of the oldest shopping centers you can find. This is the place you go to find anything rare and unfindable; this includes rare jewelry, spices, antiques, etc., making this Bazar a unique and extraordinary place to visit.

What are the other activities you can do in Tehran?

It may sound ridiculous and people may not believe it, but some of the greatest activities around the world, such as paragliding and bungee jumping, are done in this city and all you have to do is to know where to find them.

Shahid Asgari Paragliding Launch Site

Shahid Asgari Paragliding Launch Site

As one of the most existing activities known to man, you can actually experience it with full safety in Tehran. Do you have the courage to jump off a cliff and fly like a bird in the sky? Then, what are you waiting for? Experience it at Shahid Asgari Paragliding Launch Site.

· Bungee jumping at 65 meters height

Are you ready to jump from the highest part of Tehran? Sure, the highest part is under development for Milad Tower, but you can experience 65 meters jump at Adrenalin Park of Tehran, located at Sa’adat Abad. Empty your excess adrenalin here, guaranteed after happiness and joy.

Finally, the People of Tehran

Now that you are familiar with some of the locations you can visit, there is one other thing that will cause you to fall in love with this city, causing you to visit more in the future, and that is the people of this city. You may think we are kidding, but we are not. Tehran is the home of numerous cultures and people from different ethnicities, accents, and languages.

Luckily, if someone in Tehran is hosting you, there is a great chance that you will have a great time in this city with the help of your host. Trust me when I tell you this; their kindness and willingness to help you and make your trip worthwhile will shock you.

Finding a friend in Tehran is also very easy. Teenagers and English learners are very eager to meet foreigners, talk with them, and invite them to enjoy time with them. If you are lucky, you would also have a free place to stay for the night. Stick with teenagers and you will have the most incredible experience of your life.

Are you ready to travel to Tehran?

It should be noted that Tehran is not always suitable to travel to and there are some months during the years that you should choose to visit it. As recommended by TAP Persian, late March to late June is the best period you can visit Tehran and this is pretty obvious since Iran is celebrating the new year, Nowruz, during the 14 days of March, and the weather becomes far better these days until late June.

Note that Tehran can be pretty during summer, so avoid visiting Tehran; otherwise, we recommend visiting other cities and provinces.

If you intend to visit Tehran, you can rely on our support team in TAP Persia and this travel agency offers great Iran and Tehran tour packages for travelers all around the world and you can easily get your visa for this country. Contact our support team, and they will do all the visa and tour processes for you at affordable costs.


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