Best Hotels in Tehran

While staying in the metropolis of Tehran, one of the most important things would be the place of your accommodation. Whether you are traveling to Tehran for business or leisure, all the hotels mentioned below are nevertheless your assurance of finest, top of the range services. You deserve to stay in one of the best [...]
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Hi Tehran Hostels – The Accommodation You Want to Choose for Tehran

Tehran as the capital can be a big question for travelers when it comes to set the right choice for the beginning and ending point of Iran trip. With the initial searches, you can find Hi Tehran Hostels as one of the most trusted and well-known hostels in Tehran and that’s exactly the place you [...]
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Milad Tower – the Sky is Near

When you travel to a place like Iran, you want to set yourself apart from other world travelers. Sometimes that may mean stepping out of your comfort zone. But what if I told you that opting for a less-visited attraction, you could see Tehran like no other visitor has before? Iran’s shining beacon of modernity( [...]
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See You in Iran Hostel – Tehran Hostel

See You in Iran Hostel in Tehran is a place for exchanging cultural information which also suggests an inexpensive accommodation and a cafe. A year and a half after starting the online community on Facebook, See You in Iran decided to go beyond social media and lead people to see each other in person in [...]
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How to Get a Metro Ticket in Tehran?

The fare for each public transportation system can be received in different ways, cash, paper or card. As there are lots of passengers in a large city like Tehran and other metropolises, it’s not possible to exchange lots of cash for using the metro facilities. So they decided to issue ticket cards which you can [...]
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